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10 Effective writing tips to improve your blog

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writing tips

Blogging is one of the best professions to share our thoughts, views and opinions on a topic and it’s the best way to interact with new people.

Usually, not all bloggers are great writers, but one or the other day they turn to be one of the great writers.

Now here comes the problem, there many bloggers who have vast content but lag behind in their writing skills. This becomes a bit complicated to impress and gather audience:


How to impress an audience of your site and gather audience whom you have never met before? Is there a way to impress your blog audience and influencers?

Here I am with 10 Effective writing tips to engage your audience and influencers with the power of your words and creativity.


I don’t mean to leave your thoughts behind but I am just adding my effective writing tips/ suggestions to your thoughts to enhance your writing skills which would definitely work for any blogger or writer.

Do you know?

Most of the professional blogger take good care of their writing. Because they just want to engage with their audience.

They believe:  “Professional writing skills can improve their content and that content builds them the audience and builds business”.

Simply:  “They build their authority with their powerful words and impressive writing’s”.

10 Effective writing tips to improve your blog:

writing tips

So, here I will be discussing about the effective writing tips which will improve your writing and it will help in gathering the audience for your site.

Once you got a fab topic then write your main point of view as a headline.

Actually, we think of the headline and then start writing the article, but some of them write their topic and then try to write a crispy headline.

But choosing the headline at the start is the best practice.

So, while writing your topic you’ll have a clear view of what you are writing or else it will be like a blindfolded game.

Your headline is crucial in your article because it can draw a person attention towards your post because most of the readers may go through your post in a social network or in a news feed or came across it by email or Digg etc.

So you’ll have to focus on the headline first and then jump into your article. If your content is awesome and your headline is boring then there might be chances where people won’t show interest to know about the content of the article. On the whole writing, a catchy headline will grab more attention to your article.

They are lots of guides to writing catchy headlines but l found this article very helpful  “writing headlines that get results”.

Write what you want to write:

This is the first thing you have to do after writing your headline, just grab a piece of paper or a text editor and note down all the important points that you have wished to put in your article. And make sure you have all the aspects you want to write in your post

I know, many experts give tips to write but I suggest this because each individual will have a unique opinion on their post. And as I said I will improve your content quality with my effective writing tips and serve your content to your audience like a spicy dish. 🙂

Take some time and make your mind peaceful:

After noting down, and thereafter immediate editing your post will not give you better ideas to improve your content,  So take some time and refresh yourselves and just come back.

You’ll have something new and fresh thoughts to improve your content.

Proofread your roughly written post:

As you have taken some time to relax yourselves now return to your article and proofread your article.

If you got something fresh then just include into your post and make it as a copy of the properly edited document so that it will be useful.

The main editing begins here:

Check whether your article is worth for your audience:

I feel you have added few fresh content, Now it’s the time to check whether your article is valuable for your audience or not.

Bloggers always keep their full efforts in writing a blog post and managing images for their blog post. This alone is not enough so, I am suggesting these effective writing tips to improve your writing.

You might be clear about what you’re writing “Whether your article is based on answering a question of your visitor or kind of giving some tips or any tech or something else”.

So it’s obvious that your article has some necessary content. To add on, here what I say is that valuing your audience.

I mean making your audience feel happy with your content like giving inspiration, adding real-life advice, adding a few examples etc, would really make your audience feel happy.

There are certain ways to give value to your audience,

“In my case, I am writing this post especially for my audience to give them some effective writing tips which will improve their blog”.

Because my audience is spending their time to find valuable content or helpful content. If I disappoint them, then my audience are unlikely to return to my site. So I shouldn’t do that.

 Check your writing format or writing pattern:


Writing “LOL” “TXT” and in all shortcut form is best while chatting with friends but when you are writing a blog post, you must write professionally.

So avoid those kind of thing in a blog post, I have seen these type of formats in many posts. So it looks somewhat unprofessional. Although it’s not a big deal but audience prefer professional writing than these types of writings.

Check whether you can reach your audience expectations:

This is the main point because people always expect something when they are likely to click your link on Search engines or on a social media to go and take a look at your blog post.

The expectations arise by seeing your headline, tagline or description etc. you have given. But when they read your post and they find it valuable but it’s incomplete then they will feel terrible and it can be very frustrating for any person.

So try to complete your post and try to reach your audience expectations so that you can gather more audience. You know very well if people liked your content then they’ll share with others so there will be an increase in your traffic.

“Everything we write can’t succeed but try as much as you can to reach your audience expectations.”

Check whether you are writing up to the perspective:

This is a common mistake done by most of the bloggers and even I had done it in my past, and if I am in a hurry to write my post then I definitely end up with errors.

All this happens because we all have a tendency to skip from one topic to other, you should always keep an eye on it to spot when you are doing it.

Ex: Do you go for writing “you” in “your’s” place and  “I” in “we” ? It’s a very hard to spot them but we should rectify to do it.

Design your post in perfect order like a movie Screenplay:

Do you know that for a movie, the screenplay is more important than the story, Similarly In your article you must arrange the words or sentences in a perfect manner?

Try to make the audience as curious and increase their anxiety to draw their attention by screening your words and sentences in proper order.

Do’s and Don’t of effective writing tips: 

 Don’t do these:

  • Don’t bore your visitor by writing unevenly or just writing a too lengthy article by recreating same sentences again and again in a different manner.
  • Don’t write like a geek and include all words which they can’t understand, write your content in simple and sweet words.
  • Don’t make silly spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Do these to improve:

  • Proofread your post line by line and arrange your post accordingly.
  • Make a point that you must share with your audience.
  • Make your post sweet and short and fit it in short paragraphs instead of writing lengthy paragraphs.
  • Include user-friendly images and write perfect alt tags to give something for search engines.

Check your Spelling and grammar errors:

Finally after doing all the above rules, here come the last but most important point,

You must check your spelling mistakes it’s a must and should rule in any bloggers life, either you are a professional or new blogger you must do this.

If you work with Microsoft Word then you can take the advantage of the spell checker. And try to use spelling and grammar checkers like Grammarly or other.

But I recommend Grammarly because it’s the best tool to check both grammar and plagiarized content.

This is all how I do for writing my article.  I hope this article “effective writing tips” worth for you to go through this article.

If you liked do follow these effective writing tips with your posts, it will definitely help you.

Hopefully, these tips will help you come out with better content and writings for your blog. If you have any queries or suggestion which were not listed here? Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.

Author Bio:

Aswini Vadapalli is the founder and editor of myvash.com. She is a blogger and a Software Professional working for an IT company.

You can connect her on  twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and google plus

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