10 Things You Need to Do After Writing a New Blog Post

So, you’ve just written a new blog post: now what?

If you are an experienced blogger, you probably already know what to do and how to maximize its visibility. However, if you are a beginner or a person who’s just growing their blog, chances are that what comes after is still a mystery to you. Of course, you proofread and maybe even add images to the post, and publish it – but does it becomes as visible as you would want it to be? Not always.

But now you can relax. Here’s a clear and simple strategy to follow once you wrote a new blog post.

  1. Include keywords

You probably know that you need to include keywords to boost your SEO – but which keywords? How many of them? That might remain a mystery.

First, use the Google Keyword Planner to find out which keywords should you use. Type the main topic or topics of your post into this tool and see the keyword suggestion. Pick one keyword to include in your new blog post (not only in its text but in its headline, tags, URL, and meta description as well). Then pick a couple of others and mention them in your post (once or twice would be enough).

  1. Shorten your URL

Shorter URL is easy to share – moreover, it simply looks more professional and fits well into Facebook and Twitter character limit. Use a special URL shortener to do so.

  1. Come up with a social media posting schedule

Being a blogger, you probably already know exactly how important a social media promotion is and why you should invest time into it. What you might not know yet is that posting a freshly written post on all social media at once might not be a good idea.

Instead, consider creating a schedule for social media posting. Post on different social media on different days of the week and maybe a different time as well. This way you’ll maximize the impact your new blog post could make, sharing it a couple of times during the week.

  1. Do the sharing itself

Though you probably won’t need to share a post on all social media right away, like we’ve said in the previous tip, you’ll still need to share your content on one of them. The important thing here is to not simply copy and paste.

Try to pick an image you’ll use (even if it’s the featured image for your post), include a headline and an appealing description. Make the description teasing enough, so the audience would feel intrigued and motivated to read further.

  1. Send an email to jumpstart traffic

It’s also time to make use of your email used – after all, you’ve been growing it so hard for something. Just remember that you shouldn’t include the post in an email – this way the readers won’t click on your blog (after all, why do so, when they can see the post here?).

Instead, write short yet teasing text and include a backlink to your new blog post.

  1. Include your new post in your email signature

You send an email to your subscribers because they’re definitely interested in your blog posts – but you never know who else might get interested. That’s why consider adding a backlink to your new post to your signature. Maybe someone you’ll writing to would click on it as well.

  1. Visit Quora

Every way to increase visibility counts, especially if you are a beginner blogger. Quora could become a great platform for building up an audience – assuming that you’ll do everything right.

Visit Quora and look for burning questions that are related to the topic of your post. Then try answering those questions, also including the backlink to your post. For example, if you wrote a post on writing, try answering the question related to writing and education.

The important thing here is to give detailed and good answers. Don’t make them look like you wrote them for promotion only – otherwise, the visitors will ignore it (and your blog as well).

  1. Visit other blogs and leave comments there

You can use the same approach with other blogs related to your niche or writing on similar topics. Just like with Quora, your answers should be thoughtful. Always try to give some information that the posts lack if you’re able to provide it.

  1. Answer the comments

Now when you’re finished with promotion, it’s time to do a couple of things to maximize the result. Comments are the first of those things. No matter how short they are or how few were written, do your best to answer all of them (in details, if you can).

This is great because it helps your blog look more authoritative, get some feedback, and also offer some additional content to generate more traffic.

  1. Monitor the result

In order to find out whether all that you did were effective or not, you’ll need to monitor the result. There are plenty of tools that could help you measure the effectiveness of your blog in general and of your posts specifically. Google Analytics is the best (and the most widespread as well), but you could always test some other tools to find the ones that work for you.

Remember: if you are a blogger, your work doesn’t end with creating a new blog post and publishing it. Always pay attention to things like promotion as they help you increase the visibility of your blog and reach your goals sooner.

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Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers, now she writes for Eliteessaywriters,  In her free time she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.

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