20+ Kitchen Gadgets For Food Lovers:Technology

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New Year is a time of giving and celebrating. New Year has just begun and for food lovers like me, it the most enjoyable time of the year. Well, it not every time you get to try out new dishes, try to spend quality time with your family, and visit cool places. To think of it, it’s an awesome time for everyone. Well except those stuck in unfulfilled jobs or marriages maybe.

That said if you are a food lover, this is the time you need the smoothest time in the kitchen, less hassle in the kitchen means you get your food that much quicker. You’ll soon wish you had a brand new Sinkology kitchen to go with your new toys. The Kitchen Gadgets discussed below will help you navigate the kitchen with much ease and get the most out of these festivities. They can also serve as fabulous gifts for foodies or those people who love spending time in the kitchen.

  1. Spartan Knife Holder

With a lot of things happening in the kitchen this time of the year, keeping the knife in a safe place is a must.  This knife holder will help you do that and access them with much ease when need be.

  1. Custom Engraved Rolling

This is by far my favorite. The different prints will make your flatbreads or cookie look yummy and delicious. It’s a must-have I tell you, especially if you love baking.

  1. Herb Scissors with 5 Blades

Your standard scissors have what, a pair of blades? Well, this one has five of them. They look ridiculous for sure, but the work they perform will leave you mesmerized.

  1. Pizza Scissors

Okay, to whoever came up with this one, you are a genius. This gadget simplifies slicing pizzas to a whole new level. You do it with so much ease and least drama.

  1. Nessie Soup Ladle

The serving soup got easier with this cool invention. The little feet to hold it up are so cute. You’ve got to love this one.

  1. Ferry Silicone Steaming Lid

Your steaming drama just stopped with this steaming lid at hand. Just place it on your cooking pan and once you are done, remove it with much ease.

  1. Cute Ice Tongs

As you serve drinks, make use of these ice tongs. They are so cute with little hand gloves.

  1. Wand Salt and pepper shaker

You know those toys kids blow then they rotate? This gadget is a replica. They are like magical little things that sprinkle salt and pepper on your food.

  1. Panda Toast Stamp

Now, this is one of the gadgets that will make even the kids happy. How about a toast in the morning with a panda stamp on it? They come in different shapes and sizes too.

  1. Runny Nose Egg Separator

This gadget will come in handy when you want to separate the egg yolk from the white. In this time when there is a lot of egg breaking, it’s a must-have.

  1. Popcorn Maker

Now this one is a must-have. A lot of popcorns will be eaten during this period. Entertaining the kids especially as they watch movies and animations is a must and what better way than with popcorns?

  1. Knife Sharpener

A blunt knife is useless in the kitchen. With a jaws knife sharpener, you can keep them sharp and can be sharpened whenever necessary.

  1. Pasta Server

For all pasta lovers, you will love this gadget with equal measure. Serving pasta and noodles got a whole lot easier now.

  1. Shark Plate for Sushi

Next time you want to eat some sushi, serves it on a shark plate. Let’s see who between you and the shark has more.

  1. Chicken Bottle Stopper

Put a cork in your bottles with this awesome invention.

  1. Engraved Cookie Stamp

Make crisp cookies with all design stamps you may wish. A delicious and adorable cookie; what more can we ask for?

  1. Pot Opener with a Flower On Top

You don’t have to deal with the steam anymore as you open the cooking pots. Just use this flower power port opener.

  1. Triceratops corn holder

Eating corn now got a whole lot easier. Their gadget comes with ample space for your hands as you munch on this delicacy.

  1. Trivet Man

This great buddy will help you hold the cooking pot as it cools down.

  1. Jeans Muffin Holder

Place a muffin in one of these and enjoy a cute, hilarious cupcake.

  1. Mr. Tea Infuser

As you enjoy your hot steaming tea, someone will be having a hot steam bath.

  1. Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Grate your cheese easily with this gadget – one of the best electric cheese graters for home & professional use.

  1. Unicorn Sprinkler Shaker

It’s true, unicorns do make rainbows.

  1. Bread Saw

I present to you a new way of cutting your bread.

  1. Lid Sid

Wait, where is this little guy going? Put a lid on him before he escapes.


Happy New Year everybody!




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