5 Ways to Wasting your Time with Blogging

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Blogging is an amazing thing to peruse only for those who mix their passion with it. It can get you fame and lots of money. Money is the key factor which attracts many people.

I talk with the people who just started with it and wanted to earn money very fast. It’s not bad expecting money against your work you did on your blog, though being a blogger we must have patience. With it only, we can achieve success.

In this post, I am talking about people who are just seeing one side of the coin (money) and avoiding another side (risk and patience).

If you also see the one side of blogging, then you are wasting your time with blogging.

Don’t you know, how?

I tell you how does it happen?

I will talk about those five ways many bloggers are wasting time with.

1. Blogging only for money

Blogging isn’t all about money. If you are working as an individual, you should focus on long-term perspective. I have seen many bloggers started with the short term blogs, but over the course of time, they realized the importance of a long-term online asset.

Moreover, don’t aspect instant money with your blog whether it’s long term or short term. Many times, you make efforts but encounter failure in making money. Don’t lose hope and run away. If you left the blog just because you weren’t able to make money in the starting 2 or 3 months, it’s complete a time wasting event.

2. Random Posting Schedule

Many bloggers don’t adopt a right publishing schedule.

One post published today, and next one is getting published after five days, and the next one after ten days.

You cannot call it a right schedule. It doesn’t matter, whether you are publishing it daily, weekly or monthly basis, the thing matters is adopting a right schedule.

If you aren’t managed with publishing, then it may spoil your blog reputation.

For a beginner blogger, it’s complete waste of time because, with unmanaged publishing schedule, you cannot retain readers for a long time.

3. Not promoting Posts

If you want to see your blog growing, then reach out to your readers. Use social media, create videos, ask your friends for unbiased views on your blog posts, so you can analyze your level and make changes in the strategies accordingly. Being a blogger, if you are waiting for readers to your blog, you are wasting your time. No one will come to read your blog until you aware them about it.

4. Avoiding Keyword Research

Do you expect without proper keyword research, you can rank for a particular keyword?

If yes, you need to change your mindset.

I am still struggling with getting right keyword each time I write a post on my blog.

Many bloggers don’t do the keyword research in the right way. They just open the text editor and begin to write a post.

No doubt, most of them would be good writers and produce an amazing post.

However, once you stopped producing content, readers won’t come to your blog.

Your posts may lose the charm because people are habitual to consume new information each time.
The SEO optimized content ranks in the search results and helped you getting free targeted traffic without having need of producing new content each time.

5. Not Making Connections

I take blogging as a great source of creating connections with fellow bloggers.

In the beginning, the influencers in your niche won’t give your preference. So, it’s better to make connections with the fellow bloggers.

If you think that you can alone achieve successful blogging career, it’s completely wrong.

Working neutrally as a blogger never let you know whether your direction is right or not.

You make enormous mistakes and cannot get the right guidance. This way, bloggers spend most of the time in making silly mistakes and recovering from them.

It’ not like – with the assistance of other bloggers, you exempted from mistakes. Mistakes happen, but at the same time, you get the assistance from the experienced bloggers. I get help from my blogger friends whenever I feel doubt with something. They also help me widening my blog audience.

Simply reach out to bloggers by blog commenting, following them on social media etc. By giving nice feedback regarding their posts, we can draw their attention towards us.


If you are serious about your blogging career, just do the opposite of above points, and you will see results. It’s always better to learn from others’ mistakes, rather attempting mistakes and after learning from them.

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