8 Genuine Ways to Repurpose Old Content for SEO Benefits

As web bloggers, posting good quality content are a huge part of what we do, be it for better ranks or happier users. But alas! Coming up with excitingly new, engaging content can also often be hard, time-consuming, resource-heavy & even annoying.

But wait, since you may already have a slew of contents just lying around, especially if you’ve been blogging for a while, why not only employ/repurpose them again, putting them out there for your audiences once more? As long as they’re relevant, why not utilize those gems once again for the better?

And in today’s article, we’ll tell you how to do that!

Read on!

Content Repurposing is Awesome – Here’s Why!

Aside from the excellent convenience it offers, Content repurposing/refreshing also provides a ton of extra benefits. Be it from the lower expenses, time-saving to the abundance of top opportunities it so amazingly offers, and there’s a lot like!

It can help diversify your content, expanding its reach, appealing to audiences further. Content repurposing can literally redefine your SEO for the better, at no extra effort.

And in that spirit, here’s a quick-look the top-8 content repurposing methods out there;

In With The Old – 8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Content, today!

1) Turn them into Video

Let’s face it; reading is so passé nowadays. And with videos being tremendously preferred over texts, turning your old contents into a visual medium is obviously a brilliant idea. After all, people are more likely to watch a video than read a text on a page – just look at the sheer amount of content on YouTube alone!

“How-to” type contents are often most preferred. But, the truth wholeheartedly is that anything can work, as long as they are good, reliable, and informative.

Besides, it’s also good for your SEO too, as it helps to open up a whole new avenue for content discovery.

2) Create Infographics

We, humans, are visual creatures. And obviously, infographics representations are one of the best ways to breathe a bit of new life to your old content.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. And when info is communicated in a visual format, they can be more appealing, making them easier to understand – especially if it’s a more data-driven content. Besides, it also helps with SEO, maximizing the sheer quality of backlink opportunities, bringing in better, more relevant “niche” links to what you are trying to put forth.

Thankfully, with sites like Piktogram,, and Infogram, the infographics themselves are easy to devise, as they offer a range of, guides, how-to’s & templates, etc.

3) Create a Podcast

Podcasts are hot right now and with great reason – as they comprehensively, allow us to consume content in a way, which makes them easier to understand.

From Pocket Casts to Google podcasts & a million others, there’s understandably a huge market for quality podcasts. And reformatting your old content to “audio” can not only make it more appealing, especially to those who are on the go, but can also help it to reach newer, more modern audiences.

Besides, this further gives the user the benefit of choice, offering an opportunity to enjoy a “texted” topic that they otherwise never would have bothered to check out.

4) Dabble in Slide Shows

Have a ton of data-heavy, complex contents with a lot of visual representations? Just make a good slide deck out of them and upload it to sites like SlideShare.

With over 70 million active users alone, sites like SlideShare are undoubtedly an excellent platform to bring newer attention to your older posts, all without having to “reinvent the wheel.” Besides, it also furthermore enhances the reliability of the post, as slides are easier to keep up to date than general texts.

Besides, since slides are more engaging than regular texts & are interactive too, they’ll also help you deliver a whole new experience to your beloved readers.

5) Write an E-book

If you have a ton of old content, especially texts relating to a particular/unique topic or a niche, making them into an E-book is amongst the best ways to repurpose them.

Fuelled by the sheer flexibility and the ease of access that an online article may lack, a well-compiled E-book offers your reader’s a fantastic opportunity to focus on topics they’re only interested in, especially if you write on a variety of niches.

Clearly, the E-book format also makes your old content more approachable, even when they aren’t tethered to a data or Wi-Fi connection – how impressive!

6) Formulate a Webinar

As weird as it sounds, hosting a webinar on your old topics can spectacularly boost its chances of being relevant again, as it helps to bring a whole new perspective to it.

Be it for adding newer info or appealing to your users with better strategies or ideas; the Webinars offer a stage to help you “Reinvent” your topics, making them more hippy, more relatable, especially to the millennial crowd. In addition, this can also help grow your user base, which in turn, is good for your SEO.

The Google Hangout is an excellent platform for Webinars, and consequentially, you can also choose to upload it to YouTube or other video sharing sites, boosting its reach.

7) Post on Quora

Everybody knows that Quora is an amazing platform to build trustworthiness for your websites by answering questions, offering tips, tricks, and helping others. But did you know that it can also help you with repurposing your old contents?

One of the most visited sites on the planet, makes it effervescently easy to repurpose your old contents in either as answers to queries or as posts themselves. Besides, posting on it also spawns discussions, comments, shares, etc., enhancing your social reach more and helping to meet new people.

Don’t like Quora? You can also choose to publish your old content through sites like “Medium or LinkedIn Plus” as well, with both allowing conveniently using the same accounts.

8) Create Emails & newsletters

Lastly, as long as your contents are evergreen, you can also repurpose/refresh them for your blog newsletters or even for marketing purposes.

Planning a new campaign? Appeal to your readers with a fully comprehensive compilation of your related old articles. Looking to refresh your current readers? Shoot them a newsletter featuring all the outstanding posts from previous weeks.

Literally, the sky’s the limit!

The Conclusion – A No Brainer, Really!

An effortless way to better help enhance your blogging, content repurposing, as you can see, is never rocket science, meaning that anyone can use it to up they’re blog game.

That said, it’s also essential to know when to “draw the line,” as repurposing, no matter how good, can only get you so far. Plus, overdoing it can also be counterproductive.

As good as these methods are, different tactics may match different people. We recommend reading them all and pick the one that meets all your needs, your wants, styles, readers, etc. Till then, happy blogging,


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  • Very nice blog post. One of the huge bottlenecks that is to create high quality content on consistent basis. Re-purposing old content is with out a doubt a great way to make the most of the old blog content. Personally In this blog post you have listed some of the best ways to re-purpose old content. Personally i have used to turn old blog posts in to videos and also clubbed a series of blog posts in a eBook. Like you have said posting old content in quora is also a great way to leverage old content.