Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro : Capture Any Screen Activity

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As you know we come up with some innovative and awesome tools & product reviews every now and then and today we bring you another such thing. I am going to provide you an in-depth and comprehensive guide and review of Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro which I have come across recently.

Before jumping into the details of the product, let us discuss the need and benefits of a desktop Screen capture or recording tool.

Screen Capturing tools and their use/necessity:

In good olden days, people used to take a screenshot of their workings with the command called “printscr” from the computer. The screenshot then has to do some cropping and other adjustments “offline” with another tool to make it ready for sharing.

Things have been changed lately and people started using some awesome screen capture tools for their work. One of those tools I used previously were the default “PrintScr”, “LightShot“, “Skitch” and “GreenShot“. What these tools does is, they give you the opportunity to take Screenshots of anything on your PC screen no matter it is a full screen or part of it. This helps people share the best things they find on the internet and other important points or messages that they can share with their friends/family within seconds.

The people like me who is a blogger or social media enthusiast, it is always a need for these screen capturing/recording tools. As a blogger, I would like to do some articles related to various guides and product reviews and I need to produce some great screenshots and videos to my audience. In social media channels like twitter and Facebook, you always need to share some screenshots and share with friends and family.

Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro  is the tool developed by Acethinker and you can use it for multipurpose. By using Acethinker, you can take screenshots, screen cast videos, webcam videos and even edit them. It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.


Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

From the above image, you can have a quick look at the user interface of Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro. The interface of this software has been designed such that even a new user can use it at ease.

Highlights  of  Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

ScreenShot of still images/screen and Webcam video shoot

As discussed above, you can easily capture anything on the screen of your PC within seconds with a single button. You will get a window as shown in the below picture which provides you additional options before saving the image.

Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

You can edit on the go and share it on the internet within few clicks and that’s the beauty of the Screen Capturing tools.

If you like to capture a tutorial with an introduction of its tutor, you can do so by capturing the webcam video capture. The quality of the videos are simply superb and you don’t need much editing. It offers tools that you need to edit the captured Screens/Videos. Check the picture below for more details of the tools Acethinker offers:

C:\Users\VaishuThuju\Desktop\Start -Acerthinker.png

Region – This option lets you choose the custom area or the particular part of the screen to take the snap or screen casting required.  This will allow concentrating on specific topic or message instead of the whole screen which sometimes look weird. You have the option to adjust the height and Width of the captured image further for more tweaking.

For the video capture, the timing will start before you actually record the video and you can see a pause and stop buttons.

Full Screen – The process for the full-screen option is same as above except being it records the full screen of the screen.

Around Mouse – In this option, you have the option to record the area wherever is the mouse is moved.

Web Camera – Here in this option, you can record your own video or self-video.

Only Audio – This is the option where Acethinker gives you a facility to record only audio of the capture.

Here is a sample video created using Acethinker  Screen Grabber Pro for your ready reference.

Audio Input options

In this option, you have the option to select which mode of audio input you like to make the recording done. If you select none no audio will be recorded and it is recommended to select System Sound and Microphone so that both the sounds will be recorded.


There are two options in this option, capture mouse cursor and hide me when Screenshot. The options let you choose the best possible settings according to your needs and what you need to capture.


Once you capture the Screen or record the Screen, you now have the option to upload your recorded screens or videos through this option.

You can upload your videos directly to YouTube and there is also the option to upload through FTP. You have to provide the YouTube and FTP details in order to proceed further.

Details required  for YouTube

Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

Details required for FTP

Upload Settings -FTP


Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

In the settings options, you have the “Options” button and you can configure the settings of Recording and General settings here.

The below picture gives you an idea of what settings can be optimized and adjusted based on your recording needs.

Task Scheduler

Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

This is another awesome and unique feature of Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro and you can automate your videos by setting the desired timings.

Other important things that make Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro one of the best Screen capture tools are:

  • There is no Size and Time Limit for capturing the videos
  • Capture Real-time videos like LIVE webinars and presentations at ease.
  • Capture your own Webcam activities with no duration limit.
  • Capture Screenshots of important videos online and share instantly in one click.
  • Quality editing functions that can polish your captured videos before sharing.
  • Price is just 29.95 USD


After checking and testing this versatile screen capturing tool, it is very clear that it is providing many awesome features within an economical budget. The price tag of 29.95 USD is affordable for getting these many features in a single software.

So if you are a blogger, Vlogger or any person who works mostly on Screen capturing tutorials and presentations, Acethinker Screen grabber Pro is the best bet. I would like to know the feedback and opinions of every one of you and let me know which features of this software you like the most.

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  • Hi Gurunath,
    I was using Snipping tool and Print screen button. But the tool you have shared looks way good. Thank for sharing it and it features,

  • Hi Guru,

    I knew about GreenShot & LightShot. This one is new to me. You have shared a really detailed review of Acethinker Screen Grabber. Seems to be a handy tool. Thanks for the share.

  • Nice Brother… well review I downloaded this tool and it’s pretty good… I like it and it’s very useful tool for only Blogger… to taking ss and video capturing

  • Hi Guru,

    First of all I want to say thank you for introducing other screen capture tools which am not aware. Yet I was using Jing tool for capturing the screen.

  • Hi Guru,

    Am using camtasia and adobe premiere for creating tutorial, here you have shared such a tool better than camtasia i think. Nice Review. Anyway thanks for share.

  • Hi Guru,
    I have been using Cam studio and Screen recorder tool for a year now. The Ace thinker tool you talk about seems amazing tool to easily record screen activities and capture anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen and rectangular regions.
    I have one problem with earlier tools I was using. I have a question-How do I capture the sound directly from the pc’s playback instead of the mic?
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    With regards,


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