ACT Broadband Review: Are they the Best Broadband Providers?

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ACT Broadband or ACT fibernet (previously Beam Telecom/fibre) has been the most popular broadband Service provider in Hyderabad City and also in major cities in India recently. In this ACT Broadband review post I would like to share my personal experience of 7 years with Beam broadband and then the rebranded ACT Broadband. I used this broadband service since 2011 and recently in 2018 and have shifted to Airtel Broadband just to try the difference and for a change.

Let me first talk about Beam fibre which has given an excellent speed internet connection, decent Customer Support and headache free bills  in my entire tenure with them.

The customer care is good and they used to solve every complaint well within 24 hours which is very happy for me that time. The connection issues are very minimal and sorted out quite quickly and efficiently.

I used to pay Rs.450 plus including taxes for a speed of 1 Mbps a few years ago and now the speeds have been up surprisingly high.

What is ACT Fibernet and who they are?

ACT is the short form of Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a service provider providing diverse infotainment & communication services across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, New Delhi & Tamil Nadu & Telangana. This broadband company is committed to provide the best internet speeds to their customers and at affordable costs.

Some of their aims and goals are –

  • Build trust through transparency
  • Put the customer first
  • Foster a culture of teamwork
  • Strive for continuous innovation
  • Passion for excellence
  • Be a socially and environmentally responsible company

You can find more about the company in the about us page on their official website.

Why should you need to take ACT broadband internet connection?

There are several things that help you to take ACT connection over any other player out there including the giants like BSNL & Airtel.

ACT offers incredibly fast internet speed with equally unbelievable costs.

See the below pictures for the plans they offer at very low cost which can’t be given by any other operator as of now.

ACT Broadband Plans – Hyderabad (2019) :

ACT Broadband Review
Additional advantages/benefits of taking ACT Internet Connection

1) Get ACT WiFi router at affordable price:

ACT Broadband Connection

2) ACT fibernet Refer & Earn


3) Win Grabon  shopping coupons

ACT broadband connection

4) Equal Upload and Download Speed

5) Giga Speeds (can handle speeds 1000 Mbps and above)

6) Latest and most advanced Fiber Optic Technology

7) Get amazon fire stick free with select 6 and 12 month subscription plans *

Although we have seen a lot of benefits in terms of freebies and goodies of ACT, there is a drawback in the form of their customer support. Previously Beam fiber has got good customer care where I never got frustrated calling them and all my complaints have been cleared without hassles.

After ACT took over Beam, the ACT Customer Care proved to be the worst I have seen with their ACT helpline number always with “busy” tone. You have to be with your best patience possible to bear them.

But once the call is connected and your complaint is taken, it will be 100% resolved in 24 hours (for me it is proved in my case). But the connection problem is very rare, and might have occurred once in a month or so.

So overall if you can see, I strongly recommend ACT Broadband Connection to everyone who need high speed internet connection at very low and affordable budget/cost.

Check this Video  ACT Broadband Speed Test

Images Courtesy: ACT fibernet Official Site

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ACT Broadband Review
Latest Technolgy9.5
Features & Offers9
Customer Care6
Connection Availability5
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Tailor Made Plans
Value for Money
Speeds upto 1 GIGA bytes
Offers & Freebies
Customer Care/Support
Limited to few Cities/Locations

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