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Astra Theme Review : 10 Reasons Why Astra Theme is among the best

What makes someone leave a website?

Ever wondered why do we see an unusual fall in our website traffic? It’s because we are not able to retain our visitors for a long period of time. Why? The only rigid reason behind this is that your website is boring! Yes.

Bad themes, dull and boring content brings out the worst from your website, spoiling the overall look and rating of your platform. With the growing significance of online business, keeping our website’s on track is crucial.

Such extreme levels of saturation can make new and existing business owners & entrepreneurs evasive about investing their efforts into this space. While such concerns are valid, there are ways to make our e-commerce website stand out, gain new audience and grow at a sustainable rate.

I have had the best experience with Astra Theme and I can’t hold this back anymore and keen to share it with you.

Stop Bragging, Solutions Please?

Most of the well-designed websites or pages we have come across are based on some great web design principles that eventually result in useful, beautiful products that give consumers a deep level of satisfaction and ultimate experience when used.

With WordPress in hand, life was sorted for us but what if we are getting much more than this? Here’s when Astra WordPress Theme came into the picture to take us out of this mess. With the extremely lightweight and customizable theme’s keeps our performance and business going up all the time.

Have you heard about Astra Theme Before?

If not, then I am having immense pleasure in presenting towards you Astra WordPress Theme which can bring value to your business through your website. Astra theme is a free WordPress theme which can give you the best website experience you were looking for since so long.

With Pre-built elements, you can just drag and create masterpieces, I mean master pages for your website. And what next you want, if I say Astra WordPress Theme works completely according to your mood swings, oops I mean, moods.

You can easily customize the layout, background, patterns, content and all those features which can give your website that extra out of the box look. The super speedy performance brings a lot more value to this bunch, providing unmatched performance. I bet it!

Here is how our blog speed performance improved after I started using Astra Theme (Picture below)

Astra Theme Review - Speed Test

Customer: Give me one reason to try Astra Theme
Astra Theme Team: We can give you 10

10 Features of Astra WordPress Theme that can blow your mind

1. Unmatched Performance

And Brian Tracy once said, the true measure of the value of any business is performance. Performance is mandatory when it comes to doing business online and as we all know, performance is directly proportional to speed, so here’s when Astra Theme has given me an extremely lightweight and fully optimizable theme for my website.

2. Great design options

I was wondering if I could put pink setting with blue spots in the background and put up navigation elements with geometric shapes framing components into different structures and along with that, customer reviews highlighted in purple and movable items in different contrast.

Confused? Even I was when Astra Theme team came to my rescue and listened to my demands patiently and all they said is – Done Madam! Astra Theme has provided a wide range of layouts for my work which are easily customizable. Font, Colour, Header, Footer, Typography – All according to you

3. Site Layouts

A website layout is a pattern or framework that defines a website structure. It has the role of structuring the information present on a site both for the website’s owner and for users. Boxed, Full Width, Padded, Fluid Layout, you name it and they have it. Margins and paddings can be managed and adjusted easily across all the elements and override the default space settings.

4. Typography

Communication plays a vital role in design. It’s essential to establish a clear connection between the website and user and to help your users accomplish their goals. When we talk about communication in a web design context, we usually mean text.

Typography plays a vital role in this process. Font gives a unique touch to the text and Astra Theme gives you as many as 700+ Google fonts and also you can enjoy free Custom Font Plugins which means you can import and use your own font too.

5. Colours and Background

Psychologists have revealed that people are susceptible on a subconscious level to colour impressions and that over 60% of acceptance or rejection of a website is tied to this very fact. Great combination of colour and background can impress your audience and hence bring you business

6. Blog Layouts

Blogs are written with commitment but what if they are not able to reach their target audience and readers. It will not be of any use, then. Astra Theme provides Blog Layouts to highlight your blogs making them outshine and reach the right audience.

7. Global Designing Options

Astra helped me in selecting the right layout and design according to that will be apt for my line of business. Variety of options are available to select from a flexible range of layout for Header and Footer, Logos, Content. These can be easily deployed and managed and controlled according to your work.

8. WooCommerce Ready (Module)

It’ time you woo your customers because Astra Theme is all ready with its WooCommerce module which allows us to display our products in a grid layout which can be customized easily. If accommodating unlimited products on a single page give you nightmares, just like me then Astra Theme is here to fit all that in just one page with infinite loading facility that loads products when the users scroll down.

9. Integration and Support

Seamless integration at the cost of your next meal is such a wonderful idea. Astra Theme integrated seamlessly with my existing software to give me and my team a better user experience and support which is just a call away. When Video Tutorials and 24/7 Support is available, you can never go wrong in choosing the right partner which is the Astra Theme Team.

10. Extend more with Free Astra Plugins

You can even make imported Astra site more beautiful with the following list of available Free WordPress Plugins

  • Import / Export Customizer Settings
  • Astra Customizer Reset
  • Customizer Search
  • Astra Bulk Edit
  • Astra Widgets
  • Settings
  • Custom Fonts
  • Custom Typekit Fonts
  • Sidebar Manager
  • Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

How to Install Astra Theme Free Version

Just like any Free WordPress Theme, you can search for the Astra Free theme under repository.

Once you find the Astra WordPress theme, click on install and then activate.

After that you can import any of the prebuilt Astra starter sites of your liking by using the install importer plugin.

Now you need select the Astra Starter sites either with Elementor, Beaver or Gluetenberg Page Builder templates.

If you have purchased the Astra Pro Plugin (Upgrade option for Free theme), you can install this add on plugin and will find this screen for activation and Astra Pro Modules.

Import / Export Customizer Settings

Astra Pro Theme – Pricing Options

Attractive themes at such attractive prices, I swear!

If you just want to go for Yearly payment option, here is the pricing options in a nutshell –

Astra Theme review - Pricing-Annual

And, if you can stretch a bit higher, the lifetime option can be great value for the money, I bet. Here is the snapshot of how it looks like –

Astra Theme Review_Pricing_ Lifetime

You can go for an annual plan to delve deeper into this or if you are too happy with the reviews, give it a thumbs-up to the team and go for a lifetime subscription or if you only trust your inner self, then I would suggest going for the Astra theme free version.

If you ask my personal experience, I initially went for the free version but I was too impressed by their work and ended up purchasing the Annual Pack of an entire agency bundle. Astra Theme comes with 14days No Risk Money Back Guarantee but I, guarantee you this that just give one chance to Brainstorm Force team and you will never give a second thought of not choosing them again.

Target Audience? Who can benefit from Astra Theme

Expansion and growth are the two scale factors required by all large scale, SMB’s and small scale businesses to make their product and services more available to the end customers and with online business growing every day, making a compromise over how your website, where your products are displayed to the global audience, will look, shouldn’t be a matter of second thought.

So no prescribed target audience but anyone who wants to bring out the best from their services and want to reach beyond the locality customers should give it a try.

Meet and Greet the Brainstorm Force team! (The Team behind Astra Theme)

Where do they get such innovative ideas from? It’s a young and enthusiastic team of passionate developers, designers, writers, marketers, artists and creatives focusing on just making our life more thematic and beautiful, just like their work.

9 years in business and they are growing rapidly with their customer base expanding annually and has received 5500 five star ratings. A team of 45 members comes with a bunch of a whole new world. Astra WordPress Theme is one of  the best WordPress products that has been created and developed by this awesome team.

Final Thoughts

Who better verdict than the end customers itself. Heres some more Proof!

Astra Theme Review - Experts Views

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying your website is your identity so why to spoil it just to save a few bucks! Go at least grab the Astra Theme free version guys and I’m sure you will be ready to pay that dollar soon!

Great design defines your commitments – So download the Astra Theme Free Version today!

Astra Theme Review
Ease of Use8.5
Reader Rating1 Vote7.6
Built for Speed (Light Weight)
Excellent Add - Ons
Pre Built Sites (Just install & Go)
SEO & WooCommerce Ready
Supports Top Page Builders (Elementor, Beaver etc)
May not be suitable for all Niche
Price is too high if you want all modules
Customisation is not so easy
Adding all modules will affect site Speed
Need many Page Builder add ons to have a perfect design
Editor's Rating
Our Verdict
We have been using the Astra Pro WordPress Theme since 2 months now and the review is purely on our personal experience and testing!
Download Astra Theme

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  • Hi Aastha and Guru,

    Astra is one of the finest WordPress themes I found in the decade, because of several reasons. Optimized code, minimal and fast loading features are its USP. I personally found this theme is very helpful for Authority blogs, or who actually have a desire to make it an authoritative website, as the user experience is exceptionally makes it stand out from the crowd. Thanks for reviewing it.

    • Yes, you are absolutely right, Navin. This is one of the top 3 fastest and light weight WordPress themes out there. As said by you it can be a handy theme for every blogger and especially the ones who want their blog/website to be Authoritative and wants a blazing fast page load times. The quality coding of Astra Theme is another thing that attracts many professional bloggers.

  • A good theme can increase your sales by 10X. Especially when it loads fast.

    Thanks for this review!