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AVG Antivirus App Review – An Economical Mobile Security App

The revolution in the Smart Phones in the recent past has been tremendous and there is no surprise that Android is dominating Operating system in this sector. At this same pace, there are many known hacks and bloats that are so aggressive to steal and hack one’s privacy and breach the security. Android is still a bit behind when it comes to security compared to iOS. There are many Antivirus applications you can find in Playstore but I found AVG Antivirus App been one of the best out of those bunch.

When it comes to mobile phone, you definitely need more security, privacy and free from viruses and all isn’t it? Now a day’s people are using mobile phones for almost all the online transactions whether it is a sale, purchase, bill payment, and Bank transactions and so on. So having mobile antivirus app is a must in that sense.

In this article, I will guide you through about this AVG Free Antivirus App and its advantages, features and how it gives your mobile a boost in security and privacy.

I have installed myself this AVG Antivirus Free App to make sure I have Top Android Security for my Android mobile phone.

A brief about AVG Antivirus Free App for Android Mobile Phone

AVG Antivirus App Review - Free Download

As many of us know that AVG is the one of the best Free Antivirus for Windows and it always been in Top 3 list. They have entered into mobile platform too and you can find from the number of downloads column that how popular they are in this Antivirus and Security field. Although you get most of the essential features of this antivirus app for free, you still can avail their paid version with a little bit of investment and get the complete package of awesome features.

Here is a list of some essential features that can be found this Antivirus free app.

  • Protection
  • Privacy
  • Performance
  • Anti-Theft

How effective is AVG Antivirus app and use most of the features it offers?

We will discuss all the above features in an elaborate way to know more about this Antivirus Application.

Scan for Virus

AVG Antivirus App Review - Scan for Virus

The main screen interface as you can see from the picture above contains a big orange Scan button and just click on that. Boom! With a single press of a button, AVG Antivirus starts to scan your mobile phone for the virus and threats. Once the scanning is completed you will be given the results in red for any malware is found.

AVG Antivirus App Review - Virus Threats

Now you can fix those threats in the order of priority as shown above. There is an option for ignoring Threat list, Wi-Fi Security scan too to scan those hidden Wi-Fi threats. You have the option to scan for individual file or folder through File Scanner option. You can also have a custom setting under Protection settings whether you can opt in or opt out for the default options.

Privacy Settings

AVG Antivirus App Review - Privacy Settings

In this section, you have a bunch of features that you can avail to protect your privacy. There are few features that can be enhanced further through paid version (PRO) but the preliminary features are absolutely free.

  • App Lock
  • Vault
  • Secure Search
  • Call Blocker
  • Wipe data by Category

App Lock

It is one of the burning features you can’t expect to have in a free app as the App Lock feature itself is a premium feature.  App lock is a must have app if you want to secure your apps been opened by accident or wontedly by your kids, wife, colleagues and others. You just can lock your most private apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail and all in single PIN or Pattern. So due to this feature, you are easily avoiding one extra app to download.

Call Blocker

It is another most important feature as it is common in current scenario that there a bunch of marketing and spam calls every day. These calls give us a lot of stress, frustration and annoying most of the time. With Call Blocker feature from AVG Antivirus app, you just eliminate this stress at a single setting. So you can avoid again downloading apps like True Caller to save some space in your mobile phone.

App Backup

Backup is one of the essential things you need to do before you would like to have a reset or clean up of your mobile phone. This feature is an icing on the cake you can get for already a well-designed antivirus app.


AVG Antivirus APP Review - Performance Main Screen

Although you have the virus protection, it is still recommended to save your mobile from performance issues. AVG Antivirus App does this job for you without further downloading any other apps like cleaning apps or Battery saving apps by injecting these features in its Performance settings option.


In order to make the most use of this feature, you need to give access to AVG Antivirus App to give the best possible security feature. In this feature, you can find you tried to access your mobile and also who try to wipe out your data with few lock settings.

Premium Version

AVG Antivirus App Review - Premium

Although you get most of the features of AVG Antivirus free of cost, you still can avail their premium version for several reasons as stated below:

Actually, the Vault and App Lock comes as a 30 days Trail for the users and they can upgrade to Pro version.

The yearly AVG Protection PRO is priced just Rs.534 which is less than Rs.50 per month. Interestingly, you get access to unlimited devices with this annual subscription offer and it is the beauty of this offer for sure.

If you only want to avail AVG Antivirus PRO for Android, then you can get it at Rs.333.50 per year which is very economical in terms of value for money.

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After looking and using these feature rich AVG Antivirus App, I can definitely say that it one of the economical and best Free Antivirus Apps you should try. Please let me know in the comments section if you found anything missing and share your experiences with this app.

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