5 Most Powerful & Best Landing Page WordPress Plugin of 2016

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best landing page wordpress plugin

This is a Guest Post contributed by Kerin Miller from Stellen Infotech.

Landing pages are the essential part of any website. In fact, these are a useful tool to bring out the best in your site and boost your conversions.

Landing pages are most useful when your aim is to drive visitors to a personalized sales page. Thus it is not only imperative to create attractive and efficient landing page/pages for your website but also the need of the hour.

If you have a WordPress powered website, then creating the best landing page WordPress plugin is a lot easier, thanks to the availability of a huge number of  WordPress plugins. From adding an image slider to building a complete website with drag and drop functionality, you can choose from a range of WordPress plugins to get what you want.

However, integrating tons of WordPress plugins can also reduce your website’s performance and make it tens times slower. A majority of WordPress webmasters often add plenty of plugins to get the required functionality without having any idea that they are making their slower. However, how many plugins are too many? Well, it all depends on your website’s size and requirement. If you are planning to add many pages to your site, you may want to cut down on the number of plugins you are using.

The best thing to minimize your plugin count is to use double-duty WordPress plugins that are designed to help you perform more than one chore. Moreover, the perfect example of this is the below-mentioned best landing page WordPress plugin which not only helps you create landing pages but also perform a variety of tasks.

If you are not happy with the list, you can also hire top WordPress plugin development companies to get a customized landing page plugin developed for your website.

Here is the best landing page WordPress plugin list

  1. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a premium drag and drops WordPress plugin that allows you to build beautiful and intuitive landing pages by giving you complete control of your website. It is a front-end visual editor that enables you to create pages while monitoring the changes in the real-time. The plugin got equipped with 30 landing page templates that are used to give your page a shape and layout.

Additional features of Beaver Builder

  • Offers Shortcode and Widget Support
  • Works in real-time on the front end of your page.
  • Supports popular WPML translation plugin, posts, pages, and custom post types
  • Comes with built-in import/export tools
  • Have unlimited reusable templates
  • Supports WooCommerce plugin
  1. WordPress Landing Pages

Unlike the above, WordPress Landing Pages is the best landing page WordPress plugin free to use from Inbound Now, a renowned team of custom WordPress plugin developers. The plugin is designed to help you connect your landing page with other applications such as Aweber, MailChimp and more. Being integrated with a wide variety of pre-made templates, it allows you to choose a template that best suits your business requisites. However, you do have to customize the template to give it a look you want for your landing page.

Impressive features of WordPress Landing Pages

  • Lets you seamlessly implement your custom landing page design
  • Comes with Pre-populate Forms with visitor information to boost conversions
  • Equipped with Visual Editor to witness real-time changes
  • Track conversion rates on your landing pages for continual optimization.
  • Help you to Create Beautiful Landing Pages on your WordPress site.
  • Lets you track lead activity and gather leading intelligence with WordPress Leads
  1. Thrive Builder and Landing Pages

Thrive Builder and Landing Pages is yet another premium Landing Page WordPress plugin which is designed to transform your WordPress website into a marketing machine. Using this front-end Thrive Content Builder, you can easily customize any default theme and more importantly see it taking shaping as per your needs simply by dragging and dropping the necessary elements on your landing page without having to refresh the page over and again. It lets you see the modifications in the real-time. Since the plugin is designed to provide a high degree of customization, you can add videos, change background images, edit text and do a lot more.

A few more interesting features:

  • Has 157 in-built Templates
  • Integrated with drag and drop functionality to customize anything without having to write HTML or CSS code.
  • Has a wide variety of content box styles to choose from
  • Lets you create multi-column, mobile-responsive layouts with ease
  • Allows you to add customizable and multi-style buttons
  1. LeadPages

LeadPages is not a WordPress plugin but more of a landing page creating a platform. It got equipped with tons of amazing features such as Template Importer, Analytics, A/B Split Testing, Lead Links, Lead Digits, Lead Boxes, and LeadPages. Integration of more than 70 pre-made templates ensures you have the right layout for your landing page.

More exciting features:

  • Comes integrated with drag and drop customization
  • Offers hundreds of high-performing, mobile-friendly templates
  • Provides easy A/B testing & analytics
  • Supports SMS Opt-in codes & 1-click signup links
  • Collect leads from anywhere on any site with Leadboxes two-step opt-in forms.
  1. Landing Pages Builder

Landing Pages Builder – another  best landing page WordPress plugin that depends on custom templates to build user-friendly and eye-catching landing pages. You can choose from 40 different templates that are categorized by various industries. It even incorporates with VerticalResponse, Aweber, and MailChimp to help you generate email subscribers. Another bonus is the integration of A/B tester which enables you to optimize your landing page to boost conversions.

Impressive features of Landing Pages Builder

  • Equipped with Easy drag and drop builder to allow you to build your landing pages without any coding
  • Has 50+ Flexible Templates
  • Comes integrated with popular service Wishpond that provides built-in integrations with traditional analytics, sales, email marketing & collaboration apps you already use
  • Lets you perform A/B Test and Increase Conversions with Wishpond
  • Add customizable forms with file upload fields, drop-down menus, multiple-choice questions, checkboxes and more with powerful Form Builder
  • Lets you add Custom Javascript & CSS to customize the look and feel of your website
  • Allows you to use merge tags for Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Offers Multi-user support and enables you to create multiple user accounts


These plugins are of high quality and can help you increase your conversion significantly. Moreover, these plugins are highly customizable and can get customized as per your website requisites. We would like to hear from you if you have any best landing page WordPress plugin suggestions that we have missed in this article.

About the author

Kerin Miller is a Senior WordPress developer at Stellen Infotech, offering custom WordPress development services since 2011. Kerin is a part time blogger and covers WordPress, web development industry. You can also Follow her company on Twitter.

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  • I was looking for One actually.. Guess this post is on time. Let me try ’em out on my blog.. 🙂

  • I use Thrive Builder. Its very user friendly and also nice designs.

  • Hai Kerin Miller,

    Thanks for sharing a great post. The WordPress plugin is one of the important parts of the website. What you said was true for any website,landing pages plays a major role.

    The features that you have mentioned above are useful and interesting. I got different ideas after going through your post. I will definitely give a try to it. Yours was a great job. Keep doing it, all the best.

  • I am using LeadPages I think it comes with more features than other plugins.
    BTW Nice post Gurunath

  • Hey Kerin,

    Landing pages are an essential marketing tool that helps you warm up and convert readers into buyers. We can create landing pages for downloads of reports, whitepapers, ebooks, newsletters and podcasts. We can create landing pages to subscribe to our blog, register for a webinar, request a consultation, or purchase a special offer.

    Unlike our homepage, a landing page is designed specifically with a single objective in mind, so it makes analytic reporting and testing a much easier task. There should also be no navigation or extraneous links included on the page but, rather, a single easy action for visitors to take. Ideally, landing pages can be created quickly, tested and altered easily if need be to improve the efficiency of our conversions.

    Sometimes we may not be able to do what we want due to the inflexibility of the templates. For instance, there is no way to make our logo at the top of the page or the fonts larger. We can’t move page elements from one place to another or add extra bullet points. These landing page builder sounds beneficial for every blogger and it really fully featured to maximize the productivity level of websites. Eventually, thanks for sharing much interesting and informative thought with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  • Helpful blog! As I was looking to gain the knowledge about plugins of the landing page. Thank you for letting me know about such plugins. Now, I’ll use one of them for the landing pages of the projects. Keep sharing such informative blog.


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