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Bluehost Web Hosting review – Everything You Need To Know

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Bluehost is one of the most trusted web hosting services powering 2 million websites and occupies the top 20 largest web hosts. Bluehost web hosting starts at only $2.95/mo. With free Domain, Free Site Builders, 1-click Word Press Install, and 24/7 Support. In this Bluehost web hosting review, we are going to discuss each and every possible feature and packages they offer.

Exclusive features making Bluehost the priority choice

WordPress made easy

BlueHost is the top web hosting service recommended by, with special offers for WordPress users. Free Domain, Free SSL Certificates, automatic WordPress Installs, and 24/7 technical support helps to design and build your servers to run WordPress with ease offering maximum performance, reliability, and functionality.

  • 24/7 WordPress support during issues, you can reach us anytime via phone or email, or live chat.
  • Bluehost makes WordPress installation and managing immediately and easily with 1-click WordPress Installation.
  • Money-back guarantees within 30 days of signing up, in case of any dissatisfaction with their services.
  • High level of scalability option by Bluehost, you can easily migrate your account to a VPS or dedicated server with just a click.
  • Enhanced cPanel interface tools to manage your website, domains and emails easily from one central location.
  • Bluehost is undeniably the best hosting platform for running WordPress websites.

 24/7 Support

  • The well trained technical team and in-house experts are present 24/7 round the clock to help you resolve your issues. Guides, videos, tutorials, and many more are available at their robust help center to serve your purpose.
  • If you are looking for answers to your questions, simply type in the search bar and click on search to get answers to all your odds. A large knowledge resource is maintained full of articles, guides, how-tos, instructions, and many more answers to clients.
  • Live chat option is available to answer all your queries, just browse on to Bluehost website to get full details.

30-day hosting money-back guarantee

Customer satisfaction is the top priority and Bluehost Web hosting is confident that you will love Bluehost services. Give a try to Bluehost hosting services, if you are not pleased, get a refund within 30 days of signing up. To know more details about money back check out the website.

Revolutionary BlueHost affiliate program

Simply refer visitors to Bluehost and earn money for each sign-up. This helps in maximizing your customers, opportunity to grow your business with great web hosting service.

BlueHost Web Hosting Review

Bluehost web hosting Services & packages

Various hosting services are offered with Bluehost with user convenience plans and packages to suit their business requirements. Distinct hosting services offered by Bluehost and their monthly plans are discussed below, to offer a hassle-free experience to the user to choose the best hosting package. Check out the list below and order immediately…!!!

  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Domains

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting

Have a look at shared web hosting services from Bluehost before building a website, to deliver powerful solutions. Shared web hosting is a proven platform that’s absolutely perfect to host your websites.

Powerful and flexible hosting by an industry-leading and robust shared hosting platform to make hosting simple. Affordability is the huge benefit of shared web hosting, including unique server management techniques and platform patches.

Features of shared web hosting making it a favorite hosting service

Bluehost Hosting basic features include

  • Domain manager to easily track, update, transfer, purchase, and administer all your domains in a place.
  • Higher packages like Plus and Pro support unlimited add-on and parked domains, subdomains, and even domestic and international domains.
  • Unlimited email accounts can be created and managed, with advanced included advanced features secure POP3, IMAP Support, third-party client compatibility, and many more.
  • A promising backup feature that automatically creates daily, weekly and monthly backups of your data. Even an easy data restore facility is available with just a single mouse click.
  • Resource protection shielding to eliminated risk in case of shared servers and increase performance.
  • As your website grows, move forward to powerful options with high-end scalability just a few clicks away.
  • Enhanced cPanel with additional tools to manage your websites, domains, emails, files, and much more easily from one central location.

 Advanced features include

  • Multi-server management to manage all of your shared web hosting services effortlessly in one place.
  • Access control to different areas of your account by creating unique passwords to restrict access.
  • Content delivery network to increase the performance of your site by enabling Cloudflare.
  • Advanced capabilities like SSH access, log file access, and web-based manager for files, database, and email.
  • SSL Certificates encryption to safeguard personal information, transactions, and business data.

 Optional Add-ons include

  • The unique IP address assigned to your website only
  • Domain privacy to prevent spam, phishing attacks by masking personal information.
  • Defend against attacks and malware by detecting threats beforehand with site Lock
  • Code Guard to disaster strike by taking daily backups and saving
  • Spam protection powered by Google to prevent harmful and unwanted content.

Bluehost Shared web hosting offers three plans to match your business requirements and budget constraints.


  • Single website with 50GB space, unmetered bandwidth, and standard performance.
  • Includes one single domain, 5 parked domains, 25 subdomains, 5 email accounts, and an email account of 100MB per account.
  • This package is available at $2.95/mo. at a huge discount offer.


  • Unlimited websites, unmetered web space, and bandwidth with standard performance.
  • Unlimited Parked domains, subdomains, email accounts, and email storage.
  • Exclusive $200 marketing offers and spam experts when compared to Basic Package.
  • This package is offered at $5.95/mo.


  • Unlimited websites, unmetered web space, and bandwidth with standard performance.
  • Unlimited Parked domains, subdomains, email accounts, and email storage.
  • Exclusive $200 marketing offers and spam experts when compared to the Basic version.
  • Few more extra features like Domain privacy and CodeGuard Basic for site backup, better than Plus Package.
  • Highly recommended package from BlueHost at $5.95/mo.

Why Shared hosting?

Bluehost offers affordable shared hosting services so that you can pick the best hosting package to manage your website needs. An added advantage for customers with the shared hosting package is WordPress comes along. You can easily get started off with a selected shared hosting plan that best suits your needs by just following the sign-up flow. Then automatically WordPress is installed for you to start building a website of your dreams. The blue host also offers the in-house team to support 24 x 7 both technical and non-technical to offer guidance. Feel free to contact us to resolve your issue, we are always at your service.

Cloud Hosting

Build your site with a new cloud hosting solution, a uniquely powerful, and affordable, and easier hosting service than ever. Get started with cloud starting at only $6.95/month. Also offers a special introductory offer and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Blue host strives to offer safer, faster, bigger, and simpler cloud hosting solutions at affordable prices.

BlueHost Web Hosting Review

Most of the time cloud is complex and intimidating, so here we go making cloud effortless with their cloud hosting solutions. Cloud offers more reliability to your website and safety with failover technology. Bluehost provides the fastest cloud hosting, where static website content is managed more efficiently, allowing dynamic requests can be processed quicker than ever.

The fastest load times increase your website performance and cloud hosting dashboards provide a quick view of site performance. Instant resource management saves you from downtime due to traffic.

Cloud offers an optimum solution to customers with more web traffic and a great online presence.

Bluehost Cloud hosting features

Monthly billing

Genuine monthly billing, no extra charges, or surprise usage fees at the end of the month. Clod hosting plans offer the best affordable solutions at an unbeatable price.

Data mirroring

Safest security and protection offered to your data with cloud sites, by automatically mirrored across three distinct devices

Integrated Caching

Advanced customized NGINX/Varnish caching configuration automatically accelerates web content

Intuitive Dashboard

A quick view of site performance by tracking traffic, load speed, global reach from a single centralized location.

Resource Monitoring

Identify when your website is in need of more resources, then just with a button click you can power them up

Fully managed

Experts deal with managing any issues that may arise like security patches, port access, and maintaining languages.

Instant Scaling

Exclusive OpenStack-powered backend distribution technology makes instant scaling of CPU and RAM at any time without any need to reboot.

Automated Failover

Ultimate feature to provide maximum uptime for your server, your site is rapidly switched over to another device in case of hardware device falters.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Packages

Bluehost Web Hosting Review


  • Single website with 100GB storage space and unmetered bandwidth with free domain
  • 2GB RAM, 2 CPU, 100 Email accounts, and $50 marketing offers
  • 500MB email storage space, local caching, and –click resource scaling
  • Starts at $6.95/month.


  • Unlimited websites, unmetered storage space, and bandwidth with free domain
  • 4GB RAM, 4CPU, Unlimited email accounts, and email storage
  • Local Caching, 1-click Resource scaling, and exclusive single spam expert
  • Highly recommend a plan starting at $8.95/month.

Business Pro

  • Unlimited websites, unmetered storage space, and bandwidth with free domain
  • 6GB RAM, 6 CPU, Unlimited email accounts, and email storage
  • Local Caching, 1-click Resource scaling, 2 spam experts
  • Exclusive dedicated IP, SSL Certificate, Domain Privacy, site backup and restore.
  • Premium plan starting $15.95/month.

How to get started with Bluehost Cloud Hosting?

Pick up the most suited plan for your business or applications to offer effortless, safer, faster cloud hosting services to your website. Backed by technical experts 24 X 7 to offer the help you need it right at the moment. Call their toll-free number or live chat to learn more.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Your passion for WordPress is now turning out to most amazing managed hosting platform for your favorite WordPress websites. Ultimate optimum hosting for WordPress starting at just $19.99/month to offer fast, secure and simple hosting experience.

Everything need to build a secure WordPress website comes standard with WordPress hosting service designed on revolutionary technology with unique architecture. WordPress hosting is highly recommended by since 2005.

Features of Bluehost WordPress hosting

Extreme speed

Advanced NGINX architecture and custom PHP-FPM configuration with improved power to deliver unprecedented performance.

Unbelievably simple

Running WordPress with built-in tools and integrated key features is just like a breeze.

MOJO marketplace to find plugins, scripts and any other one-click enhancements easily

WordPress centric controls for simple WordPress management on the server

Completely secure

Integrated powerful SiteLock security, advanced CDN, SiteLock WAF

Instant Provisioning

With a Pioneering approach to OpenStack, your server is always up and running in seconds

Guaranteed Resources

KVM hypervisor helps to reserve your resources and never impacted by others.

Enhanced cPanel

Custom-built tools help to easily manage WordPress websites as well as email, domains, and advanced features.


We automate backups of your WordPress websites and safeguard your data with the dedicated backup storage

Dynamic Upgrades

Can upgrade or add more CPU, RAM, and SAN storage instantly with just a click

Custom Technology

Use the best hardware built and managed in-house by our expert team to deliver the best performance

Bluehost Managed Hosting Packages (WordPress Hosting)

Bluehost Web Hosting Review - Managed hosting Plans

WP Standard

  • 100 Million visits/month, 30GB Storage, 30GB Backup and 2 GB RAM
  • Single included domain and IP address
  • 30 days money-back guarantee and 24/7 support
  • Enhanced cPanel and Free SSL Certificate
  • Starts at $19.99/month recommended package by BlueHost

WP Enhanced

  • 300 Million visits/month, 60GB Storage, 60GB Backup and 4GB RAM
  • Single included domain and IP address
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support
  • Enhanced cPanel and Free SSL Certificate
  • Starts at $29.99/month

WP Premium

  • 600 Million visits/month, 120GB Storage, 120GB Backup and 6GB RAM
  • Single included domain and IP address
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support
  • Enhanced cPanel and positive SSL Certificate
  • Starts at $39.99/month

WP Ultimate

  • Unlimited Million visits/month, 240GB Storage, 240GB Backup and 8GB RAM
  • Single included domain and IP address
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support
  • Enhanced cPanel and positive wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Starts at $49.99/month

Choose the best-optimized WordPress package which suits your requirement. We host over 1 million WordPress websites, support full-time WordPress core developers, and sponsor word campus worldwide.

Why WordPress?

Our WordPress services are the best on market, Bluehost and WordPress work together to ensure an ideal platform for WordPress users. The main advantage of choosing WordPress hosting is it allows you to manage content on your websites from one place and enjoy exclusive customer support 24/7 from WordPress experts.

Bluehost web hosting offers limitless options to customize your website building, with a lot of themes, add-ons, and plugins. The customer can easily install WordPress themes, view preview, and then purchase in the Bluehost marketplace.

Users have full access to the virtual instances and Bluehost support technicians ensure that your servers are always online and available to the user all the time.


BlueHost Web Hosting Review

Woo-commerce along with WordPress is powering 2,000,000+ WordPress sites worldwide. This hosting service starts at only $6.95/month.

Features of Woo Commerce

Woo-commerce comes with an easy installation setup, dedicated 24/7 support by a team of WordPress experts to assist you with any issues encountered.

For secure payments, safety and encryption Are included with SSL Certificate and dedicated IP.

Word press combines with Woo Commerce services to take credit card and processing orders quickly in a breeze.

Users can use the power of WordPress, the reliability of Bluehost, and the versatility of Woo-commerce to get WordPress e-commerce sites up and faster.

Woo-commerce support

Call Bluehost for a free consultation on their toll-free number – +1888401-4678. We are with you to support 24/7 providing WordPress and woo commerce support. Their experts help you to make your online store thrive.

Bluehost VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting is one of the best website hosting environment by virtualizing a Dedicated server and splitting the resources like RAM and CPU among the users on that server.

BlueHost Web Hosting Review

VPS Hosting ensures guaranteed resources, greater stability, and performance on your website.  NextGEN VPS Hosting builds virtual private servers using all SSD Storage and offers increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites.

Bluehost VPS Hosting Packages

Bluehost Web Hosting Review - VPS hosting Plans


  • 2 cores, 30GB SSD storage, 2GB RAM, and unlimited Bandwidth
  • Single included domains and IP Addresses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and managed 24/7 support
  • Starts at $19.99/month


  • 2 cores, 60GB SSD Storage, 4GB RAM, and unlimited Bandwidth
  • Single included domain and 2 IP Addresses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and managed 24/7 support
  • Starts at $29.99/month


  • 4 cores, 120GB SSD Storage, 8GB RAM, and unlimited Bandwidth
  • Single included domain and 2 IP Addresses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and managed 24/7 support
  • Starts at $59.99/month

Versatile features of VPS

Extreme Performance

VPS uses open source technology like OpenStack and KVM to offer powerful and easy to use hosting services

Instant Provisioning

We design VPS servers to provision immediately and use your server and next second you want.

Guaranteed Resources

Guaranteed allocation of high-performance components allows your website to perform at optimum levels.

Your resources are available all the time with the implementation of the KVM hypervisor.

Enhanced Control Panel

Improved cPanel interface with every VPS configuration. Features everything in a shared solution including special tools for VPS management and WHM control.

24/7 support

Specially trained team to solve your technical issues anytime with just a call.

How to get started with Bluehost VPS Hosting?

Get started with managed VPS hosting, by BlueHost. Simply choose from the available 3 packages, Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate VPS hosting plans based on the requirement of your website needs and follow the sign-up instructions.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a premium web hosting environment providing maximum resource allocation, performance, privacy, security, and control. Dedicated servers are completely isolated from one another, offering full access to the user to configure their servers without affecting another user.

Bluehost Web Hosting Review - VPS hosting Plans

For customers who need an ultimate level of hosting environment and have high traffic websites, dedicated hosting would be a perfect choice. Dedicated hosting solutions start at just $7.99/month.

Features of Bluehost Dedicated Web hosting

Extreme speed

Custom-built servers with the latest technology like OpenStack offers flexibility to upgrade performance gradually.

Instant provisioning

New technology allows the provision of dedicated servers immediately within few seconds.

RAID storage

A new feature found on dedicated hosting is RAID level 1 support on high storage dedicated servers. All the information on your drives is mirrored and extremely well protected.

Storage upgrades

Enhanced cPanel allows increased storage space in real-time without admin intervention

Root access

For advanced users, optional root access is given for full control of the server

Dedicated support

Dedicated expert tea maintains the server, to troubleshoot at any required moment

Advanced features for powerful and flexible hosting


Advanced users have access and control over everything in unmanaged dedicated server hosting

Improved cPanel

Enhanced cPanel to manage all your websites, emails, and resources from one central location

Multi-server Management

If you need multiple hosting services, you can easily add shared hosting, VPS hosting, or even additionally dedicated hosting to your account and manage them easily

Access control

Grant access controls by creating passwords for ownership, server administration.

Advanced capabilities

Include SSH access, server-side includes, log file access, and web-based managers for files, databases, and email.

Database management

Custom designed database manager to organize, edit, and easy to manage directly on the server

Bluehost Dedicated hosting packages


  • 4 cores, 8 threads speed with 5 TB Bandwidth
  • 500GB mirrored storage, 4GB available RAM
  • Single included domain and 3 IP Addresses
  • 30-days money-back guarantee promise and 24/7 support
  • Starts at $79.99/month


  •  4 cores, 8 threads speed with 10 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 TB mirrored storage and 8GB available RAM
  • Single included domain and 4 IP Addresses
  • 30-days money-back guarantee promise and 24/7 support
  • Recommended package starting at $99.99/month


  • 4 cores, 8 threads speed with 15 TB Bandwidth
  • 1TB mirrored storage, 16GB available RAM
  • Single included domain and 5 IP Addresses
  • 30-days money-back guarantee promise and 24/7 support
  • Starts at $119.99/month

How to get started with dedicated hosting?

Choose the best hosting package from Standard, Enhanced, and premium plans based on your requirements and resources needed for your website, and then follow signup instructions.

Why dedicated hosting??

Dedicated servers are designed, built, and maintained in-house to ensure 100% uptime to your website and running round the clock. Reliability is our topmost priority. As a dedicated customer, you can enjoy a customer support specialist’s team for your issues. Call us at any time 24/7 at our toll-free support line.


Creating a domain is the first step towards creating your dream website. BlueHost offers latest domains .com, .co, .space, .us, .website, .org, .net, .me, .biz, .info, .host, .online, .site, and Search for your preferred domain name in the search bar available on website to check whether it’s available or not. If available to leads to review page to purchase it, if not available BlueHost provides various options and extensions to choose.

Choose a domain name that is short and easy to remember or closely related to your business. Visitors should find your website easily online with your chosen domain name, instead of giving your IP address to all visitors creating confusion.

Domain packages

 .com – $11.99/year

.org – $8.99/year

 .net – $12.99/year

 .co – $12.99/year – $11.99/year – $11.99/year

Domains features

Easy management

Find a suitable web address to manage your website through a simple interface. Simply manage your domain from a control panel. Also change DNS records across multiple domains easily.


Enable auto-renewal to protect your domain from expiring and accidental loss. Using this feature you can always protect your domain names.

Domain Lock

Once you fixed your domain name, lock it to prevent unauthorized transfers and save your preferred name securely to use when needed.

Finally, why BlueHost?

  • Bluehost is the only hosting service provider offering a wide range of hosting services to meet all your website needs and 24/7 expert support from an in-house expert technical team to help resolve your queries in starting a website and growing online. You can call their toll free number or do live chat or email anytime round the clock.
  • Bluehost also has various WordPress programs, affiliates, market services, and knowledge base guides. Bluehost is a powerful, simple, and very much affordable hosting solution ever found.
  • Visit to find distinct hosting services and their packages, various programs, support sessions, live chat for immediate solutions, and other blogs.

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  • Great review from your side about “Bluehost” web hosting. There is no doubt that Bluehost is one of the most trusted and popular web hosting service. With Bluehost building a WordPress website becomes easier even for the newbies due to its user-friendly interface and easy features.