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Buying a New Laptop? – Things to Consider Before buying

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Buying a new laptop is not as easy as one might think. A hoard of available laptops and specifications makes buying a new laptop confusing, and the user may end up buying the wrong one. As not all laptop users have the same name deed, not all laptops are created equal.

While purchasing a new laptop, one must make the right choice to avoid wasting of money. In the era of smartphones and tablets a laptop always has its significance because right from typing documents to playing games, everything looks good on a laptop.

A proper research before buying a New Laptop will always help you purchase a laptop with confidence. This guide will assist you in the know different key components in a laptop one must look for which will enable you to select the right laptop for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop

1. The two towers: Processor and RAM:

Buying a New Laptop

These two towers are the core of any laptop. They influence the performance and speed of your system.


Known as the CPU, most of the processors today are more than sufficient for everyday tasks such as browsing the internet and office applications. Depending on the need for your performance and the tasks you want to run on a laptop you can select a processor accordingly. Here is a short description of a few processors:

• Intel’s Core i3 or i5 and AMD A-series: If you are looking for a laptop with optimum performance speed and cost Intel’s Core i3 and i5 are the best to go for. AMD people do not commonly use a series, but these processors have shown promising performance all the time

• Intel Core i7: If you need a high-end performance laptop for gaming or data processing Core i7 is the processor you should go for. Remember that as you use a better processor the battery consumption increases as well.

• Intel Core m3, m5, m7, and Atom: The specialty of these processors is that they consume very little power. The Intel Atom processors are specially optimized for the Tablet laptops like Micromax Canvas Lapbook. They have performance lower than Core i3 and i5, but these processors can fit your need if you are not willing to perform heavy tasks on your laptop.

Random Access Memory (RAM):

Whenever you run any task or application the data of the job is stored in RAM. This position only means the more the RAM, the more tasks you can simultaneously run on your laptop. 4GB or 8GB of RAM is sufficient for almost all laptops. If you are looking for extreme speed, you can go for 16GB, although 16GB of RAM is too much. 2GB RAM is also available, but it may reduce the speed of your laptop.

2. Operating System (OS):

Buying a New Laptop - OS

OS will play a crucial role in your ease of you. There are various operating systems available in the market. Prominent of them are Windows, MAC OS by Apple, and Linux OS. Windows OS is the most widely used OS. MAC OS is known to be user-friendly and less prone to viruses. The counterpart is that MAC OS is costly compared to others. Linux OS is free of cost, and you can install it easily. If you are more of a techno guy, you can go for Linux. I would recommend that if you are familiar with a particular OS; continue with the same to work with ease.

3. Hard Drives:

Every computer will eventually need data storage. If you plan to store a massive amount of data on your laptop, you may need to opt for a larger hard drive. If you want to store fewer data but want to access it quickly you can go for a solid-state drive. If you are planning to buy a disk drive, the spin speed is a parameter you must consider. The faster your hard drive is spinning the faster you can access data. 1tb of Hard Disk Drive is sufficient for all users. Later you can also buy a portable USB which is now cheaply available.

4. Peripherals:

Peripherals are very specific to your needs, and you should look at them before buying them. If you plan to transfer lots of data and require a quick operation, you should prefer for USB type C slots which offer gigabytes of bandwidth. If you do a lot of photography, you may preferably need an SD slot. Other essential peripherals are HDMI, DVD, Ethernet, and a security lock slot. All of these depend on your requirements.

5. Battery:

A laptop is known for its portability. Very often you need to carry your laptop along with you. A good battery backup will always prove helpful to you. In general, a laptop has 6 hours of battery backup. If you intend to travel a lot, laptops with battery backup till 14 hours are also available in the market. Also keep in mind that as your processing requirements increase, the battery consumption will increase. So optimize your processing needs with the battery before buying a new laptop.

6. Key Components:

a. Trackpads:

The trackpad is the mouse of your laptop. You will use it almost every time. Before the purchase of a laptop check out whether the trackpad is smooth and you can operate it efficiently. You need to have the feel of a trackpad while using it.

b. Keyboard:

Before you buy a laptop, check whether the keys are smooth enough and fit your hands. Some laptops have traditional, raised keys while others have a keyboard that sits more flush with the laptop. Choose a proper keyboard according to your comfort so that you can enjoy typing.

c. Screen:

There are various screen sizes available. If you like to travel and require a lighter weight, prefer screens with a 12-inch display. Screens till 16-inch screens are available. You can prefer a 14-inch screen which is optimum. Also, make sure you buy a screen that is comfortable to look at.

As you have read through you might notice that there are specifications available according to your need. As you have technical knowledge about the standard, the first step you can do is to get established your need and purpose of buying a new laptop.

As you get to know your needs, you can quantify your budget which will help you to select a proper laptop. Having a clear mindset will create less confusion and your choice will be perfect. If you want to get the most of your money, keep the above features in mind. Let us know which factors you considered before buying your laptop.

This is a Guest Contribution by Swaraj Nandedkar from TechLila – The Tech Blog

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  • Hey Gurunath,

    Glad to read your wonderful post, Selecting a laptop of good configuration is really a big deal, we have to become choosy of mainly processor and ram which are very significant organs of any laptop to boost speed. Today, generally people select Intel core i3, i5 and i7 processor for their laptop for better performance. You have really made easy to select laptop for anyone whether age of 15yrs old or 50yrs old. Eventually, thanks for exploring much beneficial facts regarding selection of laptops.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  • If you want to play games on your laptop you could also consider using an external GPU like the Razer Core. You do need the have a USB-C port though.

  • Im jubilant to read this excellent post, it’s a great opportunity to learn this. Buying a laptop with good configuration and processor is a big deal nowadays.Though there are many processors with good performance, it’s very difficult to select the best in that, But your tips give us a good sense of knowledge of how to but a laptop. Thanks alot for sharing

  • Hi Gurunath,
    It was a compete for guide for buying an awesome laptop.
    Thanks for the share.
    have a great day ahead.

  • Great right up and mention some great points. I was contemplating buying a Macbook Pro for a while now and I really got stuck with the specs, Mac’s are by no means cheap and you end up paying A LOT for a Macbook Pro so I decided to go down the IMac route in the end as you get a much better spec for the money and from what I have read they are really made to last a long time. Hopefully I made the right decision, it’s getting delivered next week!

  • This is great information for determining what’s important when choosing a new laptop. Cpu, ram, display and battery are definitely important to me when making the decision. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, great post! These are definitely some very important things to keep in mind when buying a new laptop, especially what kind of processor and operating system would best suit your individual needs. Thanks for sharing!