Cell Phone Spy Free Apps for Monitoring Children’s Mobile and PC

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We live in a world surrounded by gizmos and gadgets of all kinds. Keeping track of what your kids are doing on their phones and PCs is of utmost importance. It may not be an easy task given the continuous exposure to these devices; you will need a service that helps you monitor your kids or employees.

If you are one of those cautious parents or an employer who wants to keep a tab on the non-productive tasks your employees may be on – we have good news for you. We will delve into more details into two great Cell Phone Spy Free Apps for Monitoring Children’s Mobile and PC that help you in this venture.

The Best Monitoring services for your phone and PC

Cell Phone Spy Free

From the parents’ point of view, getting a smartphone for their children can be a tough decision. However, given the importance that communication has in one’s life, the phone and PC are essential. Keeping track of what your kids do with their smartphones can be comfortable with best free spy apps for Android. If your child is on a laptop or PC – you can opt for Refog.

The monitoring services can also be helpful for the employers. The way the app works without being known to the target users makes them an excellent choice to keep a tab on the activities of your employees. The monitoring tools can track the location of your employees, thereby making them avoid wandering aimlessly. The monitoring apps also record calls and text messages so that you can easily keep track of their online activities without letting them know.

You can go for Hoverwatch if you are on Android smartphone. If you want the best monitoring service for Mac and Windows, nothing can beat refog.

Salient Features of Hoverwatch

  • Silent Functionality–The app works completely in the background. Your target will never come to know that a spy app has been installed on their phone.
  • Multiple Devices with a single account – You can use a single account on multiple devices. A standard user can access five devices.
  • Tracking all calls and messages –The app can track all your calls and messages. It can even track messages shared on instant messengers like WhatsApp or Hangouts.
  • Location Tracking – The app can track the exact location of your target. That would deter them from misreporting their
  • Track internet activity – Hoverwatch app can record all your internet activity. That would help you keep your kids away from harmful sites. Your employees can be made to steer clear from engaging in social media sites during working hours.

A few features that make refog the best monitoring tool on your PC

  • Protects you without disturbing –The tool works in a stealth mode. It will not block any of the activities that your kids or employees are into. It works on a simple principle wherein you set a few words. When the target uses these words during online activities, you are alerted.
  • Easy installation and functioning – The software can be easily installed. You will need no special training for the setting up, or configuration.
  • Access the details remotely –The tool can be used to access the reports generated remotely. It offers you a convenient network access.
  • Track instant messages – You can track all the conversation being handled by your targets on instant messengers and social networks. The reports are presented in a clearly readable format.
  • Screenshots to let you know everything – The text reports may be a little complex to understand and keep track of. Refog lets you take periodic screenshots of the target device thus letting you know about everything on the screen at the time of the
  • Faster and real time alerts – The real-time alert is an essential feature that makes Refog an excellent monitoring app for Windows and Mac.

Both Hoverwatch and Refog come with a three day trial period. We would recommend you to use the free version to get a feel of the tools. We are sure you will opt for the paid version at the end of the trial period.


Both Hoverwatch and Refog offer you easy installation procedures. You would not need any technician or expert to complete the installation process.

Installing Hoverwatch will need you to create an account with them. You can sign up with your email ID and a password. Once the account is created, you can download the Tracker from the panel, and you are ready to go. Please note that you need to have physical access to your target device to be able to spy on the device. You have to install the theHoverwatch app on your target device.

Installation of Refog is a bit easier than Hoverwatch. It does need you to create any account. Just click on the setup file, and you will be presented with the language options you would wish to run the tool on. Rest of the procedure would be same as for almost all the software programs. You will need to agree to the license agreement, and the installation should finish automatically. Settings Wizard lets you complete the configuration. You can, in fact, take up the configuration leisurely.

The Concluding Thoughts

Both Hoverwatch and Refog can be your perfect partners in your quest for monitoring your targets both on their smartphones and PCs. Refog is the best choice when you want a cheaper and easy to install monitoring apps are concerned on your laptop or PC. It works effortlessly on any Mac or Windows system.

Hoverwatch is supported on almost all Android devices. However, please note that some of the Hoverwatch features may not work with a few devices. Hoverwatch comes with a few features that work only on a rooted device. This can be a hindrance as you may need to make sure that your target device is rooted. Refog is a perfect option if you want to install the monitoring service on a Windows or Mac device.

We would love to know about your experiences with the Cell Phone Spy Free Apps for Monitoring Children’s Mobile and PC. Have you used any of them for keeping a tab on the activities of your kids or employees? Do share your views with us.

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