Cloud Inventory Management Software – A comparison

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“The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 16.5 percent in 2016 to total $204 billion, up from $175 billion in 2015” according to Gartner, Inc.

The benefits of cloud-based applications and services are proving to be the major driving forces behind cloud’s success. While the end customer is making use of the cloud virtualization capabilities, the cloud and web hosting providers are able to monetize the cloud. But to sell cloud, a cloud service provider requires special expertise and ability to automate various business processes, from sales, marketing and billing to proper inventory management and support.

One of the most important aspects of an organisation is to manage the inventory. A clear idea about your assets and their future requirements brings visibility in your internal operations. It gives direction to your business and hence needs to be looked after prudently.

However, handling your cloud inventory and assets is not an easy task, and so you need a smart inventory management software to handle it for you.

How can a cloud inventory management software help your business grow?  

To understand the benefits, you need to know – what exactly cloud inventory management is. It is about ascertaining “what resources you have” and “what you may need in future.” It may sound simple, but it involves a lot of complexities. You can neither maintain a high level nor a low level of stock in your shelves – you need the “exact” amount.

This brings in the importance of an inventory management software that is able to pertinently ascertain your inventory, keep track of it, and maintain a desired level of stock.

Thus, the perfect cloud management software will:

  • Automate your entire data centre inventory management process.
  • Help you maintain optimal levels of inventory via real-time tracking.
  • Give anywhere accessibility to the present state of your inventory.
  • Give streamlined order provisioning process.

With big market players already endorsing their inventory management software, the competition is high and so is the intricacy of choosing the right one. Here, we have come up with a quick comparison between two major cloud inventory management solution providers, who are:

  • RackNap
  • Ubersmith

What is their product offering and USP and which one can be the perfect solution to manage your inventory, let’s find out:  

RackNap vs. Ubersmith: Comparing the basics

Before comparing the inventory management method of both the software, we need to understand the basic work process of both the applications.


An all-inclusive, automation software RackNap streamlines all business processes of an enterprise. It is an end-to-end solution with complete automation for cloud billing, business intelligence, inventory management, marketing, and support processes.

The product is an offering from ZNetLive – one of the major players in the cloud industry with15+ years of experience in the cloud and hosting industry. What makes RackNap stand out from its competitors is:

  • Its ability to integrate with the existing systems of an enterprise.
  • And Vendor agnosticism.

As it is built by the people who belong to the same industry, the software has the ability to cope with all the major pain points of a cloud business, with inventory being a major one. The following infographic shows the major modules of RackNap for automating business processes.

Inventory Management Software


An Internap company – Ubersmith, is known for its automated solution for the business processes like infrastructure management, billing, and desk support. It offers an integrated application that is able to provide information through a single pane of glass. It has 10+ years of experience in cloud, SaaS, colocation, hosting and providing other services to MSPs/ISPs. Its business agenda is to provide a solution that is able to better serve their end users, shorten time to market and run a better business.

The detailed comparison: RackNap vs Ubersmith

Traditional ERP solutions are not only expensive but fail to give a real time monitoring of your assets and inventory. In the cloud, managing resources are imperative, and these cloud-based applications give improved visibility of the company resources.  

RackNap and Ubersmith deliver automated solutions to manage your business inventory in a better way. Here, through our comparison, we will give you an insight into their asset management software and try to come up with a better solution.

1. Level of Inventory Automation

  • When it comes to automation, RackNap gives a defined workflow for both manual and automated orders. It offers a clear visibility into your assets management process with less human interventions.


The flow of inventory in RackNap can be understood by their infographic view of the entire process.  

  •  Ubersmith also provides an automated solution, to abridge the hassles associated with the management of inventory. However, the workflow of inventory management process is not defined properly.  

2. Order provisioning workflow

  • RackNap has a defined workflow for manual orders also, apart from the automated orders. This defined process flow makes it stand out from other market competitors. It also allows scaling of cloud packages instantly from CPU to storage and I/O.  This flexibility makes it easier for you to sell legacy products through RackNap.
  • Automated order provisioning is clearly defined in Ubersmith. However, when it comes to manual orders, the process is not clearly defined.

3. Flexibility and Scalability for inventory management

  • The inventory management software should have the capability to scale higher depending upon the rising demands of the enterprise. This level of flexibility is offered by RackNap. It allows enterprises to meet demands of even a multi-cloud ecosystem.
  • Ubersmith solution also comes handy and it can be scaled up as per the business requirements and mounting challenges.

4. Economies of scale

  • RackNap is a “fit for all” product. It matches the necessities of almost every kind of organisation. This is because of its high integration capability, vendor agonistic approach and user-friendly interface. Its pricing plans are apt for all enterprises, from the SMBs to the well-established industry giants.
  • Ubersmith’s integrated application suite is appropriate largely for the big scale organisations, and their pricing plans climb up, with every added service.  
So which inventory management software is better – RackNap or Ubersmith?

We would say, the application that compliments your business and customer needs, should be a better option.

Based on our comparison, RackNap has a defined process flow which gives its users the required transparency and perceptibility into their inventory management processes. Having built by a Microsoft CSP and being used by other Microsoft CSPs, SoftLayer, IBM and AWS service providers contributes to its authenticity. The key attractive feature is its wide scale suitability which saves it from being stereotyped to a particular industry or process.

We hope that our comparison between these applications will help you in coming up with the perfect solution to manage your inventory.

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  • Keeping all your inventory information in the cloud is a great way to make sure your data always stays protected and is accessible from anywhere. Thanks for sharing!


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