5 Content Marketing Growth Hacks to Get More Traffic

Have you heard about “Viral loop”? I am giving this definition for those who don’t know about this.

Suppose your readers share your content. Your readers’ friends also share your content and the friends of your readers’ friends share your content. This is called “viral loop”. This is a part of content marketing. For a success of a blog, content marketing plays a vital role.

This viral loop is really important to grow your blog. Today I will show you how to create this viral loop to get more traffic to your blog.

  1. Get a better idea to find out topic for your content

Content Marketing - Content Hacks

I have asked some bloggers “where have you got the idea of your blog post?” They have told me several sources.

Many bloggers select those topics which are already worked for others. those topics are written with more information even the articles are more informative than the articles of original writers. Keep your own content on top of the original content. With the help of some online tools you can easily get a list of articles of other bloggers. For this, I am using Content Explorer of Just put your keywords in the search box and your will get lots of articles with the amount of sharing.

When you get the idea of your blog post, start writing on it and make a better content than original.

In short, what you need to do:

  • Find out the topic and craft it better than original
  • Suppose you are adding any survey or case study, you should keep the link of that.

So start work on it. I am sure your blog post will be insanely viral.

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  1. Design Images for your article

If you take images from other or websites or blogs to add them on your blog, you need to add credit to that blogs or websites. So the backlinks for those websites are increased. I suggest you not add images which are taken from different blogs and websites.

Follow these ways

  1. Take your phone out of your pocket or bag and capture some photos which can be used in your article in future.
  2. If you write “how to” or any tech related article your can add as much as screenshots in the blog post. You can take a screenshot in your desktop/laptop or in your mobile phone. You can find some online tools which can help you to take a screenshot.

So these are some ways to add creative images in your articles

  1. Add Tweetable information

Add something in your article that readers will tweet your blog post.

You can also follow tactics what usually many bloggers do. You can add a message or quote anywhere in your article and add a tweet button next to it. So that readers can share the message on Twitter with your link. You can use to create a tweetable section in your article.

You can add following 3 things in the Tweetable area

  • Quotation
  • Important information
  • Statistic

I prefer to put quotation of famous people in the tweetable section.

  1. Try to describe your blog post with story

We all memorize the story. Your friends always remember “how does it happen”? Next, the incident will be viral. But if you tell them only “what happens” they never remember that.

Follow this rule when you write your blog post. When you convey a message, tell this with a story. I am your blog post will get more and more share. When readers read a story they feel as same emotion as the main character feel. That is why the story gets viral quickly than a normal article.

You can share your or your friends’ personal experience in the article. So your article will be trustworthy and will get more likes and share.

  1. Add a Catchy Title

The headline is most important part of an article. After sharing your article on Social Networking Sites the only article is visible there along with blog post link. If the title is not good enough then you are losing potential audiences and the “Viral loop” will not be created for your blog. So add a catchy title to drive more readers to your blog post.

Final Words

These are some tips which a can help you to write an article which can motivate readers to share it. Try to make good content and try to market in the best possible way to reach your readers. As I told you content marketing is a vital part of the blog. Hope you enjoy the article.


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  • Thanks for the great post! Some of these are sometimes a challenge, especially writing headlines. I was earlier looking for a email marketing tool that had landing pages, autoresponder and was easy to use. In the end I chose GetResponse. Even though social media can be powerful I find email marketing essential. Pop ups seem also like an interesting option to try.

  • Hey Preet,

    Willing to read your excellent post,

    Yes, Content Explorer of is really best for providing idea about blog post and surprisingly it works and great for performance. Absolutely, you have shared fantastic ideas for storage of photo, taking photo by our cell phone is really great sometimes i also follow this idea.

    Including of amazing content in our article so that audience tweet our blog post, is also appreciable. Generally we can observe in every blog we can see all of blogger use this tweetable section in their article, this is common but idea for adding quotation, important information and statistic is sounds some different and it is valuable for every blogger. This tricks really work and increase productivity and traffic to website.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy post.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  • Hello, Preet!

    This is so impressive to know the secret ingredient that you’re trying yourself to get heard by the masses! 🙂

    And I so loved all of the points that you mentioned.

    I literally am in love with crafting the catchy title.

    The title is the first and foremost the best weapon to make the reader want to click on it.

    When it is not catchy or even a bit interesting, there is no point of investing hours and hours writing the best of the content.

    The content is of no worth if the title is not anywhere close to being catchy. I hope you understand my point, isn’t it? 🙂

    And oh wow! I am more of the personal.

    I try my best to become personal with my writing. Like sharing my own thoughts, my own views or make someone my example and detail him/her out with my personal thoughts.

    So, this is the best thing to make people stick to your content. And I know that it works so good. 🙂

    And I am really not using Tweetables. I know many bloggers do and having a good result of them. I will make sure to start using it for myself.

    The image is important. I use at least one.

    And so thank you for introducing Content Explorer with us; I will surely use it.

    Again, it is the best read I read today! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  • Hi,

    Catchy title is the opener for the blog post. As user enter into the post, then the storytelling part comes into play. These is no doubt that you can bound the reader with your blog and content if you have the skill of story telling or the information is highly to the point.

    Shareable or can say tweetable information also helps to boost more shares but for that blogger should be using social media sharing buttons. Giving readers more option to share the content increase the chances of grabbing more eyeballs in less time.

    Thank you for sharing these workable tips.

    Good Luck!