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Why do you need to Convert Website to Mobile App?

If you are one of those kinds of people who would love to have a mobile app for your site to increase more readers, subscribers, followers, and traffic, then you have to read further.

Interview with Founder of Firstwireapp

How many of us think about starting a startup and delving into it?

How many of us invest our time and money into it?

Very few and most of us back down because of the criticism that is thrown at us. But have you ever regretted not following your dream when the time was right? Well, I had a telephonic interview with someone who didn’t give up on his ideas and thoughts. He is Mr. Anand Agarwal, the founder of FirstWire Apps, a mobile app development company. Anand has been into IT and Entrepreneurship from the past 15 years; he has also worked with top consulting and services companies like TCS, CGI (Canada), Tesco before starting his own business in 2012.

Convert Website to Mobile App

Anand, How did an idea to develop apps for other people come to your mind?

Anand: We were working on an app which was a B2C mobile app. That app lets people subscribe to topics which they want to receive, e.g. news, videos or entertainment stuff, but what we noticed was that it takes a lot of time to develop an app. It took us nearly one year to develop our app. Later we realized that this was a universal problem. So to solve this problem we developed the idea and came up with this business model of providing ready to use customizable apps for various SMEs.

We all have some lessons that we learned from our problems what your lessons that you learned were?

Anand: The lessons we learned was first was that making an app is a whole different world; it’s a time taking process. The second issue is that when you hire an agency to build your app, you do not get a tremendous support. Support will be over after the handover process is completed. Third and most important is the thorough testing of your apps on all possible devices and operating systems.

How does the whole process work? I mean obviously, you said it’s a time taking process so what is new that your website offers?

Anand: We have created templates for different apps whether it is for WordPress, BlogSpot, Recruitment companies, Training corporations and much more small and medium business types.

These templates make it easy to develop apps for these enterprises quickly.  We take around a week’s time to build an app. And we do it at less cost. Everybody needs quality work in less time, they don’t want to waste months on app making or the development process, and that is when we come into the scene, we provide Better, Faster and Cheaper Mobile Apps.

What about the competition? How will you manage that?

Anand: See in my opinion if there is no competition, there is no fun. When you have a competition, it shows that you have a market for the product.

I have the two-pronged strategy for competition, first is that focus on clients, take feedback from them and build products for them.  And do it soon, so competitions don’t catch up with you so quickly.

Second is that always have a startup mindset and keep working on new ideas, keep adding useful and unique features to products. Keep making products simpler, more beautiful and more efficient and continue automating the mundane tasks.

What is your primary motive behind the whole concept?

Anand: I want to change the entire App Development industry, to bring a revolution by being Faster, Better and Cheaper.

We all throw some criticism while doing something new. What were all the things that people told you?

Anand: Well, in reality, this happens to be my 3rd venture, and thankfully I didn’t get much criticism, and whatever people said to me, I took that as advice in right spirit and worked on it. My idea of taking feedback is that “Do not take suggestions about startup from people who are not in the game i.e. who are not entrepreneurs themselves”, it is still okay to take feedback from others for products but not about how a startup should be run.

A brief about Firstwireapp Review:

The website FirstWire Apps offers you a lot of variety and templates. They give you options and are also client friendly. They create apps just in a matter of hours, and that is the fastest anyone has ever done it. Till date, they have created apps for 100+ websites or individuals.

Services, features and what else they offer:

Convert Website to Mobile App

Here is what they offer and the list is growing rapidly.

  • Custom App Development Work
  • Mobile App Solutions for Bloggers (WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr and other blogging platforms)
  • Mobile App Solutions for News & Media Channels
  • Mobile App solutions for sectors like Real Estate, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Govt. Organizations, Politicians, Celebrities, Hotels & Restaurants, E-Commerce, Travel & Tourism companies and much more.

Price list:

Convert Website to Mobile App

There are offering one of the affordable prices for all the services and many are bundled with your mobile app.

They have a good customer support too.


Are you still thinking why does you Convert Website to Mobile App? Now days almost everyone is using a smartphone, and they like things handy, so if you have an app, then they would like to download it.

FirstWire Apps also helped us in making an app for our website “bestofguru.net, ” and we are thankful to them for that, thanks to Anand for being patient. And do check out their website Firewireapp for more details.


We request our loyal readers, followers, fans, friends and well-wishers to please download our bestofguru.net Android version app from Play store or this link here. You will get our latest blog posts, and it is very comfortable and light weight app for you and will save you time avoiding in browsing the website to check latest posts.

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  • Really helpful article. No doubt now days website are need to Convert to Mobile App.
    Because most of people now days do their most of their work through mobile. Firstwireapp seems pretty good for coveting website with apps. Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Gurunath!
    Your post is so very interesting. I gained a lot of knowledge about how to convert website to mobile app. This is very useful for the bloggers. Keep posting such innovative posts.

  • Wow , this is really interesting . Have not thought about it . Thanks for such type of content .


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