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Starting a Website or a blog is a tedious task. It takes a lot of time, effort and research to perfect it. But the part where most of us seem to get stuck is at finding creative and catchy website names. Coming up with a creative website name generator for a blog is a tricky task. It has to be relevant, reflect what you are writing about, easy to remember, and most importantly, to find an available domain name.

Today I would like to share with you the Website or Blog name generator tools that I regularly use for registering a catchy domain name for my website or blog.

What are Website Name Generator tools and How they work?

Website Name Generator tools help you generate unique and creative domain names for your website based on the keywords you put in. These blog name generator tools work in the following ways –

  • They suggest names for a blog or website which are relevant and available based on the keywords you put in
  • They check if the domains corresponding to these website or blog names are available
  • They often offer an option to buy domains through domain registrars like Godaddy, Namecheap, NameSilo and so on.

    With these features, blog name generators can come in handy for a blogger or a new website creator. Most often, people choose website name generator whenever they run of ideas in finding creative domain names.

    Whatever the case may be, domain name generator can come in handy. But now you may ask me that which website name generator is worth your time? For that exact reason, I have listed below few of the best domain name generator websites so that you don’t have to spend time in trial and error. 

    List of Free Website Name Generator (Online Tools)


    website name generator

    Wordoid is a catchy website name generator which generates domain names which sound natural and catchy. You can create domain names with keywords in them or simply play with the program to find a variety of new made-up words. The features of Wordoid include –

    • Wordoid offers its services in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. You can pick any one language or mix and match them for fun.
    • You can pick the quality of a Wordoid as in high, medium or low. The higher the quality of the Wordoid you choose, the more natural it sounds and feels like an actual word.
    • You can add keywords or patterns to the Wordoid. You can add a fragment, a word, or phrase to any part of the Wordoid. This will be included in the results according to what pattern you have picked.
    • You can set the length for a Wordoid as per your convenience.
    • Wordoid offers available domain names based on the results and you can buy the domains from GoDaddy through the Wordoid website.
    • You can choose to leave all these fields blank and let Wordoid come up with completely random words.

    Name Mesh

    website name generator

    Name Mesh has a colourful UI which sets the tone for finding your creative website name. When you add your targeted words and search in Name Mesh, it gives you a list of results based on your keywords. You are offered a variety of options to pick from SEO focused, fun names. The features of Name Mesh include –

    • Name Mesh has a colour coded UI. It shows available domains in green and non available ones in red. You can also hide the domains which are not available.
    • You can set the character length for your results generated in Name Mesh.
    • Name Mesh also checks the social availability of the blog names. It checks the availability of your name of Facebook and Twitter.
    • Name Mesh allows you to turn on or off additional domain extensions like .in, .io, etc. This allows you to browse through as many options as you like
    • Name Mesh adds generic top-level domains (gtlds) such as .link, .email, .domains etc as soon as the new ones are added

    With its tons of features, NameMesh gives flexibility to its users to pick the best website name possible. Also NameMesh allows users to find short domain names through its “Short”, “Fun” & “Mix” features. 


    website name generator

    Panabee is a fun blog name generator which is simple to use without any hassles. All you need to do is add a keyword or two, and Panabee automatically gives you the results for your blog name. The features of Panabee are listed as below –

    • Panabee has a simple and fun looking UI which keeps the user engaged.
    • Panabee gives out suggestions such as merged words, backwards spelt keywords, missing vowels etc. which makes the whole process quick and easy.
    • Panabee offers you the option to select domain extensions as per your requirement.
    • It also checks social media availability for the blog names that appear as a result.
    • You can register the blog name if you like any suggestions through Panabee on GoDaddy directly.
    • Panabee offers suggestions to related keywords as well. So that you can consider multiple options at once.
    • It is a well-designed generator that offers suggestions quickly and without any hassle. The design is user-friendly and meant to be used as a necessary resource for bloggers.

    Panabee is one of the most creative business name generator tools that generates catchy blog names. It has a horde of features that can allow bloggers to pick a name easily through the suggestions.

    Lean Domain Search

    Website Name Generator

    When I was wondering how to find a domain name that end or starts with a keyword name, I found Lean Domain Search as a best fit. It has the options at the right hand side where you can sort out the domains in terms of Popularity, Length and Alphabet wise. This Website Name Generator tool populates hundreds of domain name in a fraction of a second. Only thing you need is to input your keyword and thats it!

    Here is why Lean Domain Search is one amongst the popular domain name generator tools –

    • Allow you to sort results by popularity, length and alphabetical order
    • Can filter search terms by using “starting with” and “ending with”
    • Option to copy all the search terms to clipboard (Very useful for Bulk Domain Name search)
    • Generate thousands of Domain Names in less than a minute
    • Option to check availability of Social Media handles like Twitter and Facebook

    Instant Domain Search

    Website Name Generator

    As the name of this domain name generator implies, you can search a domain name for your website or blog in a flash!

    This website name generator allows you to input any keyword and generates number of combinations and ideas. You can also mix and match with an additional word if you can’t find the right domain name in the first instance. Unlike other website name generator tools discussed above, this will result only limited names for one keyword.


    website name generator

    Namelix is a Business Name Generator tool that is handy for someone looking for a short and crispy branded business domain names. The Namelix Artificial Intelligence complies a good number of creative domain name ideas for your business website.

    Some of the features of Namelix creative business name generator are –

    • Can easily find short, crispy and brandable domain names
    • Option to save the searched results
    • Use negative keywords to find unique domain name ideas
    • Instantly shows domain name availability in a single tick
    • Option to generate brandable website names with or without keywords

    Domain Wheel

    Website name Generator

    Domain Wheel is another awesome website name generator that can help you to pull many domain name variants. It has the ability to suggest you random and rhyming domain names that sounds great.

    Unlike other website name generator tools above, Domain wheel allows you to register domain name through Blue host services. So if you want your domain to be registered with other domain name registrars, then copy the list and input in the respective domain registrar.

    Apart from the above mentioned website name generator tools, there are few others you can try out for, like –

    • Shopify name generator
    • Dot – o – mater
    • Domain Hole
    • Bustaname
    • Name Station

    Final Verdict

    While almost all website name generator tools are fun to work with and complete their purpose, some are restricted to particular demand.

    For Example Panabee, NameMesh, Lean Domain Search com can give you a lot of variations and combinations.

    Namelix is the best of the lot to give you an instant brandable domain name idea.

    Instant Domain Search can pull only that list of domain names that available for  registration.

    Wordoid can be you friend if you want unique and creative website names.

    So it depends upon person to person and other needs of the business and trying more than one will not hurt too. In fact you can try as many of  those name generator tools to  coming with a right domain name for your website.

    Now I would like to know which of these domain name generator tools you use or like to try? Please comment the same in the comments section below.

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