Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server – A detailed comparison

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The progress of the internet has unlocked the door for people and companies to communicate and provide services like never before.When you think about how can you communicate or share your views over the internet? All you just need a well-designed web page with good content. All sites and blogs on the Internet begin with web hosting (Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server).

Then While analyzing various server providers you have apparently come crossed mentions of different varieties of hosting models such as  VPS (virtual private servers), dedicated servers and cloud servers. Even while any of these will unquestionably get you started, it’s necessary to choose the service that would best suit your needs.

But now the question here is which option is best for my business for my customer?

The same query we get a lot from some small and medium firms and developers who work in applications, websites, and platforms for other businesses. First of all, it’s vital to note that any hosting model will enable your project, and will allow you to setup and run your applications, website, and software. But beyond that, it’s great to know the main differences when choosing a Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server to host your solution.

But if all these solutions fit into my needs, why should I choose and know the differences between them?

I will give you the answer here: Not every application needs the same kind of resources, features, and performance. Therefore, the choice will depend on the importance and the requirements of each application. To give you an high-level introduction about these three different kinds of hosting, we will explain what are the main differences between Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server.

Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server a little briefing:


Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server

A Virtual Private Server(VPS) is a sort of shared hosting. Your resources are a part of the whole; it isn’t easily scalable, and you pay for the resources that you think you need, not the ones you’ll use. It’s important to know that your resources performance could be affected by high consumption from other users applications.

VPS Hosting is related to owning a Condo. While you yet share things on the property, you are ultimately liable for maintaining your property and improvements within the condo. There is also significantly fewer tenants per building and allocated parking.

With VPS hosting, users may share a quantity of physical resources such as disk space, CPU, and RAM, but they will still feel the liberties of having a private server, such as having your panel.

Dedicated Server:

Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server

Dedicated Hosting can be related to owning an apartment. You are provided and have access to all sources accessible on the machine.

No one other account stays on the computer (your house) and would not be capable of tapping into your resources. You can perform any changes to your server that you require.

This type of hosting is primarily suitable for websites that increase traffic consistently because they are easily upgradable.You have complete control over your server regarding software and security. The administration is done by the host as agreed in the contract.

To learn more about Dedicated Server Benefits, please check here advantages of EverData high-performance dedicated servers.

Cloud servers:

Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server

The next great thing in the hosting world is cloud computing, and it unquestionably has ample potential to, one day, become the one and only solution for data and hosting room. In the latter, the server is outsourced and work on virtual software. Various data centers are operating on virtual servers, which indicates that a single server provides many virtual servers and, from the user’s viewpoint, this appears to be related to dedicated servers. But in reality, it is not.

It’s a relatively new idea, but it’s expanding like wildfire and developing the way we think about data storage. It is the newest and most flexible hosting that is a combination of both models above.

Cloud hosting is like residing in a home, but seldom going to your summer place when you feel overburdened and need a lapse.

This type of hosting facilitates on-demand network access to a shared pond of computing sources. The user can outline the sources itself, like Disk, CPU, RAM and Bandwidth without any human cooperation with the service provider.  The main characteristic of this model is the flexibility that it allows, as you get what you want when you choose to. And you control it like a real pay-per-use model that is delivered as a utility, just like power or water at home. You pay for what you need and nothing else, avoiding yearly or monthly fixed fees. Only per hour or per usage charges, usually, after you’ve used, not before.

Cloud Servers have some compelling benefits revolving around flexibility that can help to improve your organization’s productivity.

To learn more about Cloud Server benefits, please check out our article on how Cloud Servers can improve your Small Business.

Making the choice

Your needs will be of course specifies which server model would be the best fit for you, but in my recommendations, cloud servers are in most all cases the better choice.

Please have a look to a brief comparison table of a Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server:

Server ModelDefinitionInfrastructureLocationScalabilityBest Suited forPricing Model
VPSA VPS is a virtual server that seems to the client as a dedicated server but is installed on a computer subserving various websites. A single physical resource can have several VPSs. It emulates a dedicated server and allows users to do full configuration, administration, and customization.Single Physical Server, used by a limited number of users. Shared environment.offsite, third-party web hosting provider.Upgraded or Downgraded manually, ticket request to the provider. Downtime requiredPredictable Traffic WebsitesPay for the predefined resources. Monthly or yearly billing. Contracts required.
Dedicated ServerDedicated Server is a server that is only for the use of the client that purchased it and isn’t shared with anyone else. It is more flexible than shared hosting as users have full control over their resources.
Dedicated Servers are more expensive than any other hosting model, as one user only uses full resources of the server.
Single Physical Server, used by one client/user. Isolated Environment.Offsite, third-party web hosting provider.Not Upgradeable. If the user needs more resources, has to get another package defined by the provider. Even if the resources are not suitable for your needs.High Load Web ApplicationsPay for all the resources needed. Monthly or yearly billing. Contracts required.
Cloud ServerThe Cloud server provides similar functionality to VPS, but the resources are on-demand. In the cloud, hosting users can instantly scale the resources and get charged per the usage. The resources are distributed across various machines which, which make them continuously available and flexible. The user gets all the control, of the resources provisioning and costs.Distributed resources across multiple physical servers. Isolated Virtual Environment.Onsite or offsite, third-party cloud hosting provider. Quick Self-Provisioning and deployment(few clicks), upgrade and downgrade in seconds and Downtime Zero.Almost AnythingPay for the resources that you actually use. Hourly Billing. No Contracts Required.

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Final Verdict:

We hope that everything related to the comparison of Dedicated vs VPS vs Cloud Server has been covered in the article. If you have any queries or further suggestions, please comment in the comment section below and we are happy for any feedback.

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