Difference between the Dark web and the Deep web

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Deep web

For regular internet users like us, we may think that the internet is composed of the things that we regularly use: social media sites, e-commerce websites, music downloading sites and movie streaming websites, blogs, and similar sites. However, what we see is just a minuscule part of the web, and there is a huge portion of the internet that we either don’t have access to, or we don’t easily have the resources to use them. There are all sorts of secret and unimaginable things hidden in our plain sight that we never use.

The most familiar terms for these areas of the internet are Dark web and Deep web. Although they might sound quite similar, both of them have stark differences and are very different from each other. Being the citizens of the internet and inclined towards technology, it is better for you to be aware of their meanings and the differences that separate them.

Let’s look at both, Deep web as well as Dark web in detail:

The Meaning

Knowing about what they both mean shall make their concept quite clear to you and they are as follows:

Dark web

The dark web consists of the websites that are intentionally hidden just because they are meant to do illegal things in a rather legal internet world. These sites regularly cater to a separate section of the audience just like in the real world where people have access to parts and locations that ordinary citizens don’t have.

As we all know, the internet is hyperlinks connected to other hyperlinks. However, in the dark web, some URLs cannot be linked and can only be found if you have the exact URL. There are no definite use cases of the Dark web, and it is mostly like an illegal underworld operation.

Deep web

Unlike the dark web, the deep web is accessible to people, but they cannot be indexed by a search engine. You cannot find a deep web link just by passing a search query through any search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. These links are hyperlinked to other websites that may be indexed by search engines.

The word itself indicates that you would need to search deeper to access it. However, the deep web content can be obtained by searching through search boxes of deep web sites. There are no illegal processes or operations conducted through these sites, but they are simply not available by extensive searching which is what most people do.

Accessing them

Although it might seem that accessing them can be quite simple, you need to configure a lot of things to obtain them, at least for the dark web. The deep web is comparatively easier to access than the dark web. If you need to access these sections of the internet, the below-mentioned details shall be helpful:

Dark web

Dark web mostly consists of anonymous and private networks that indulge in illegal practices. The most happening and popular content on the dark web is found in the TOR network. The TOR network cannot be accessed through normal browsers that we use on a daily basis including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer among others.

To access the network, you need a different browser known as the TOR browser. The network is completely anonymous, and you might have to use a VPN to access it, this is one of the primary reasons why the illegal activities happen here. You would need additional software to fully access the dark web.

Deep web

Accessing the deep web doesn’t require you to download any other software. You can do it just with the regular tools that you use for browsing the internet on a daily basis. A web browser can be used to get into the deep web and access its content. Although you won’t find the deep web content just by searching on a search engine, you can find them by searching inside a deep website or portal.

All the documents, pages and information are not indexed on a search engine and are stored in databases inside other websites. These data can be found by conducting thorough research and visiting several hyperlinks found inside famous sites.

Insider content

The scope of content available in both of them is poles apart. While one is filled with illegal activities, the other is supposedly the content which the creator doesn’t want to be accessible normally. Let’s learn more about what type of content is available in these parts of web and what is their nature:

Dark web

The dark web is full of content that will not be permitted on the internet we use. This is the reason why the dark web has emerged as a separate side to the internet. All sorts of illegal activities that can harm people or are bad in nature take place on the dark web. These happen over completely anonymous networks so that there is no suspicion of these activities and the people behind it. Some of the happenings of the dark web are as follows:

  • Controlled substance marketplaces like drugs and other addictions.
  • Selling all kinds of weapons and armories
  • Child pornography
  • Leaks of sensitive information that is unauthorized
  • Money laundering
  • Copyright infringement
  • Credit Card fraud and identity theft

Deep Web

Although the deep web is hidden from the search engines and from the people who use the internet regularly, there is no illegal activity happening there. Deep web usually consists of data that is not meant to be discovered accidentally by users who search for something else.

This is the reason they are kept hidden. They may contain government information, research material on a particular field or similar things. You can access the entire dark web by manually clicking on links that take you to sites or pages that contain information not indexed by the search engines. There are also tools that have emerged which help you access the information included in the deep web.

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