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List of Essential WordPress Plugins need to install on Startup Blogs

Surrounding the digital world are more than 24,000 free plugins for WordPress. However, making way for the best one is going to be that difficult, mostly for the startup bloggers. Well, do you already have your ideal blog idea ready? Yes, you might have a basic version of a blog, but what you lack the most happens to be various functionalities. Unless you are able to code it, you have no clue on ways to improve your blog. So, without wasting time, it is mandatory to head for multiple plugins available lately. Yes, you won’t be able to test all 24,000+ options because it is insane. But, listed below are some of the most essential WordPress plugins, which you can try going for.

List of 9 most essential WordPress Plugins

1.     Contact form 7

Essential WordPress Plugins

Happens to be one of the most promising WordPress Plugin, Contact form 7 can be well used on blogs and even on company’s website. If you are currently eyeing for a simple contact form, you have come to the right place. It is perfect for covering your needs well. Through this simple plugin tool, you get the opportunity to create even some of the most complicated form. Set for the fields which you only need to.

2.     Jetpack

If you already have a self-hosted WordPress, Jetpack is here to supercharge it soon. It comes with amazing cloud power, as expected from the WordPress cycle. To start with it, you need to download the tool and then go to the plugin installation. Once you are done with the installation procedure, you are about to get hands on some of the delightful packages lately.

3.     Yoast SEO

Essential WordPress Plugins

There are some times when you might want your blog to be visible on the Internet and also properly described in the Google. During such instances, Yoast SEO is a must-have option to consider. Get to install this plugin tool and start using some of the best practices for the website. Good SEO helps in bringing results with promising and long-term strategy. Well, this isn’t going to take place once.

4.     Akismet

Mostly described as hosted web service, Akismet is used for saving you time by just detecting comment automatically and also track backing spam. It will be hosted on your server and will give access to the source through plugins and API. For using Akismet, you have to sign up first. Well, there are free versions available too for the novices to try it out first, before registering for the other versions.

5.     Disabled Comments

Essential WordPress Plugins

Some comments are rather disheartening and can degrade your moral confidence any day. So, it is better to disable comments. If you want to take this action, then you have separate plugins for that. Disable Comments is one such tool to consider, which is rather easy to use. It is also going to work on the company’s website, where you need not have to worry about writing comments.

6.     W3 Total Cache

Thanks to W3 Total Cache, you will be able to improve the user experience of a site by just increasing the current server performance. It helps in reducing your current downloading times and providing some of the best transparent versions of content delivery network or CDN based integration.

7.     Gravatar Cache

Essential WordPress Plugins

There is one simple problem associated with Gravatars and that is related to its slow loading speed. Each page comprises of comments, making one call per comment to the server sector. Some calls might take around 100ms with a page of hundreds of comments. And that can lead to the major slowdown. Sometimes, a page might load within 20 seconds or more. With the help of Gravatar Cache plugin, you can solve this issue by caching Gravatars with the cron job of WordPress and even catching gravatars on the present comment submission. Try to maintain a single copy of default Gravatar other than downloading it all the time for those email addresses without any Gravatar use for it.

8.     Disqus Comment System

Essential WordPress Plugins

If a standard comment is not your cup of tea or it comes with a whole lot of spam on a blog, it is always important to install Disqus Comment System. Here, you are asked to create an account in the current system, but this is not going to be a problem. If you check on the advantages of the plugin, you can easily understand the importance it holds for sure.

9.     SI Captcha

Essential WordPress Plugins

Through this SI Captcha, you get the chance to add some of the anti-spam methodologies to the WordPress forms, designed for lost password, login, comments and registration, to name a new. For posting comments or for registering, the users might have to type a code as shown in the image. This will help in preventing spam from some of the automated bots. This is a perfect idea to add security and also to work great with the Akismet. Moreover, to make this plugin rather useful, it is known to be BuddyPress, WPMU and fully WP compatible.

Install these tools right away:

The reliable and trained WordPress developer will always try to improve the working abilities by taking help of the WordPress plugins right now. There are two simple ways to install the tools of your choice. The first option is to find a plugin from WordPress repository and then download it. After that, visit the Plugin section and then add new and click on the Upload Plugin option. The steps are rather easier and suitable for anyone’s use for the first time.

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    You did a great job by writing this post and it will be very helpful for newbie bloggers. You have picked out most used WordPress plugins. There are many WordPress plugins, but choosing the right would be a hard task. Yes, we cannot test all WordPress plugins because it is insane.

    Here, I have found some new plugins for me. I will share this informative post on my social media accounts.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Praveen verma

  • Hello Gurunath,
    From your given list I have been using Yoast SEO, Akismet & Jetpack already. Is there any plugin which allows me to create MCQ tests on my website which will point out the correct answer in green color? If yes, then please help me with its name.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Gurunath,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article about WordPress Plugins 🙂

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