10 Free Online Proofreading Tools For Better Writing

According to a recent study, 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Which means that blog content is in demand more than ever right now. An average blog post consists of around 1200 words of written content and this content performs independently based on the value it provides. So naturally, it is crucial for the written content to be at par with the industry standards which keep evolving over time.

The one rule of written content that remains constant through these changes is that the content needs to be error-free. There is no space for spelling or grammatical errors on the internet today. And while you can always manually proofread your work before submission, it is time-consuming and not foolproof. This is where proofreading softwares come into play.

There are several proofreading tools which cater to writers and ensure that written content is error-free. So if you are looking to adopt a new proofreading software or wondering which are the best proofreading tools, we have created a list of

or softwares for you, which will help you decide which one to go with.

Top 10 Free Online Proofreading Tools & Software in 2019

#1 Grammarly

Grammarly - Free Online Proofreading Tool

The reason why Grammarly is the most popular free online proofreading tool out there is because of the overall solution that it presents to the writers. Grammarly does everything from checking spellings to readability, plagiarism and sentence formation. What we like about Grammarly is-

  • It’s an all in one package and writing directly on Grammarly is a breeze.
  • Grammarly’s formatting options are pretty handy as well and even the free version is extremely helpful.
  • It is definitely a must try if you want a handy tool with a helpful UI.
  • Additionally, Grammarly Premium helps you learn about sentence structures over time through specific suggestions about writing.

#2 WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke - Free Online Proofreading Tool

A great thing about WhiteSmoke is that, once you download and install it, it can be used anywhere from designs to websites. You just have to write and WhiteSmoke will proofread for you in the background. The pros of WhiteSmoke include-

  • This software integrates very easily and goes to great lengths to proofread, it also corrects misused words and phrases.
  • Its colour coded reports are a delight to read through and very helpful in improving your overall writing.

#3 Ginger

Ginger - Free Online Proofreading Tool

Ginger is another popular proofreading software which integrates smoothly as an extension and has a huge syntax database for precise proofreading. Key features of Ginger include-

  • Ginger does not sync with Google Docs but it works with every other program.
  • The UI is very user-friendly and the software is easy to use.
  • As Ginger is a free software, it is a big time and cost saver for writers.

#4 PaperRater

PaperRater - Free Online Proofreading Tool

PaperRater is one of the smartest proofreading solutions available in the market and it runs on an Ai which checks your grammar fast and without any errors. What we like about it-

  • There is no software download required for PaperRater as you can simply upload any document and it will provide an automatic score for the document along with suggestions for improvement.

#5 After the deadline

After the Deadline Proofreading tool

After the Deadline is a general license product that is free to use for everyone as long as it is for personal use. The pros for ATD are-

  • It is a trusted product by millions of writers and it checks and proofreads your article fast.
  • The online version is also very nifty to use. The online version is known as and is a quick way to proofread.


Spellchecker is one of the easiest online tools to use. It is handy and we like that-

  • It has a minimal interface with a text box where you can copy your text and check for any errors.
  • It gives out simplistic reports and is overall an easy tool to function with.

#7 SlickWrite

Slick Write, like Grammarly, has a minimal interface wherein it allows you to create documents within the software itself. Its features include-

  • It has a distraction-free document creator where it gives grammar and spelling suggestions along with stylistic suggestions for better writing.
  • The highlights are colour coded and easy to follow.
  • Slick Write stands out with its features and UI among a lot of other proofreading softwares.

#8 ProofHQ

ProofHQ is one of the premium proofreading tools which provides more than just proofreading assistance. Its features are-

  • ProofHQ comes with complete workflow management and a horde of reports that are useful for professionals who want to analyse their work and organize it better.
  • ProofHQ also allows you to separate your projects and organize them according to preference and priority for ease of access and convenience.
  • This tool is not really for individual purposes as much as it is for a small company or small teams working on a few projects. But individual professionals can also make good use of it.

#9 ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid - Proofreading Tool

ProWritingAid is a free tool which allows you to make your text error free along with improving readability. The pros and cons of this are-

  • While it is quite efficient, the UI comes across as bland and boring.
  • Although, it is still a highly recommended and popular tool for its reliability and usage statistics.
  • Various influencers endorse this tool for better writing and proofreading.

#10 Garretson Writing

Garretson writing is a nifty little tool for those who are looking for a quick punctuation and grammar check under 10,000 words. The features include-

  • It’s a relatively fast tool for up to 10,000 words but it doesn’t check words beyond that.
  • It is quick and easy to use but there is not much of a UI given how the design is basic but functional.


No matter which of these tools you pick, they are all good at what they do. Some of these tools like Grammarly and Whitesmoke also help you edit your language and offer stylistic advice for better writing but as far as proofreading is concerned, all of them do the job.

It depends on what your exact requirements are and what you prefer. Some people are more comfortable with a great UI and some require a no-nonsense design. Some may want premium features while some have a tight budget.

Whatever you pick, and if there is another set of free online proofreading tools let us know in the comments and share your experiences with us.

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  • Hey Gurunath,

    Great post with great proof-reading tools for better writing. I really like the list of several online proofreading tools and software that you have listed, whereas your all the listed tools are helpful and effective for better writing. Garretson checking is an amazing tool with great feature that allows the users for punctuation and grammar checking. Pro-writing aid is an amazing tool that allows the users to create error free text along with improved readability. is an easy to use online tool that allows the users to check the spellings. PaperRater is one of a smartest proofreading tool which runs on AI and allows the users to check fast and error free grammar. Grammarly is a great and effective tool for error free writing, as it allows the users to check the spellings, sentence formation and plagiarism.Your all the listed tools are helpful and effective for better writing, but i truly like an idea of using Grammarly, Garretson checking, Pro-writing aid, PaperRater and Using these tools will helps a lot.

    Really helpful tips with helpful tool, whereas this post will motivate and helps many people to use these tools. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Gurunath. I’m trying to improve my writing skills online as I’m in the process of creating my own products. I considered hiring professional proof-readers to check my work but then considered tools to assist me. I think right now I’m leaning towards grammarly and pro writing aid. Both have plugins for MS Word and can work with chrome. Which would you choose? The one thing that makes me lean more towards pro writing aid is that they offer a one time payment option.

  • Hey Gurunath,

    Great list of proofreading tools. Proofreading tool is a very important tool for any blogger or content writer to proofread the article. I personally use grammary to proofread my contents but i’ve also tried WhiteSmoke and its also an amazing tool.

    Thanks for providing this list, really appreciate it.