How To Clean A Razer Keyboard

The Razer Keyboard is a brilliant choice in the category of exclusive mechanical keyboards that are packed with exceptional features. Mechanical keyboards are more precise keyboards that provide a better user experience.  They are actually faster than membrane keyboards and are more responsive to keystrokes. Also, they provide the utmost comfort to the users while typing.

If you have a Razer keyboard and want your keyboard to offer you smooth and hassle-free service for a long time, you should maintain proper cleaning of your keyboard regularly. Obviously, appropriate maintenance is essential for any product to run smoothly and last for a long time. Here, we will provide you with the right process or methods on how to clean a Razer Keyboard.

Before we elaborate on the Razer keyboard cleaning process, we are going to provide you little information about the Razer keyboard and why cleaning the Razer keyboard is important!

What is a Razer Keyboard?

Razer Keyboard
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Razer Keyboard is a unique category of mechanical keyboards introduced by Razer, a brand associated with high-end gaming keyboards. It is amazingly designed which provides a great advantage to improve typing practice. 

The Razer keyboard is user-friendly, and it is the perfect choice for optimizing gaming performance. Razer keyboard comes with a colorful lighting design and unique features that provide the ultimate user experience.

Why Cleaning the Razer keyboard is important?

Naturally, dust, dirt, and food debris tend to accumulate between and under the keys of your Razer keyboard. Hence, cleaning the keyboard regularly is essential to prevent the build-up of dust and dirt on and around your keyboard. Regular keyboard cleaning prolongs the lifespan of your Razer keyboard. 

If you avoid regular cleaning of your keyboard, the keys will become sticky, and it will affect your typing activities. Plus, your keyboard will fade.

How to Clean a Razer Keyboard?

Here are some of the right methods how to clean a Razer Keyboard. Following the methodology, you can easily clean your keyboard to ensure its long-lasting performance. The essentials you need to clean your keyboard include rubbing alcohol, a plastic container, cotton swabs, and cotton balls. 

5 Methods to Clean a Razer keyboard

1. Ready your keyboard for cleaning

First, you need to disconnect your Razer keyboard from the computer. It is necessary to make sure that your keyboard is not damaged while cleaning, or the keyboard lighting will not be damaged. Turn off all lights and settings, then proceed with cleaning your keyboard.

The most important thing is to take an image of your keyboard before disassembling it. This is because a picture of the keyboard will be helpful for you to put the all things back in their proper place after the keyboard is finished cleaning. If you won’t take a picture, it may be difficult to set the keyboard back.

2. Remove the Keycaps

Now, your next step will be to remove all the keycaps from the keys. Be careful when removing keycaps, and always apply upward force to remove keycaps from keys. To avoid any harm to the connectors on the keys, never twist the keycaps when detaching them.

Larger keys, including the Enter key, Space bar, and Shift key, are designed with hinges attached to the keyboard, therefore, larger keys may have white clips under the keys. Be extra careful when removing them. You can use a keycap puller if needed.

3. Clean Keycaps properly

After removing the keycaps from the keys, now put all the keycaps in a plastic container. Then start the cleaning process of Keycaps. Using rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth you can clean the keycaps.

Clean all the keycaps one by one and keep them in another container or clean place. Try to remove every tiny stain of dirt and dust. A cotton ball and cotton swab are two better options that can be utilized to clean keycaps.

There is another good option that you can utilize to clean the keycaps. Leave the keycaps in a container filled with hot water for 30 minutes. This process requires less effort and helps in removing sunburn stains on keycaps effectively. After 30 minutes, lift the keycaps from the container, and leave them to dry.

4. Clean the Keyboard properly

The next step is cleaning the keyboard of the computer or laptop. You can use canned air or a laptop geyser to clean the keyboard properly. Spray some rubbing alcohol on the keyboard, and scrub all the rows on the keyboard. You may also choose to use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean the groove.

Thoroughly remove all the junk around the keys as well. While cleaning the keyboard, take special care that your keyboard does not get damaged. By soaking a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol you can clean the rest of the keyboard.

Never use water to clean the keyboard. This can damage your keyboard. Don’t miss the right approach when it comes to how to clean a Razer keyboard.

5. Reattach the Keycaps Back

Once your keyboard is completely clean, you can reassemble the keycaps. Make sure your keycaps are completely dry before reassembling.

Now, attach the keycaps one by one to the respective keys. If you are having any difficulty placing the keycaps, look at the photo of the keyboard you took before you took the keycaps apart.

Assemble the keycaps correctly. After fitting the keycaps properly, plug them on, and switch the LED lights back on. If your LED lights are displayed, you can be sure that you have correctly fixed each of the keycaps in the correct place.

There are a few other additional methods on how to clean a Razer keyboard. You can opt for keyboard cleaning glue for smooth cleaning of your keyboard, or you can use alcohol.  Alcohol is a great solution for removing bacteria and microorganisms from your Razer keyboard. 


The Razer keyboard looks very attractive. It provides extra beauty to a PC or a laptop. The advantages of the Razer Keyboard over other keyboards are remarkable. You can optimize the keys. This is the most prolific gaming keyboard to ensure an effective gaming experience every time.

Due to its amazing built quality, users now prefer the Razer keyboard. If you are a gamer,  investing in a gaming laptop with a Razer keyboard would definitely be your practical decision.