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How To Get Most Reliable And Affordable Web Host

Are you Searching for reliable yet affordable web host services? then you need to go through this article.

So many new bloggers are blogging on free platforms like Blogspot, Tumblr and WordPress where they don’t have much control over their content.

I have seen some free web hosting platforms like Blogspot will delete the blog without intimating the user if they do some mistakes, so it is better to move from free web hosting to self-hosting platforms to have much control on your website.

Today I am going to share some tips on how to choose the affordable web host services without burning your pocket much, yes, you heard right you can get reliable hosting from big companies if you follow these tips.

How To Choose Most Reliable and Affordable Web host?

Before moving ahead with our topic, first, we should know what is reliable web hosting service and how to find whether these services are reliable or not.

Reliable And Affordable Web Host

Know The Sign-Up And Renewal prices

All web hosting companies will attract customers with discounted prices but they don’t reveal how much they are going to charge when you are going for renewing your web hosting services.

Usually, new bloggers will select the one-year period at discounted price and they think they will renew service if they get good traffic to their blog, this thinking helps web hosting companies to charge good amount when you are going for renewal.

Still you can choose another web hosting at an affordable price for your second year if you know how to migrate your website from one web hosting to another web hosting.

Check whether the web hosting company provides user-friendly CPanel or not

New web hosting companies are entering into the market and some of them are not providing user-friendly Cpanel if we don’t have good Cpanel interface then we may not install the WordPress and other files which are important for us.

For example, iPage and FatCow use vDeck interface which is a little bit confusing and you have to take the help of tech support.

Check Site Backup And Other features

Site backup is another feature we have to see when selecting web hosting, many times we do add plugins and do some tweaks to our website to improve user experience it can cause file crash and we may not access the website if we have backup facility then we can easily restore good configured WordPress website by contacting the customer support.

We have to use CloudFlare CDN free service to improve the website speed and security, BlueHost and HostGator are offering CloudFalre activation feature within the cPanel.

Check Web Hosting Service offers Easy upgradations or not

All web hosting companies will allow us to use limited resources from the shared web hosting when you cross those limitation levels then immediately they will suspend your account, so it is better to know what happens if you cross those limitations and find out if they allow you to upgrade to the next better package.

Check Server Uptime and Bandwidth

Uptime and bandwidth are important factors to access your website smoothly on the internet, many web host companies offering local web hosting servers which will not maintain good bandwidth and uptime.

For Example, “Best of Guru” was on BlueHost India server which was giving a lot of trouble in accessing the website so Gurunath decided to move his website BlueHost (India) to HostGator US server.

Customer Support

We have to consider how we can get in touch with the customer support, usually web hosting companies offer telephone, email and chat support.

I personally prefer using chat support because we can’t make a call to the US to resolve our issues with the web hosting and email support will not provide immediate solutions, so check what type of customer support they are offering.

Options to add multiple domains

Once you become familiar in blogging it is obvious that we start another website related to another niche, as per my knowledge so many bloggers have more than 3 websites in their kitty and everyone is diversifying their income from different sources.

You have to check whether your hosting company offers multiple domains option for your plan or not, all these multiple domains work as an individual domain under your main domain.

Wait For The Events To Get Discounts

All the big web hosting companies like BlueHost, HostGator, SiteGroundiPage, iMotion Hosting offers a huge discount for special events like Diwali and Christmas.

Reliable And Affordable Web Host

You can even get up to 80% discount on Black Friday from web hosting companies which usually comes in November if you are blogging in free platforms and looking for a reliable and affordable web host then wait for November and grab the discount offers.

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Over To You

I hope this article has given you all the information you need to know before moving from free blogging platforms to self-hosted WordPress platform in an affordable way. Kindly share your opinions, experiences about web hosting service in the comment box so that other new bloggers will get much information about it.

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Siddaiah Thirupati is the founder of ReachOutSid who shares his knowledge to simplify the process of blogging hurdles by his writing.

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    • Hi Ravi,

      I am glad that you find this post useful, I wrote this article particularly for those bloggers who are blogging in free platforms like “Blogger” and looking for migrating to self hosted WordPress blog.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable opinion about this article.

  • Great post! I have been blogging for over 6 years and have tried many web hosts, however, I continue to go back to SiteGround where I have had very minimal downtime. I’m talking maybe 5 minutes of downtime in a 4 year period. I was approached recently to promote Bluehost with a high Affiliate referral rate, but after trying the shared hosting for 3 months and many hours of downtime, I decided to not recommend Bluehost. I only recommend what I would use to my clients. Web hosting can make or break your business. There is no room for downtime, imo.

    Thanks for sharing this!