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How to start a YouTube Channel with a Bang!

YouTube is truly a great platform and is currently more in trend due to the growing number of the wannabe entrepreneurs.

The platform has raised from being a simple video platform to a large marketplace for showing up your skills and earning money from it.

With a global audience which is excited to see something new every second, with YouTube, you can become an overnight star if you have a unique skill set.

So, for all the wannabe entrepreneurs, today I will throw some light on how to start a YouTube channel with a bang. In this post, I will be unveiling the approach you should have, specifically, if you are starting your first YouTube channel.

How to start a Youtube Channel

How to Start a YouTube Channel: The Myths

Your YouTube channel could be about anything from crazy programming tutorials to hilarious jam sessions. I have seen people who post funny sounds in their dubbed videos making millions from the platform.

The audience of YouTube is so vast that you can truly achieve what others call as an overnight success. But, some myths are needed to be broken.

  • You can make a hell lot of money from YouTube: Yes, you can, but it all takes time, money, experience, talent, hard work and everything else that you need to make any business rolling. YouTube calls for patience. You need some time to set up the mood of the audience to gulp in your content.
  • You can copy someone else video and post them on your channel: I know many people who are making money by copying someone else content. These types of the channel do not stay in the game for long. As soon as the original video creator files a copyright, you channel gets banned immediately. And yes, YouTube is very strict regarding copyrighted content.
  • The video quality doesn’t play a significant role: Well, it depends on. If you are posting a concert video of an artist shot from a 5MP camera, of course, it won’t stand in front a high-quality 4k video. But, if you are doing a self-shot video and the content revolves around you, you can use your camera phone for recording. The best example would be of BB Ki Vines. It depends on a lot of the content which you are posting. If the viewer has a better option, why won’t they skip to a better version?

So these were some myths. Now, let’s move on to the main checklist to follow while posting your first video on your channel.

How to start a YouTube Channel: A Quick Checklist

  • Channel Name: Channel Name plays a significant role in leaving an impact on your viewer’s Your channel name should be in the context of the content that you are posting on your channel.
  • Channel Cover: The biggest role of a good advertisement is the imagery. If the description is right and connects with your viewer, you will get views on automation. For designing a good cover picture, I would always recommend you a free tool called Canva. It is a great tool if you want to create stunning graphics in no time.
  • Channel Intro: Your channel intro is as much important as your channel name. The channel intro helps you to leave an everlasting impression on the mind of your viewer. I would recommend you to follow this intro maker list to find adequate platforms for designing beautifully animated channel intro.
  • Content: Well, the biggest X-Factor for getting successful on YouTube is the originality of your content. You ask any YouTuber; you will find one similarity in all of them- originality of the content. The copied content won’t let you stay in the game for long. The best part of the initial setup is to take inspiration from other YouTube channels in your niche and mold the content using your creativity.
  • Engagement: If you take any successful YouTuber, they all engage with their audience. Some use the comment box under the YouTube video to communicate with their viewers. Some may use other sources like FB page, Twitter, to communicate with their audiences. The main point is, they all engage with their channel audience regularly.
  • Video Quality: I have already covered this part but, providing the best audio and video quality in your video is a must. We had surpassed the stage when there were big CRT televisions. The age is of 4K videos. The thing is, in the last five years, our eyes have adapted to viewing HD content only. Thus, you should pay heed to the audio/video quality of your video.

So, these were some of the essential points that you should keep in mind while starting your YouTube channel.

I hope this quick checklist will surely help you to give a kick start to your YouTube channel.

I would love to see your views in the comment section below.

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Bhanu is a professional Digital Marketer from New-Delhi, India. He loves to contribute his ideas through his tech blog

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  • Hey Bhanu,

    Now-a-days, we can say clearly that YouTube become boon for online businesses because it is very effective in sharing your brand details. YouTube is great channel to promote our business’s image, product and services. A lot of businesses are creating videos to share online, and statistics show it’s a smart move. You have shared amazing tips to improve YouTube and I agree with your points. Our YouTube page is a representation of our business.

    We should brand it like we would our website or other marketing materials because a consistent look and feel will help reinforce our business and help keep it top of mind with our prospects and customers. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  • Wow nice tips Bhanu,

    you are right now days you make lot’s of money in youtube no doubt but before you want to do that you need to build a brand. and totally agree engagement is depend on quality not quantity. If you build quality videos then in no matter of time your youtube channel get lo’s of views.

  • Hello!
    YouTube is a great platform to become a star and use it to making passive income also.

    I’m thinking for a long time to start but is not active that make no means of it.

    Thanks! for sharing.