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Interview with Atish Ranjan: ProBlogger and SEO Specialist

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Atish Ranjan

A Brief about Atish Ranjan

Today is the birthday of Atish Ranjan (9th November). I didn’t find any good occasion than this day to introduce this awesome person to share his views, experiences, tips and guidelines regarding Blogging, SEO and related topics.

Here is the Interview with Atish Ranjan, founder of to the audience/viewers of Best Of Guru.

Gurunath Nakka: Tell us something about yourself and how did you enter into blogging?

Atish Ranjan: Hi Guru, thanks for having me here. I am Atish Ranjan, and I am a full-time blogger from India. My current location is New Delhi, India, and I was born in Bihar’s small district, Sitamarhi, which is popularly known for being the birthplace of MaaSita.

My entrance in the blogging was not planned. It just happened. I still remember that when I was pursuing BCA, one my friends’ friend launched a forum (Though it is not live now), and I was introduced to him. He asked me to be one of the admins of the forum and help him run the forum. I did that, and I started to love sharing knowledge online. There I met Zainil when he asked some query, and we became friends gradually. Later the forum was closed due to that guy’s other job engagements. Zainil suggested me to start a blog if I want to share something online. And that was the day when I started a Blogspot blog with him. We ran it for around a year, and then as we got more knowledge about blogging, we moved our blog to self-hosted WordPress with the domain, which was initially. If you want to read the full story in more detail, you may have a look here on my story post.

Gurunath Nakka: What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

Atish Ranjan:  When I am not blogging, I spend time with my family and watch movies on my laptop. Sometimes I watch TV programs as well.Atish Ranjan

Gurunath Nakka: Which social media tools you use to promote a blog post? How does it help the bloggers?

Atish Ranjan: To be honest, I don’t use many tools for promotion. However, I use Justretweet, Viral content buzz, and sometimes buffer app for sharing my posts on social media.

Social Media tools are one of the best things that every blogger should opt for because they save a lot of time as well as carry out the tasks effectively and efficiently.

Gurunath Nakka: Tell us about your most favourite blogger or blog and why you think so?

Atish Ranjan: I don’t follow a particular blog rather I read the blog posts that really interest me. Even if a new blog has an awesome article to read, I would love to read that rather than browsing a popular blog.

However, I like to read for blogging tips, for great tips on SEO, and for technology related stuff. And lastly my own blog’s older articles to see if I can improve them. 😛

There is nothing like most favourite blogger or blog to me. I like everyone who works hard to make his or her dreams come true. Everyone is good in my opinion except those who always speak about themselves. If you still want me to choose one, then AmitAgrawal is the best blogger in my opinion because I like his attitude towards the work. He doesn’t speak a lot on social media about his earnings and all rather he shares excellent tips and tricks that make our life easier, and that is what blogging is all about.

Gurunath Nakka: How important is choosing a right domain name? Describe in details.

Atish Ranjan: Blog’s domain name is online identity for a blogger.  Thus, choosing the right domain is utmost necessary work.

If you don’t choose a good domain name for your blog or business, you may have to put more efforts to make your business successful. On the contrary, if you choose a domain name keeping all the benefits in mind, you have to put comparatively lesser effort.

A few things you must keep in mind while choosing a domain name:

  • Short domain names are considered to be the best because they are easily memorable, and thus, you can have a good amount of direct traffic in future.
  • Don’t use hyphens in the domain name because it may not be remembered
  • Try to avoid numerical digits as well for the same reason.
  • Don’t get misspelled domain names similar to some popular For example, if you take, which looks like a copy of, you must not get much success because your first impression will be very bad for your audience as they may consider you a copycat.

Gurunath Nakka: How to choose a niche and what impact does a good niche selection have on a blogger?

Atish Ranjan:  Choosing niche is a big topic to discuss. So to keep things short here, I would say that you must choose the niche in which either you have the expertise or have interest. Also, before choosing it, must analyse the competition if you are thinking from a business point of view because if you start working with an already saturated niche, the chances of success will be low. Thus, choose the one that is not much crowded. I am not saying that you cannot choose an already crowded niche, but if you choose it, you have to work really very hard to get a little success.

Niche selection can decide a blogger’s success or failure in most cases. Thus, think and analyse a lot before finalizing a niche.

Gurunath Nakka: What SEO tools you follow to make your blog stand out among the toppers list?

Atish Ranjan: Ah! I am not on the toppers list yet, Guru. I use Long Tail Pro for keyword research, SE Ranking for keyword position tracking, MajesticSEO, Ahrefs, Webmeup, Google Webmaster tools for backlink analysis.

Gurunath Nakka: What is back linking and what effect they have on a blogs ranking or growth?

Atish Ranjan: Backlinks are the incoming links to a website. The backlinks are like trust. The more trust your site gets from authentic sites, your site’s credibility will increase in the search engines. This helps increase the search ranking of your site. You will get a better ranking if you have great trust.

If you get links from irrelevant and bad neighbourhood sites, then it can affect your website’s ranking adversely. I wrote an article about link building mistakes that you must not commit in order to stay in the Google’s good books.

Gurunath Nakka: What is your success mantra and how did you manage your living from blogging?

Atish Ranjan:  There is no particular mantra to success except working hard to make your dreams come true. Do only those things that you are passionate about. Passion is very important.Atish Ranjan

I have full-fledged business around my blog that makes me earn a living out of it.

Gurunath Nakka: Finally, what suggestions, tips you give for our awesome readers and bloggers who are about to start blogging as a career?

Atish Ranjan: To everyone who wants to start his or her career in blogging, I would like to suggest having patience, being passionate towards blogging, being consistent, and working until you are done.

Don’t choose blogging just for money rather start it as a hobby and turn it into a business model gradually.

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to speak something on your blog.

Thanks to Atish Ranjan for this fabulous interview and spending some valuable time with us.

If any of you have any queries, please do ask in the comments below !

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21 thoughts on “Interview with Atish Ranjan: ProBlogger and SEO Specialist”

  1. Hello Gurunath,

    You have done a wonderful job on Atish’s B’day. Nice questions asked and he reacted well.

    Even though I’m familiar with his blogging journey, I never miss to read his prompt replies through the interview posts.

    @ Atish, I wish you on your B’day that all you dreams come true, happy b’day.

    At the time of writing this comment, there is no internet connection and power supply due to heavy rain in Chennai. I left my comment through my mobile internet 🙂

    1. Hi Nirmala.
      Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation. Nice to see you took some time from mobile even at this cyclone hit day. Hope everyone is safe and take care of those heavy rains. Just saw the news in Television.

  2. Inspiring answers Atish. Many of the today bloggers are here for money that is made from contextual advertising programs. When someone says that they do it for passion, thy tease them. The point here is building our blogs as brands rather than money making online spaces.

    Hope you inteview inspires such bloggers!

    Thank you Gurunath for featuring him.

    Have a nice day both of you 🙂

    1. Hi Sasidhar,

      Yes, you are right on the part of passion. Thanks for the wonderful appreciation and comments. Hope this inspires many of the new bloggers and that is the major aim and intention behind all my interviews.

  3. Happy Birthday, Atish and thank you for the good
    advice you give to bloggers. I like, you say do not
    start only to make money, I think to be successful
    one has to be ambitious about blogging and be patient.
    It is hard work.
    Thank you, Guru for this special Birthday interview,
    you always have good ideas. After celebrating the
    feminine site of nature during Navratri with the Ladies,
    now a Birthday interview. It seems you are going to be the
    Blogger Guru 🙂 Whishing you both Happy Diwali and may
    Dreams come true for both of you.

    1. Hi Erika,

      Always happy to see you on my blog and thanks a ton for your awesome appreciation and comments. I am so happy to see you liked all my interviews and very happy to see you follow them regularly. Atish is not only a blogger but also a good inspiration, motivator and most importantly wants to make sure his buddies grow alongside with him. I am really proud today to have him on my blog.

  4. Nowdays I always keep searching about the most successful bloggers of India. Great interview. You are the guys who keep inspiring me every day (y) cheers

    1. Hi Belal Khan,

      I am one such person like you in my initial days of blogging and fortunate enough to meet some good inspiring & successful bloggers. I am trying to introduce all of my buddy bloggers who are already in success track and also some of them growing rapidly.Nice to see you have benefited from this article.
      Be regular to my blog so that you are going to witness few more great bloggers coming soon!!!

  5. Thank you all for wishing me on my birthday. These all wishes mean a lot to me.

    Thanks for publishing this Interview post on my birthday. I take it as a gift my friend.

    God bless everyone. 🙂

  6. Hi Gurunath,

    I landed up here from the facebook share of this post and happy to see Atish’s interview and your blog. Hoping to have more interactions in future.

    Keep sharing.


    Reji Stephenson

    1. Hi Reji Stephenson,

      Happy to see you land on my blog and this article of Atish. Thanks for the comment and hope to see you regularly on my blog. Have a great day!!

  7. You’re right. There couldn’t have been a better day than Atish’s birthday to share the interview. It’s a nice informative initiative. I believe like Atish most blogger are into it accidentally or because of their hobby, and no one is intentionally into it for earning money. The interview itself is inspiring for the new bloggers.

    1. Thanks a ton for stopping by and for the kind appreciation, Kishor.. 🙂 I am happy to see your insights on the article and hope it inspires many new bloggers .. 🙂

  8. Again what a wonderful post by you Guru. You won’t believe, I’m spending almost hours in reading interviews of great Indian bloggers such as Atish, Yogita and others from your blog. Reading into the incredible bloggers info is providing me a kick in what I’m doing or planning to achieve. I’m taking notes of all the relevant tips that bloggers are leaving during the interviews and would try to adapt gradually. Lastly, kudos to you for such a novel initiative.

    1. I am Extremely happy for your valuable comments and appreciation, Harsh. So happy that you have gone through all the interviews and the information is giving you some value. It is also soothing when someone benefits from the articles posted in this blog. Thanks again for being Loyal reader of this blog.. 🙂

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