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Interview with Ikechi Awazie – An Inspirational Blogger

Hi all!!

As you all know that the interview series of BestOfGuru (BOG) has been a good success in terms of different series with different personalities from different Niche Bloggers. Today we are introducing one of the well known inspirational blogger buddy, whose birthday is today (15-12-2015). We welcome Ikechi Awazie to share some of his blogging knowledge as well as a personal chat with us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ikechi Awazie !!

Ikechi Awazie

Gurunath: First of all welcome to BestOfGuru(BOG) and thanks for giving an opportunity to know about you more with this interview.Please introduce yourself briefly and how did you enter into blogging, for our BOG readers.

Ikechi Awazie: My name is Ikechi Awazie and I am from Nigeria. I began blogging when I was no longer comfortable with some of the article platforms. I wanted to make a difference with my ideas, improve the lives of others and build a like-minded community.

I discovered that blogging could achieve these goals and thus Be a Light to the World was born.

Gurunath: What is the idea behind to start a motivational/inspirational blog although there are many other top niches?

Ikechi Awazie: I experienced the hardship of trying to be different in the world that accepts status quo. Most people would want to make a difference, but they suffer from low self-esteem because they are scared of living their comfort zone.
There are others who have a wrong idea of what it means to make a difference and feel you have to be popular or be a star, thereby disregarding little actions.
I have decided to create a blog that will let people understand that they are an inspiration and can make a difference in their home, neighbourhood and community.

Gurunath: Alongside blogging, you also do freelancing. what type of things you do and tell us how freelancing helps an individual to build a career?

Ikechi Awazie: I am freelancing part-time in Web and Content development.
Freelancing is a great way to pursue other interests and dreams. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to build a career and gain experience till you become self-employed full time. It is also a great way to have more streams of income.

Gurunath: As an inspirational blogger how can you make the readers motivated when they feel out of ideas to create articles and blog posts?

Ikechi Awazie: I believe that everyone can make a difference and I pass this message in my posts all the time.

I make my readers understand that if they work towards improving the lives of others with their gifts or talents and get rid of their self-doubt, the sky is definitely the limit.

Gurunath: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in freelancing and blogging according to you and how did you overcome that?

Ikechi Awazie: My biggest challenge in blogging was engagement. It seemed that my blog was a ghost town till I joined the Aha Community where I met awesome people with whom I created an awesome relationship.

For freelancing, my challenge is not new to those who are just starting. It is about building a reputation in your field.

Gurunath: How much time you spend on blogging, Social Media and Social Promotions? Any other tools you implement to get more Social Media presence?

Ikechi Awazie: I love blogging so much that I do not keep track of the time. As for Social Media and Social promotions, I work towards building a relationship with others by commenting and helping as much as I can. This makes my Social promotions very easy.

Gurunath: What type of SEO related tools you use and how that help a blog get good traffic?

Ikechi Awazie: My strategy for SEO is to have an insight on the problems of my audience. I search for keywords on Google keyword Planner and this gives me an x-ray of the issues.

I then write posts based on the problems and so far, it has helped me to get good traffic.

Gurunath: Whats your opinion on Guest Posts, Sponsored posts and Ghost posts? With differentiating them, can you tell us which is the best thing to go for to earn money plus reputation?

Ikechi AwazieGuest posts are a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and to introduce your brand to new people. Guest posts also help to spread your message.

Sponsored posts are contents that one is paid to publish on his blog by advertisers. It is where you are promoting products and services of others on your blog to earn a commission.

Ghost posts are written by writers who create content for someone else.
All the post types are a great way to make money, but I believe that a Guest post is the best thing to go if you want to earn money and reputation.

Gurunath: Every person will have someone who inspires or motivates them, who is your inspiration in blogging and which blogs you follow on a regular basis?

Ikechi Awazie: I always find it difficult to answer this question and that is because I have a mindset that everyone can make a difference so I read blogs based on my interests and create relationship with as many people as possible which is why I am so blessed to be in the Aha Community where you find awesome people who are ready to help. The members inspire me so much.

Gurunath: Does blogging have the power to change someone’s life?

Ikechi Awazie: Blogging has made a difference in so many lives which is why today, many people are blogging and businesses are not taken it for granted.Ikechi Awazie

It is a known fact blogging has enabled bloggers to:

Become Thought Leaders

Provide information to their audience which has fostered strong relationships

Build Like-minded communities and strong brands

Gurunath: In Blogging it is very common that bloggers get frustrated and hopeless in certain situations, what is your best advice in that situation?

Ikechi Awazie: No man is an island. My advice to bloggers is that they should learn to network with others especially with those that are pros in their niche. This reduces the tension in blogging and you get to learn and avoid so many mistakes.

Gurunath: What type of future features or changes you are expecting to see in blogging?

Ikechi Awazie: I see more people participate in blogging

I believe there will be better Content management systems that will be packed with sophisticated features that will make the life of Content creators easy.

I see new content types introduced in future.

Blogging would become a basic requirement for business.

Gurunath: Last but not the least, any message to BOG readers?

Ikechi Awazie: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in this post.

If you have enjoyed reading this interview, please do share this post to your friends and Please comment in the below comment section for any queries and tips you need from Ikechi Awazie.

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Gurunath is an MBA graduate in Marketing by Profession, and a Blogger by Passion. He is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of, where he writes articles on Technology, Lifestyle, Interviews, Product reviews, WordPress, Blogging,Themes & Plugins and Social Media Marketing.


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  • Hi Ikechi and Gurunath,
    Happy Birthday, Ikechi, what a beautiful birthday gift
    from Gurunath 🙂 he is good in this surprising us with interviews.
    Nice to know more about you, I did not know you
    are in Nigeria. I think you do a great job with inspiring others
    and making a difference. this is much needed these days.
    I am sure it helps many young people if you write to inspire and
    be an example for them. All the best for you.
    Thank you Ikechi and Gurunath.

    • Thanks a lot Erika, and I am very happy that you liked the way I am doing the interviews and presenting. Yes, I thought knowing the inner feelings, their experiences and thoughts to people on their birthdays will be a good idea and I tried it for a trial and error..:) He is such a good and humble person and I have decided to make interviews with such inspirational, motivational people which will help me grow as well as other young bloggers like ..:)

    • Hi Erika

      Thank you so much and you right. Guru surprised me with an awesome gift. His interviews are super awesome.

      Thanks for the compliment and I am glad you are getting to know me. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

  • Great to know about Ikechi…blogging helps us to know about different persons from different cultures. I enjoy that very much… 🙂

    • Hi Maniparna, thanks for being regular reader of BOG and happy that you have liked the post and it has given you some good information of Ikechi…:) You are right, I too enjoy having buddies from different regions around the world ..:)

    • Hi Maniparna

      Glad to meet you in Guru’s awesome blog and I love what he is doing in this interview surprising bloggers on their birthday is just so awesome.

      Thanks for the compliment and have a pleasant week.

  • Hi Gurunath/ Ikechi,

    I know Ikechi from long time we became friendly through Aha community, I am very happy to read his interview which enabled me to know some more information about him, thank you Gurunath.

  • Hi Gurunath, and so good to see Ikechi featured here this time 🙂

    Wishing him a very Happy Birthday as well, and don’t we know that as he’s part of the ABC (Aha!NOW Blog Community), so one remembers his birthday as he’s been a part for such a long time – I think ever since the ABC started if I am not mistaken.

    I need to thank him for being such a blessing and so active at the ABC, and I am so glad that he’s made so many good friend’s after joining it, though he’s got such an inspirational personality that anyone would make friends with him, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing more about him with us. Have a nice and blessed week, both of you 🙂

    • Happy to see some of the celebrity bloggers like you to come and took some time to comment on my blog post, Harleena. I am so thankful to you and yes, it was a delight to publish interviews like Ikechi, who is such a good inspirational blogger.Happy to hear that he is one of the senior most member of ABC community.. 🙂 Wish you a great week ahead.

    • Hi Harleena

      As I said before, you made my day. Yes you are right. I have been with ABC from the beginning but I am happy to have known you Harleena and the rest of the ahaians.

      Thank you for the wishes and also for the compliment. Have a wonderful week. Take Care.

  • Happy birthday Ikechi!

    I enjoyed reading this and i most say you are one of the focused niche blogger in Nigeria with quality and original content. Keep up the good work sir.

    So where is the caking happening before i disown you hia!

    lovely blog guru!

    • Hi Elsie, Thanks a ton for stopping by and happy to hear that you loved my blog. Please do keep an eye on this blog for more beautiful personalities sharing their life and experiences in coming days.

    • Hi Charming Elsie

      I am so thrilled to see your comment and I owe you an apology because I did not let you know that my birthday was today plus I don’t know how to give you the cake (LoL)

      Thanks for the compliment and take Care. You simply are so awesome.

  • Just dropped by accidentally but worth it. Thanks Gurunath for the nice interview with an inspirational blogger. The post gives an insight on some more aspects of blogging.

    • Hi Fayaz,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and happy to see the post has given some insights for you. Please do check the blog regularly for some upcoming interviews which will be very informative for sure… 🙂

  • Hi Guru

    Thanks for such a wonderful birthday surprise. You are the first one I know to do such a lovely series. I must kudos to you and keep up the good work.

    Your blog does rock and will be on my radar.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share to your readers. Take Care

  • Hello Gurunath,

    This is my first time here at your blog. I was very happy to see Ikechi being interviewed. So jumped right in here.

    Ikechi once again I’ll wish you a very Happy Birthday. Hope you a blast and wish you many years of success and happiness. You’re a wonderful inspiration and thank you for always keen to help and encourage me in my blogging journey.

    I absolute love this interview. You’re a pro at Interviews Gurunath. You have such mastery formulating Interview questions. That’s a skill I will have to learn from you.

    I will visit again.

    Wish you a wonderful rest of the week 🙂

    • Hi Hema,
      Thanks for stopping by on this blog post and happy for your awesome comments and appreciation. I am so happy to see you taking some valuable time of yours to read all my interview posts and analysing me. Please check this blog regularly and you will see some more surprising interviews coming soon!! .. 🙂

    • Hi Hema

      You really made my day and I want to say thank you for the compliment. It is awesome people like you that gives me the energy to go on. You are just simply awesome and you are right that this interview is very unique.

      Thanks for sharing and have an awesome week. Take Care

  • Hey Gurunath and Ikechi,

    Great interview. I am always inspired by Ikechi’s posts. After reading some of his work, I get so motivated, bouncing around the keyboard with excitement, sometimes he gets my mind working over time, with ideas and pondering certain subjects.

    I love the questions you asked Gurunath. I learned a little more about Ikechi through this interview.

    The layout of the interview was so easy to read.

    Blogging has created an opportunity for people to become thought leaders. Isn’t this so true. I don’t know about you but because of blogging I have met some magnificent minds, that I know for a fact I would never have had the same opportunity anywhere else.

    Happy Birthday Ikechi, great timing for the release of an interview. Thoroughly enjoyable.


    • Hi Rachel

      Thank you for the compliment.

      You are simply just awesome and I am glad to have met you. You are one great mind whose post always makes in the difference in the blogosphere.

      I am grateful to Guru for this interview and it was done at the right time. Thanks for the comment. Have a swell week.