Expert Chat: Interview with Reginald Chan: An Expert blogger

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 Hi Readers,

As you know that we have an interview series on Special Occasions/Festivals, today on this Christmas eve, we are proudly presenting the Expert chat with Reginald Chan a well known Problogger in this blog world.

He is an all round Professional Blogger and he does everything that relates to blogging and is an expert in various fields of blogging. So let us know more about this in his own writings.

Reginald Chan

Gurunath: Can you please introduce yourself for our BOG (bestofguru) readers?

Reginald Chan: My name is Reginald and I’m from Malaysia. Yes, I have been asked a zillion time. I’m from Malaysia (the country above Singapore if you are wondering). I write a lot and probably one of the best things in me. Apart from writing, I am heavily involved in yield management and digital marketing. You can call me “Jack of all trades”. Haha!

 Gurunath: As this is a “Special Occasions Interview series” on our blog, You are our guest for this Christmas Occasion, Please share about your best Christmas festive ever and how you, your family and friends involve in this festive?

Reginald ChanFor me, Christmas is all about family time. Every year is pretty much the same (including this time around). I basically take time off from the digital world (much harder now since I have wearables) and spend the entire 24 or 48 hours with them. Trust me, it felt odd but good without technology!

Gurunath: What is the inspiration behind choosing “Blogging” as a career for you?

Reginald ChanBlogging isn’t entirely about making money. I consider blogging as a career growth – something that can help me achieve the bigger goal. Here’re two examples:

  • Be a knowledgeable SEO blogger and you can work as a freelance SEO consultant
  • Be a knowledgeable digital marketing blogger and you can seek for freelance social media campaigns

But seriously, making money directly from blogging is pretty much the 90’s, if you get what I mean.

Gurunath: You one of the busiest blogger in social media and it is very rare when someone can’t find you in Social media network? What is your strategy behind that? How you manage all these Social media?

Reginald ChanSimple. Plan, plan and more planning. I use both Buffer and Hootsuite (paid accounts). Load all your expected posts in excel and upload them in bulk. You can easily churn and burn them if needed. Spend 30 minutes and you will get full 30 days planning ahead.

Gurunath: What is your opinion on SEO for a blog, and What are the tools that you recommend for our readers to excel in SEO?

Reginald ChanSEO is good but not entirely important. Blogging is huge. You need to write well, then focus on SEO > Social media marketing > Outreach etc.

If you are just starting up or blogging for a specific topic, you probably don’t need much SEO. For starters, you can’t beat Wikipedia and those authoritative sites. Instead, have some basic SEO practices and then focus in content.

Free tool >Yoast SEO

Paid tool > Scribe Content

Gurunath: You have written some well-framed articles on WordPress related tools, Which themes and Plugins you recommend the most and why?

Reginald ChanFor themes, I usually stick to Genesis and Theme X. If you are an avid blogger, get StudioPress Pro which is pretty awesome. You get the entire collection of previous and future Genesis themes.

Theme X is you love some customization and unique approach in theme building. However, Theme X is pretty heavy and therefore, not recommended for shared hosting.

As for plugins, I don’t really have many. I wouldn’t want to recommend any as you only need to use those that you really need it. If you are new, go with JetPack plugin. You can’t go wrong with it and it has tons of features in it.

Gurunath: Many people looks for an opportunity to earn from different sources and select some best careers of their wish. What about blogging? Can a person who chose blogging can earn money like a 9 – 5 job maker? If so, how and what to do to achieve it?

Reginald ChanLet’s be honest. You can make money from blogging. But how much is much?

I make around $2,000 per month from my blog but with my day job, I could easily earn triple the pay with lesser time involved in blogging (blogging takes a lot of time).

At the end of the day, blogging is a good way to make passive and side income. You probably need to go beyond blogging after 2015.

As a tip, blogging is losing its trend and majority of us are already moving towards podcasting and video.Content is still important, but written content is going downhill.

If you want to make money from blogging, use blogging as a strategy to grow your business/career etc. Do not (ever) count on Google Adsense or affiliate sales for that. Sure, Pat Flynn does that but let’s think again; How many Pat Flynn(s) that achieve such big number?

Go figure J

Even Neil Patel makes money from consultancy and blogging is a way to showcase his business (and not his blogging skills).

Gurunath: How is link building help a blog? What are the ways to get back links and what tools we can use for backlinks?

Reginald ChanBacklinks. The fast and slow way. The Fast way is using tools and getting yourself involved in black hat. The startup cost is around $1,000 and monthly would cost you like under $100 or so. Then, you can create thousands of links in a day. Good for niche sites which you create, earn money and churn them when they get hit with a penalty.

The slow way is by writing guest posts. Well, pretty clear cut here! I usually go for a 1:5 ratio where 1 represents the article published on my site and 5 for articles published on others.

Gurunath: There is a saying that, one can earn huge money with Affiliate Marketing than earning from Google AdSense, Is this right? If so which Affiliates are the best source of income and what is the strategy and procedures involved to achieve that?Reginald Chan

Reginald ChanPretty much said above.

You make money, but good money? Possible but tough.

Affiliates depend highly on your niche. Be careful with what you are choosing and using. Only recommend those popular ones.

Strategies that always work are reviews and comparisons. Hint: Take a look at GSM Arena.

Gurunath: Every Blogger has some motivators/inspiring personalities behind them, who is your motivation/inspiration? Which blogs you will read on a regular basis?

Reginald ChanI don’t really have one (or I just have too many of them). Nowadays, I do less reading but more on podcast for content.

Content Marketing Institute is one of my favorites.

Gurunath: I have seen from your blog that you offer some services to your readers, What type of services one can get from your blog?

Reginald ChanPretty much everything. From creating a website to SEO services. You name it, I got it!

Well, how can we turn down on customers, right? J

Gurunath: As we are almost finished 2015, what are your plan for the year 2016? Share in detail.

Reginald ChanTime flies and trends are changing. Next year, I am moving entirely to podcasting and video. Well, that’s one part of it. Another is getting some books published on Kindle.

Gurunath: Any final words to Best Of Guru (BOG) readers?

Reginald ChanBlogging is not dead yet. If you think that blogging is a way to ditch your day job, you can continue to dream on that. Blogging is a great way to have extra money but until date, I seen less than 20 people who can actually earn more than 5 digits per month (in US Dollars) entirely from blogging.

You’ll be surprised that a huge number of so-called blogging experts do not even make the $500 per month! Seriously.

That’s how hard blogging is.

Gurunath: Happy and Merry Christmas Reginald Chan, and we are happy to have your interview on our blog. Have a great day and year ahead… 🙂

Reginald ChanYou too!

If you like this post please share your thoughts in the comments below and if you like to know more about Reginald Chan, can find on his website/blog at reginaldchan.net.


Comments (10)

  • Hi Reginald and Guru

    As you said, change is constant and I believe that blogging is undergoing change. Reading this post, I can see so many facts that are going to be difficult to swallow (smiling).

    I agree that Podcasting and video content are on the rise. However, I do believe that blogging is evolving at a fast rate.

    Thanks for sharing. Merry Christ Reginald and Guru. Thanks Guru for giving the opportunity for Reginald to share his insight on blogging. Take Care

    • Hi Ikechi,

      Thanks for taking some time and commenting here..:) Hope you have enjoyed the post and I would love to see you more often here…:) have a nice day

  • Hi Reginald and Gurunath
    Very good forward looking and honest 🙂
    I think Reginald is right , all is changing and the use of
    video will be good ,as some already started.
    Blogging may be good for earning a living in
    countries like India, where the cost of living is
    reasonable ,but in the west, it would not
    be possible to live alone from it I think. This is
    an advantage for bloggers and affiliate marketers
    of this countries.
    Thank you for the insights .
    Thank you Gurunath for the interview:)

    • Thank you Reginald and Gurunath for valuable insight. Totally agree with you Erika on the view over earning from blogging.

    • Thanks a lot for the in-depth view and the comment, Erika. Yes I agree what you have mentioned regarding the cost of living thing and if you can believe, I am more than satisfied at present if I can earn $500 a month. But this is nothing for western countries where the cost of living is very high. Nice views and keep on stopping by here regularly dear …:)

  • Hi Guru and Reginald,

    First of all thanks Guru for letting us know some true facts about blogging from Reginald.Blogging is changing but we should take it as a challenge and make changes in our approach towards it. Blogging is not the same when some people started 10 years back. It was very easy at that time when there was less competition. Like Reginald told, we can use the positive side of blogging for enhance our online or offline business.
    Regarding full-time income from blogging, I tell you Guru, I can’t even buy a good luch for my family from an Indian restaurent with $50 a month. If we live in a western country like U.K., we need at least $3000 (nearly 2000 pounds) a month to make both ends meet in a bit happy way. But if I come back tomorrow to India and stay at my home in Trivandrum, even $200 or $500 a month is a good income provided I am not paying rent for my house there. Here, I totally agree with the points of Erika. But, in my opinion I will say that we will always concentrate on the positive sides of anything we do and keep motivated to make it work for our benefit in one way or the other.

    Once again thanks Guru and Reginald for sharing the views.

    Have a great time blogging.

    Reji Stephenson

  • Hello Guru and Reginald,

    Thank you for bringing us another great interview from another wonderful blogger.

    Reginald, I love how you are absolutely honest and told us like it is.

    I agree on using our blogs to boost our credibility and promote our businesses but not entirely depending on it for a living.

    I have started making videos as my aim via my blog is to promote myself as a motivational speaker and positive psychology consultant and make a living out of it.
    Blogging acts like my business card.

    I also agree with Reji and Erika’s comment. Even here in Australia, one can’t solely depend on blogging to make a living. Although we make good money in developing countries like these from our day jobs….cost of living is pretty high and blogging cannot cut it out for us.

    But definitely it’s not impossible. We just have to weigh in the pros and cons and decide what works best for us 🙂

    Thank you again Guru and Reginald for this interview.

    Wishing you both a great year ahead 🙂

    • Hello Hema,

      Many thanks for stopping by and I am so happy to see your lovely comments on this post and my blog. Yes, every point made by Reginald is honest and straight from the heart. I am happy to see someone giving their honest opinions and views instead of a formal interview and I am so lucky to meet these Pro Bloggers and have their chats on my blog. As you said, yes there is always pros and cons for anything in this world and we are the ones who have to decide what is the best for us. Thanks a lot for your inspiring words and I wish you the great year ahead too.. 🙂

  • Thanks reginald and guru

    I started blogging due to shoutmeloud.com ‘s income reports. If harsh hasn’t posted that reports, I won’t be blogging. Today i make a living from my 9 blogs. currently i’m 18 🙂


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