Interview with Vidur Chaturvedi |India’s 1st exclusive acting trainer

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Hi Readers,

Today is the one of the biggest moments in my blogging career and one of the biggest posts  in this interview series. We proudly present in our “Birthday Interview Series“, Mr. Vidur Chaturvediwho is India’s best acting trainer and who has already completed Silver Jubilee Celebrations for his Training/Coaching career in the year 2014.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Vidur Chaturvedi Sir  … 🙂

He has trained many celebrities in Bollywood and other South Indian Film industry actors. Below is the list of Actors trained/instructed by him.

Vidur Chaturvedi
Image courtesy: www.vidur.co.in

So here is a brief introduction of him before starting the interview/Chat.

A Brief Life – Sketch of Vidur Chaturvedi

Vidur Chaturvedi
Image courtesy: www.facebook.com/vidur.chaturvedi

The name, by which people know him in Mumbai, is Vidur. His real name is Kamal Nayan Chaturvedi. During his ” Chanakya ” days, he was known as Kamal Chaturvedi. When he was writing for films and television serials, his name used there was Vidur Kamal Nayan. Deoria, a small district in U.P., is his birthplace. He was born in the family of advocates and farmers.

Vidur a.k.a. Kamal Nayan Chaturvedi did his post graduation in English Literature from Allahabad University, Uttar Pradesh in 1974.

He came to Mumbai in 1989 and became an acting trainer. As a freelancer, he was associated with various acting institutes in MUMBAI, PUNE, NASHIK and BENGALURU. On September 21, 2012, he opened his own acting institute in Mumbai, named, ” Vidur Acting Institute “ .

He has written two books till date. In 2004, he co-authored a book, ”SWAYAM VADYA SWAYAM VADAK”. It is the first book on acting in Hindi. Then in 2008, he wrote a booklet of diction for his students. It is titled ” BHASHA AUR UCHCHARAN “.

In between, he ventured into a new field, and in 2005 co-directed a Marathi feature film, “BHAKTI HEECH KHARI SHAKTI “,  starring ASHOK SARAF and ALKA KUBAL.”

Courtesy: http://www.vidur.co.in/aboutme

Warm Welcome to BestOfGuru(BOG) Vidur Chaturvedi Sir, and very thankful for you for giving such a rare opportunity to know more about you with this interview.

Vidhur Chathurvedi
Image courtesy: www.facebook.com/vidur.chaturvedi

Gurunath: Please introduce yourself and how did you enter into this field and what is the motivation behind it?

Everything is mentioned in the LIFE-SKETCH piece above.

Gurunath: What types of segments in acting mainly you focus or train for?

IMPROVISATION is the basis of my training. But it is run by unique training style, known as “THE PROCESS”

Gurunath: What is your biggest challenge ever when you train a son or daughter of a Celebrity?

For making a colossus, I need either clay or a monolith. Ego and false notions are main challenges.

Vidur Chaturvedi

Gurunath: Do you train the stars right from the basics of acting or only make some adjustments to their current acting skills?
No adjustments. It is basics of acting. 

Gurunath: What other things you do apart from personal coach/acting trainer? What are the institutes you own or collaborate with?

Name of my institute is VIDUR ACTING INSTITUTE. [ www.viduractinginstitute.com ]. I have no other job.

Gurunath: What are basic requirements for a new trainee should possess in order to get into your reputed institute for training?
Absolutely nothing. He must be willing to learn new things, unlearn past false notions and ready to adjust with “THE PROCESS”.

Gurunath: Time is so precious and I have read that you do many things apart from trainer/Coach, how do you balance all these multi-tasks with ease?

I divide my time accordingly and have perfected TIME MANAGEMENT. It comes with practise.

Gurunath: Who is your best trainee so far and why so? And if given a chance, who is your dream legend actor you wish to train?

For me all my students are equal. Absolutely no preferences. I would have loved to train ASHOK KUMAR, DILIP KUMAR, DEV ANAND & RAJ KAPOOR. But alas! no chance!

Gurunath: What inspired you to write the books on Acting?

Vidur Chaturvedi
Courtesy: http://www.vidur.co.in

All books on acting cater to western sensibilities. Apart from “NATYA SHASTRA” there is no book which deals with Indian sensibilities. So decided to write. 

Gurunath: You have celebrated your Silver Jubilee last year, What was your  successful journey secret? 

Dedication, hard work and consistency.

Vidur Chaturvedi
Courtesy: www.vidur.co.in

Gurunath: Any final words to our BOG readers?

There is always vacancy at the top.

Gurunath: You can know more about Vidur Chaturvedi sir at:





www.facebook.com/ vidur.chaturvedi



Once I thank you very much for giving me such an opportunity to have your interview post on my blog, Vidur Sir ..:)

Note: If you like this post, please do share with your friends and please comment below for any queries or if you need to interact with Vidur Sir through this post!!!

Comments (12)

  • Hi Gurunath and Vidur sir,
    It is very interesting to hear from the trainer of the stars.
    My young friend Anant Thakur just told me that he had training with Vidur Sir.
    I like this;”He must be willing to learn new things, unlearn past false notions and ready to adjust with “THE PROCESS”. and I am going to find out what the process is. The past false notions may not be easy for some to unlearn 🙂
    What a beautiful job it must be to help all this young talent to go in the direction of their dreams. Good, there is always vacancy at the top which can be reached with dedication, hard work, consistency and the training of Vidur Sir.
    Will look at all the links to learn more. Thank you Vidur Sir for the interview.
    Thank you Gurunath for introducing this great man to us.

    • Hi Erika, Thanks a lot for your lovely comments. Good to hear that one of your friends got trained from him. Happy to hear that the information provided has given some value to the readers..:)

  • Hey Gurunath, thanks for making us know about Vidhur Sir.

    I didn’t knew anything about him until I read this post.

    Great to know that he is the acting Guru for many famous bollywood personalities.

    If in life I ever decide to be an actor, then definitely I will try to learn acting from him.

    I hope to talk with Vidhur Sir someday.

  • WOW!! Finally got to know about the Guru of my fav actors!!! ? Thanks for this!!

  • Great to know regarding Vidur Sir…

  • Nice post! A Very well framed interview.

  • Great read. Good to know more about Vidur chaturvedi sir. 🙂


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