iOS vs Android – which is the best platform for professionals in the business world?

iOS vs Android

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Image Credits: Shutterstock

iOS and Android are the two most common mobile operating systems in mobile technology, yet each has its own merits and demerits. For most people, their choice of operating system depends on what they used first since that is what they got used to and it became a comfort zone for them. The thought of learning a new system is never entertained since it is time-consuming. However, there is another category of people whose choice of operating system is dictated by functionality. These people will go to any extent and learn a new system if they feel it will serve them better. Business people fall under the latter and before concluding which of the two is the most appropriate for them, let us first compare and contrast.

Quality of applications

Most software developers develop apps for both Android and iOS, but iOS always gets it first. This is because of the simplicity of customizing apps in iOS, unlike Android which takes longer. On the same note, the Apps developed for iOS are of high quality because the system is very particular with what it allows. Most Android phones do not have updated software, and this makes it difficult to develop high-quality standard apps for them. The other reason behind this is consistency in that iOS does not have many versions at a go. Once a new version is released, all devices are updated.

Features and customization

With Android operating system, it is possible to customize the appearance according to your preference. On this, iOS is not flexible, and the user has to get accustomed to its default appearance. Android will allow you to change everything including fonts and icons technically. This is an advantage considering you can personalize your phone and install any app you like. You can always check out the latest technology news to find out more.


iOS functions better than Android in the sense that it can amend bugs quickly since the system is inaccessible by the apps. Android, on the other hand, has its apps installed in the operating system, and any problem affecting an App will affect the whole phone. This explains why Android phones need to restart after an app crash.

Cost factor

Android is the most common mobile phone operating system, and manufacturers understand this too well. For this reason, almost all phone brands have an Android phone, and this leaves the consumer spoilt for choice. They are in a position to choose what they want at a cost they can afford. We cannot say this for iOS which is specific to Apple gadgets. Apple products are a bit high in cost because they only target a specific market segment.


When considering security, iOS is the way to go because in Apple this is given top notch priority. As a security measure, employees at Apple carry out inspections to authenticate the Apps being sent to the Apple store. This prevents malware and viruses from infecting the operating system. To add on that, iOS has a burglarproof system that is the GPS tracker which is used to track down the gadget in case it is stolen.

From this discussion, we conclude that both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS have their strengths and weaknesses. After analyzing both systems keenly, it is evident that the best operating system for the business world is Apple’s iOS. Business people would prefer a more secure system to one that has many features. They would rather have a system that assures them security for their information is well beefed up. Most of these people never even have the time to think about how their phones are not customized. These are non-issues with more important considerations being placed on privacy and security.

Hacking into an iOS is next to impossible, and this makes the business people feel that their information is secured. Android is best suited for people who have time to pimp and personalize a phone while iOS is for people whose main focus is on getting things done. Considering its functionality, an iOS gadget will serve people in business better than Android, only that they will have to part with a few more coins. World news headlines related to this subject will give you more info to follow up on.

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