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Is free Word Press themes not worth it?

I have a question to all the bloggers out there although many of you think it a “Silly” question, is free Word Press themes not worth it?. This question has been from many of the new bloggers and on the behalf of them I am writing this article today.

I have come across that “Free themes” are not good for use and they fetch you no money and they are prone to hijacking your traffic etc..etc.. Is that really a reality that Free Word Press themes not worth it? then what is the use of having free themes even at

pwordpress free themes no value

I saw few people using themes are under free themes category but still they look good in Alexa ranking and other traffic sources which literally means they have the potential to earn…

There are few free themes that are categorised under Popular Themes Criteria of WordPress.Org and all are rated 4.5 above rating out of 5 stars. Can’t we use those themes?

There are many new bloggers who are thriving to succeed in blogging but initially most of them can’t afford initial investment as most of them are students.

On behalf of those brilliant and future prospects of Pro bloggers, I want to ask and at the same request every successful blogger to share their experiences on how to start a blog with “Free”  theme (with premium features) and then after that buy a premium once they earn few dollars and  in a position to buy anything.

I have seen few bloggers are earning decent income from BlogSpot too but why can’t a person can earn with a self-hosted website from Word Press Can’t (without premium theme).

Investing in web hosting itself is a pain in initial stages and if somebody ready to invest in web hosting and can go for Free themes, it is tough for him or her to survive these initial months.

One more thing is many of the  TOP rated premium themes are costing 59 to 99 dollars and most of them offer  ONLY  1-year customer support and is that any good? How can a person can spend 100 dollars every year for a theme?

Recently I have heard the same from one of the event that “Free themes” are “No Value/Not worth/Waste of Time” and they are prone to hack and manipulation and malpractice etc.. I am not talking about the free themes outside of the repository Free themes not worth itof WorPress, what about the ones that Word Press directory itself has?

There is another argument from the senior bloggers that if you want to “earn money” from blogging, you need to” invest money”. What is the difference between an outside business and Blogging then?

Students, Freelancers, Part-time business people look for legal sources for income and Blogging is one of the excellent choices they can go far. If suppose I want to earn a basic amount of Rs.10000 (15$)(no guaranteed income even through Adsense and affiliates) a month, still I need to invest around 10$(Guaranteed) for webhosting, Theme(if needed customer support and all-), Plugins, Internet charges and TIME.

This is how in reality it works like. So is there anyone who can defend and give a valuable feedback and help the new bloggers on how can they get income in a year without any loss (Not on month on basis though).

Finally, I have few options to you and you can elaborate your views on any of the choice you like.

Choice 1: Yes there is a good income in blogging even you have a FREE theme and this is how you can earn from that ….

Choice 2: I can’t say you can earn without any investment in Premium themes but here are the better alternative ways to earn from blogging with a least possible investment…

Choice 3: You can’t earn from blogging at all even you can invest money and Time but can earn something out of it with investment on Webhosting, Plugins, Themes, Affiliate and third party purchases etc…

Note for Theme sellers/Owners: If anyone who is the owner /Seller of the themes reading this posting request them to make sure they offer themes at the cheapest and best possible and encourage the PASSIONATE Bloggers who can be useful to the society with their blogs and articles.

I know how much pain, time and hard work is put beyond the preparation of a theme, but if you can reduce your profits, you can still acquire major sales in terms of many people buying them and recommending them.

India is one of the biggest and huge market to aim for and as we people still in starting stages of blogging, you can target our market by giving some very low cost/affordable quality PREMIUM themes so you can get huge sales volume instead focusing high rates with low sales volume.

This way both the blogger as well the theme owner can be benefited.

Disclaimer: This article is solely written in the public interest and there is no intention of degrading or offending anyone. If you find any words or sentences in the article are NOT acceptable or Abuse or violating any guidelines if any, can bring to our notice through our contact form so that we are ready to delete/correct accordingly.

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  • Free wordpress themes are worth it in some ways,
    The truth is that there are so many good free wordpress themes out there that you will actually find very hard to differentiate with the premium ones, i think that using the free themes is necessary when you’re just starting out and do not have the money to invest but once you start making some cash, its always good to invest in premium themes.

  • Is free Word Press themes not worth it?
    its a very good point from you.
    i think that the using of free themes is very useful when we are just starting out
    and don’t have money for investment,
    but once you start making some money,
    its always good to invest in premium themes.
    anyway thanks for nice sharing.

  • i am very happy to read this blog. i hope this will be very useful for me and all readers.
    i am very thankful to for this good sharing.
    and i appreciate your this work.
    anyway thanks again.