Kulwant Nagi – Master of Affiliate Marketing

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An Expert Interview with Kulwant Nagi, Founder of Blogging Cage

Hello Readers,

It’s been a few months now we haven’t done any interview in our “BOG Birthday Series of Interviews“.We are today back with a bang having one of the Giants in Affiliate Marketing and India’s one of the most popular bloggers. He is none other than Kulwant Nagi, the founder and owner of Blogging Cage and who is one of the few successful Affiliate Marketing Professionals from India.

Gurunath Nakka: Although you don’t need an introduction, as a formality question to start with, tell us a little about yourself ?

Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi: I am from a very small town in Haryana.

After completing graduation in 2010, I did the job as a verification engineer for 6 months. Soon I realized that this was not the life which I wanted to live, so I resigned.

The funny thing is – I resigned in June 2011, and I didn’t know anything about blogging till that time. So I started my first blog in September 2011 and soon started BloggingCage in January 2012.

Gurunath Nakka: Every Successful personality have a little hard story behind him/her, What was yours to make yourself today to stand in top position?

Kulwant Nagi: This started when my life was ruined in 2010. I got admission in 6 universities in the USA for master’s degree.

One college offered me $16,000 scholarship, and I was happy. I planned the flight for the USA on 13th August 2010, and everything was ready. Soon I found that we didn’t have money to afford the education fee.

We asked many people for the money but no one helped us.

This one incidence raised so much anger in me that I decided to make hell lots of money.

I know money cannot buy happiness, but there are million other things which can be achieved my money only.

So I started my blog having the vision to make it a big blog.

Gurunath Nakka: It’s quite hard to select a niche and then work on it to become successful among the toppers list, you have done that quite well with your blogs, What’s the strategy and efforts you put behind that?

Kulwant Nagi: Selecting the niche is a tough task, but once you are passionate to create something awesome for your life, it becomes easy.

I started my career by starting a multi-level marketing blog, where I used to share MLM tips. During those days, I was working with a network marketing company so I had the knowledge to write on those topics.

Soon after reading many blogs on blogging niche, I started getting more interest in this niche.

So after 3 months I started BloggingCage.

The formula is simple – stick to one niche for 6-8 months, soon you will become a master of it.

Note: Recently I started a new website to sell WordPress themes. We named it Dashing Themes. We can say it’s a WordPress niche blog where we are going to write many WordPress related articles as well.

After working in the industry for 5 years, we are confident and knowledgeable enough to write on this niche.

Gurunath Nakka: What tools do you use for selecting a niche and what are the do’s and don’ts in doing so?

Kulwant Nagi: I am using Long Tail Pro since 2012, so this is one of the best weapons in my arsenal. With this tool, you can find some of the best keywords in any niche which are untapped and easy to rank. They have developed an algorithm in the tool, which helps you to decide whether it’s a good keyword to make a niche website or not.

Selecting a niche itself is a science. Sometimes you will come across some awesome keywords which can be monetized well with the right strategy, but you don’t have any knowledge about it.

So I would recommend going with you confidence about the product. If you feel that you can find people who are good enough to write about that topic, then you can build a website around it and start fetching sales.

Ultimate goal is to build a website which helps the end user.

Gurunath Nakka: What are the best Affiliate Marketing programs do you recommend for the bloggers who want to excel in that field?

Kulwant Nagi: All affiliate marketing programs are good if you know about your potential customers. If there is any product in the market, that means there are buyers, and if there are buyers, that means there are an affiliate of that products also.

[bctt tweet=”Every product is a Good Affiliate Product if you know How to Promote them” username=”bestofguru1″]

Gurunath Nakka: If I am a budget guy and want to invest my dollars for only one for each category of the below which one do you recommend?

a) WordPress theme, b) Plugins, c) Keyword Search tool d) SEO related tools e) Backlink tool/s f) Social marketing g) Email/newsletter tool? Any other do I miss?

Kulwant Nagi: I strongly recommend having a good WordPress theme for your blog, because this is the place where people are going to judge the quality of your work.

Kulwant Nagi

Plugins are the backbone of any WordPress blog to make it more flexible, so an investment here is also must.

I am the big fan of Long Tail Pro (Keyword Search tool), so you can buy it if you have a budget.

Email marketing is another must to do investment if you are building your blog for a long term.

Gurunath Nakka: You have attended the latest Affiliate World Asia Bangkok Summit 2015 recently, how was your feeling and please do share some highlights you learned there?

Kulwant Nagi: Attending this conference was one the best investments I have ever made on myself. Meeting big experts in person is one of the best achievements, shaking hands with people whom you consider as you virtual mentors is an awesome feeling.

Information share there was super awesome. I say them golden nuggets.

I have never ever read that information on any blog, forum or anywhere on the online portals. So attending this event was a mind opener experience from the information point of view.

Kulwant Nagi

Gurunath Nakka: Which blogs do you follow/read on the regular basis and which blogs you recommend for new bloggers to follow on a daily basis?

Kulwant Nagi: I am the big fan of QuickSprout and Inc.com. Both add immense value to their blog readers. So I am recommending these 2 blogs to read.

Gurunath Nakka: What is the thought behind your new blog “knowledge age”? What are the topics you are covering in that? Are you merging Blogging Cage to this blog or it is a separate entity altogether?

Kulwant Nagi: Knowledge Cage is a how to oriented blog. Here we share only ‘how to’ article to solve small technical problems.

We have registered it as a separate firm to keep the things in more control and to make it a big identity in the upcoming years.

Gurunath Nakka: Any suggestions for BOG (bestofguru.net) improvement and final words for our readers?

Kulwant Nagi: I was happy after visiting your website as you have the very clean design. But somewhere I felt that you logo is not making your website unique. It’s very dull and boring.

Content on your website is awesome.

Work more on your website colors and get a professional logo.

Final words for readers: Blogging is huge. Treat it like a business and focus more on learning. Money in this market is big, but it will come only and only after spending some time on learning.


I hope you have enjoyed this valuable tips and advice from Kulwant Nagi and if you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to ask the same in the comment section.

Thank you Kulwant for taking your valuable time and sharing some awesome and profitable tips and ideas from your own experiences.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from www.bestofguru.net Team and we wish you a great and fruitful year ahead!

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  • Wow awesome interview really…. interview with Kulwant Nagi it’s really amazing experience… thanks bro for taking a interview…. because I’m big fan of BLOGGING CAGE Site….

  • Hey Guru,

    It’s great to see Kulwant here. He is an inspiration to many newbies as well as Pros.

    Hi Kulwant, the life lessons and the learning curve you have gone through is truly commendable. I really enjoyed reading through the interview. Wish you reach your greatest capabilities.

  • Lovely interview. Good to get some new tidbits on blogging

  • Generating an income through affiliate is definitely not a problem any more today, but definitely this is a great post, keep great work up.

  • The journey of Kulwant Nagi is simply awesome and very motivational. Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online and frankly speaking every one of us is trying to make the most of that form our blogs. It is really great to find some honest information shared by Kulwant Nagi. Thanks Guru for sharing this interview. Keep up the good work.

  • I am an old reader of Kulwant blog and learned many things about blogging. His blogging is excellent, newbies and intermediate bloggers can learn most the thing which requires for creating a profitable blog.
    Thank you for sharing this interview.

    M Imran

  • Hi Guru,
    Thanks for sharing the interview with your readers. Kulwant is a a motivation for all bloggers and internet marketers. Love to hear anything about him.
    Best regards
    Reji Stephenson

  • Good to read about him, very nice interview.

  • Great interview. He is really a great blogger. Really an inspiring blogger.
    Thank You !

  • Thanks for drawing my attention to Kulwant Negi. I will read more of what he writes. btw – did you get the pinbgack that I had created from my blog?

  • Hi Guru,
    Kulwant is just an awesome blogger and I love the way he is growing 🙂
    Thanks for interviewing him, loved it!
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S. Please do read my latest blog post at MeetAhmad [dot] com, I’ll be waiting for your response.
    Thanks again!

  • Blogging Cage has been one of the most inspirational blog in my blogging career. From this blog I have learned many things about blogging. Yet it’s really a great pleasure to read this article and getting the impotant information.

    Thanks a lot Gurunath, for the great article.

  • Good interview. Let me see what I can adapt for my blog.


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