10 Things to keep in Mind While Launching a New Website

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Maintaining a website is really very tough. Launching a new website is the next difficult thing. Once you set up a wrong website you are gone and it takes months to recover. Sometimes the effects are irreversible and you have to start it all very once again.

Here are 10 points that you should keep in mind while you are planning to launch a new website:

1) The platform where you would want your website to be:

Choosing a correct platform for setting up your website or blog is the first step that you should think. You have to consider a number of points before taking a decision:

  1. Are you on a small budget? If yes you can go for many of the free platforms to start a blog and make money. Google’s blogger platform is the best and most advanced. However you can try out Tumblr (if you are a photo or image-based user) or WordPress.com (if you are okay with the limitations, but it is the second best platform after blogger).
  2. b) If you want a sophisticated and fully functional site that would give you full control of your site then it would be better to use WordPress.org. This very blog is set up on WordPress .org.  For this you have to buy hosting to host your blog  I will discuss hosting later in the post.

2) Domain name:

After you have gone through the selection of platform you can get a domain name for as low as $5. If you want a completely free blog then you can get it by blogger and wordpresss.com having a subdomain www.your domain.blogspot.com or www.yourdomain.wordpress .com. However, this would not go well if you want your website for professional reasons.

Things to consider when buying a domain:

  1. a) Register a domain name that is easy to remember and does not include too many hyphens or numbers.
  2. b) Try booking a domain name with .com or .net extensions. If you want country specific traffic then having an.US or.IN etc. domain makes sense.
  3. c) Do not register domains with extensions.So, Nz or such as these domains hardly help you in SEO and are regarded as spam.

3) Hosting: 

Hosting means the web space which will have your site hosted on it. There are many hosting providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround, inMotion Hosting, iPage, FastComet etc. Choose the one that best suits your needs based on the traffic you expect, the storage you need etc. There is a hosting one.com that provides efficient and reliable hosting with only the cost of the domain for the first year. So you have to choose what you want.

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4) Time: 

Now that these basic things are set up there is something that you should consider seriously; time.

There is no use posting 7-8 posts on one day and not posting the next one for the next six months. You should consider that blogging or be setting up a website is a serious task in which your audience is expecting to hear something from you. If you don’t provide them with desired results they will fly away.

If you don’t have time for writing you should arrange a content writer much before you set up your blog so that when your blog so ready it should have something for everybody.

5) Your audience:

You should consider who your future audience will be before launching your website. Are they teenagers, or are they from the corporate world, or are they from the photographer’s community.

It is then that you can do a research on what your blog should look like and what should be your key target points. Selecting and knowing your audience will help you know what way they can be leveraged. How you can monetize them etc.

6) Your ultimate goal also matters:

What is your ultimate goal of setting up a website? Do you want to sell a product? Or do you want to inform the audience about the topics related to your niche? Or do you want to showcase your work portfolio? These questions are essential and important to consider prior to the launch of your website. Once you know your goals you can work towards it. It is far better than just randomly opening your website and realizing halfway that you have missed your goal. Returning can be painful both resources wise and labor wise.

7) The design of your Website:

The design is the most important part of your website. Setting up the best theme is an intelligent step that you should consider before even launching your site. Because most well designed and highly converting themes require you to invest money you should make prior arrangements.

Here are certain aspects of your design worth keeping in mind.

a) A classy theme: It is a must if you want to set up your blog for a business purpose. A funky theme for teenagers will be perfect to hook them up for hours.

b) Read point six once again: Yes your aim for the website also affects your design. If you want your product to be sold at your website you could use many of the e-commerce themes that have exclusive features to sell online. Woocommerce is one.

c) If you want your website as a freelance portfolio for your work there are thousands of themes that give a class to your portfolio. Check them out.

d) Your Website should be responsive and mobile friendly. Here are some of the free online tools to test website responsiveness.

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8) Proper knowledge on SEO:

If you are planning to be blogging for a long time. It is no brainer to learn on the go. Instead, you should learn the basic SEO, blog setups and other simple tutorials beforehand. This will not only help you to build a confidence. But also will save a few bucks from your pocket that would be spent in the name of designers and SEO experts. Read out authority blogs and YouTube videos are the largest and most reliable source to learn the basics.

9) Social skills:

I have already said this many times but am still not tired of saying it. You should enhance your social skills to build up a network for your website. If you are setting up a basic website only to update your business happenings then this step can be ignored. Else proper connections will help you reach your goal easily.

10) Last but not the least; Monetization

Before even setting up a website you should always give a thought on monetizing it. I am not saying to overload it with ads the very first day of launch itself, but building up a strategy in which you decide how to monetize your site in the future is essential. Imagine you realize you have to stop your website months after its launch just because of insufficient funds? So, it is advisable to make a proper strategy.

Over to you

So these were the most important basic things to keep in mind before launching a new website. Hope this helps you to build a better website with concise planning.

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  • Very useful tips. 🙂

  • Hey, Gurunath! Nice to meet you today?

    Anyway, the above is an awesome and it’s so useful for who is going to start a blog or website.

    You know? When I first start my blog, I don’t all of these above. I just understood I can make some extra money from blog. Immediately, I went to Blogger and create a free blog.

    At the time, everything is bullshit. I did lots of mistakes such as copied other content and published on own blog. I didn’t what is SEO and content marketing hence I just create article for own blog, but not for readers.

    I don’t care about building relationship with other people who in the area of interests.

    I thought it mights be a long tail mistakes.

    However, I didn’t recommend to start a new website or blog free service as we need to spend to make a real business

    Thanks for share.

  • Very useful article for beginner like me.

  • Loved the article Guru..they are very useful tips for the newbies. Thanks for sharing

  • I have a personal list very similar to this but nearly as detailed. I know you hit on establishing a keyword list and can insert that list into the SEOmoz web app. That being said, for those of you non-members, you can also track your keyword rankings with Rank Checker, which can be found here: http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker/

    Obviously, you won’t rank in the top 150 for anything at first but it will become extremely useful once the site gets off the ground.

  • Hey Gurunath,

    Glad to read your wonderful post,

    Now-a-days, due to high expenses on website and other more factors makes very tough in maintaining websites. You have shared best ideas for selecting comfortable platform to establish our websites. WordPress.org. is really best than other choice, today it considered as best platform where we establish websites. These three ideas which is used to follow before or when buying a domain is informative for us, many of us confused when the time of buying a domain to them self.

    Great description about hosting, by this you have cleared whole scenario about term hosting. Yes i noticed by your post you have arise good question to clear doubt against website, first of all we have cleared about the purpose of our website whether it is for selling product or to inform the audience about the topics or any matter its completely depended upon our requirement. Finally great post, you have discussed incredible 10 most important things while launching a new website. I have also learned many things by your post it is full of information and very helpful for newbies.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy post.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  • Great article Gurunath. I believe point 6 is the most important – the ultimate goal. A lot of people fail in their attempts to build a great site because the lack a goal and a focussed approach to that goal.


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