2 Simple methods to make your Android device boot faster 2017

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This is a Guest Post Contributed by Shubham Habib.

By Android you can do great things as you all may already know it but, most of all the great tweaks of Android phone aren’t accessible till you root your Android. Rooting can make Android even better but it will over the warranty of the device. Today we are going to discuss such topic called “Methods to make your Android Device Boot Faster“.

As I know most of the people have an Android which boots very slow, we can easily tackle it and can make it boot faster, for this you need a Rooted device, it will make changes in your system so, before doing that you keep in mind that it can also hurt your device so, be careful out it.

If you have a clear idea in your mind about booting your Android device faster than you can easily do that by following the method which is going to be discussed in this article.

A great reason of your Android booting slow is that it sometimes needs to boot itself with all the Apps being installed in the system, more Apps you install the system, more time it will take to boot itself.

Make your Android Device Boot faster

Making your Android boot faster won’t be terrible. You just have to apply the method discussed below. The whole process gets shaped in steps you have just to read and follow.

Methods to Make Your Android Device Boot Faster

Method 1

In this method, we are going to edit the build. Prop by using the ES File Explorer App.

  1. First of all, you will have to Root your Android device because as I told you before this method will only work in Rooted Android devices. If you want to Root your Android device, then visit here.
  2. Once you have done it rooting your Android device you have to download an Application called ES File Explorer – Click here to Download.
  3. When you open the App, just swipe towards right key and swipe down, and you’ll see an option called “Root Explorer” just turn it on.
  4. Grant the Root permission to the application.
  5. Now just navigate the named System Folder >Build. Prop.
  6. Once you open the folder, you will see many text editing option choose any one of them.
  7. After opening the file, you have to add or paste the text written below.


  1. It’s almost done. Now you have just to save the file and exit the Application.

That’s it you’re done. You have just to reboot your device and when it will start you’ll notice that it was faster than ever before. It will boot faster in comparison of before and just because we’ve added that code.

Method 2

In this method, we are going to use an App called Startup Manager. When any Android device boot up, there are many Apps that starts along with the boot.

So, we will disable the unnecessary Apps with the help of this App. There are many Apps to do this task, but we are choosing this App because it works best. IMOBLIFE INC develops this App, and it is rated 3.9 stars on Google Play store.


  1. Disabled Apps can be restore later.
  2. Just one click to get all details of that particular App.
  3. Easy to use features.
  4. Ability to convert user App to system App [Requires Root].
  5. Supports Android 1.5 and later.

When you open the App, a user tab shows all the user applications that have restart function. You can uncheck them all to enhance system startup speed. Long tap an app name will give you access to enable/disable, read application info about, uninstall the app and search the app in Android Market.

Android Device Boot Faster

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Ending the Article

As I told you before, that any Android device boot faster needs a rooted device. Without Rooting you won’t be able to apply this method. Those of you worrying about the after effect of Rooting device, I would like to tell you guys that you don’t have to worry about any after effects. Rooting won’t harm your device, and you will just lose the warranty of your Device.

The increase in booting speed is for a longer period; it’s not any short term solution. The changes in your Android would be on the permanent basis.

This is the end of the article on Android Device Boot Faster. I hope you have liked this article. Feel free to share your views and comment your reviews in the comment box.

Comments (4)

  • Hey Shubham,

    Android is a very cool device and rooting makes it exceptional as you can do many things on your Android device that you can’t do without rooting. Rooting voids the warranty, but it gives you the admin-ship access of your Android.

    As some Android devices really take minutes to start and many time we don’t have that much time to wait. So these two methods really sounds cool trick that will allow to edit the system files in Android. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  • Android device mostly takes very low minutes of time to boot it up, but still in this fast pacing world we don’t have a chance to wait for that. Anyway, time is precious finding an alternative for all the things will be useful for the future. The methods were very informative; I like the first methodology. And the features of the app was also excellent to know it. I was not aware of this before this is the first time I’m reading our this Android device boot. Thanks for the information.

  • Both methods are working well to remove junks . Thanks for the information .

  • when i was searching about boot my android phone i found your link. I applied all the methods and download King root app. and it’s very helpful method. thank you and keep posting.


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