Exclusive Interview: Manidipa Bhaumik founder of WPBlogging360

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To continue blogging with the same spirit needs huge dedication and an attitude towards constant learning – Manidipa Bhaumik

We introduce Manidipa Bhaumik from wpblogging360.com in our BOG Interview Series who is really growing at rocket pace in blogging. She is a down to Earth and lovable person and has got multi-talent. She has many blogs and maintains them with ease and great care. I have learned few strategies and ideas from Manidipa’s blogs and she is one of the aspiring women bloggers in India. Find more about her in her voice words below.

Gurunath Nakka: Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Manidipa Bhaumik: Thanks for the invite Guru. Hi friends, I’m Manidipa Bhaumik, a blogging enthusiast from India. I am born and brought up in Tripura, one of the most beautiful states from North East.

I am currently residing in Kolkata after living a long period in Hyderabad, the city I am deeply in love with. After working as an HR professional for few years, finally, I quit it to manage both my family and passion. I am a complete family person who enjoys the little things in life.

I have two major blogs WPBlogging360 Manidipa’s Kitchen. WPB360 is my online home, where I mostly write about WordPress Blogging, Technology & Affiliate Marketing. And Manidipa’s Kitchen is a food blog concentrated mostly on authentic Bengali Recipes.

Gurunath Nakka: Describe briefly how you first get into blogging?

Manidipa Bhaumik: In our family and friends circle, I have a decent reputation of being a good cook :). It was in 2011 when I and my husband Santanu thought to share my recipes through a blog. Manidipa’s Kitchen is our first blog which we had started on Blogger platform. Deciding on the recipe, preparing it, taking photos, creating blog posts, it was great fun. Gradually we started writing almost anything and everything in the world.

After a year, I had started giving less preference to it, as that was the time, I got fully busy with my kid’s schedule. My son had a speech delay, so we had to go through continuous speech therapy sessions for a year and a half. It was a very stringent period.

After that, I got busy with my job and literally quit blogging. By the time Santanu was experimenting with different aspects of blogging despite his busy schedule. He always tried to bring me back into blogging and we used to discuss how we can make it worthy.

By the year 2014, we decided to start serious blogging and split our blog into two parts. We took some significant decisions like buying a top level domain, migrating from Blogspot to self-hosted WordPress platform and investing on a premium theme. Thanks to Jane Sheeba for all her support. We got two domains in the name of MyDailyLifeTips.com, –a multi-niche blog and ManidipasKitchen.com, a recipe website.

It was 2015 when we both got interested in WordPress and thought to start a blogging blog, that’s how WPB360 was born. In 2016, finally, I quit my job to take my passion to the next level and make it a full-time career.

Gurunath Nakka: What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

Manidipa Bhaumik: The greatest letdown was choosing the right niche for blogging. We struggled a lot to build MyDailyLifeTips. At those days, we used to follow Google News a lot and was flooded with content ideas. It’s really challenging to maintain the spirit if you are not clear about what you want to share and for whom. Knowing the target audience is the first thing to be successful.

However, I don’t consider anything as a failure, they all are learnings that are helping me to be a better blogger everyday. I am thankful to God for every single thing he has given to me.

Gurunath Nakka: What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far? How would you like to overcome it?

Manidipa Bhaumik: The major challenge I am facing is to keep up the pace. Managing multiple blogs along with a small kid and elderly parents is a bit challenging. I have recently started a blog on Technology called Techlistz.com, which is taking a significant time to build. Also, when I start something, I get deep into it and end up losing time. I am trying to speed up my work and wish to be more productive in coming days.

Manidipa Bhaumik

Gurunath Nakka: How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

Manidipa Bhaumik: Continuous learning is the key to remain motivated. I used to be a book-worm and now love to read various topics over the web. I find it really fascinating where many people around the globe are creating and sharing some awesome content without any age bar. Also, every single comment that someone shares on my posts is a great boost.

Gurunath Nakka: Can you tell me about few sources from where you get products for review on your site?

Manidipa Bhaumik: The products that are reviewed on my blog are mostly those blogging tools that I find useful for a beginner to start and continue her / his blogging journey. ShareASale, CJ, VigLink are some good places to get the right affiliate products for my audience.

Gurunath Nakka: How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?

Manidipa Bhaumik: Keeping in touch with my blog readers is of utmost importance to me.It shows the reality how useful the content is and whether people like to read it or not. I try to reply every comment with maximum priority. I am really thankful to all those who take the time to read my blog, share the posts and leave their valuable insights.

Gurunath Nakka: What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?

Manidipa Bhaumik: Using the right social networking sites is the key. It is better for a newbie to start their social campaign with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Also social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg etc. can fetch some real good traffic.

To make a successful social media strategy, one must find the right timings that their target visitors are active on and schedule posts according to them. Posting around the different time zone can drive the potential traffic from around the globe.

Gurunath Nakka: Would you encourage other people to make their blog? Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

Manidipa Bhaumik: Of course, blogging has already been proven as an amazing career option. It can give one the platform to live their dreams while working from their comfort zone. However, to be a successful internet marketer, you have to find the right niche for your audience.

Blogging and making money, though related, but are little different. It’s not at all tough to start a blog and earn some money here and there. However, many times there can be a huge gap in the expected and real income.This is one of the most frustrating aspects. To continue blogging with the same spirit needs huge dedication and an attitude towards constant learning.

It is also very important to understand the right monetizing method for your blog. At the beginning, it may be a little challenging to drive traffic, so earning through AdSense may not be a feasible option. As it needs a significant traffic flow to make some decent money.

Rather Affiliate Marketing is a better choice where you can earn good even from a small amount of traffic. All you need to do is finding the right affiliate product as per your blogging niche, write a good review article and promote it properly.

To taste success in affiliate marketing, you have to find your target market and concentrate on proper promotional techniques.

Gurunath Nakka: Anything more you would like to share? And, final words to the audience of Best of Guru?

Manidipa Bhaumik: It is very easy to lose interest in blogging after a certain period. Just keep your spirit high, thinking that nobody forced you to choose this career option. It’s the outcome of your passion & interest. Also, whatever your blogging routine is, try to be consistent. Blogging has huge potential, keep exploring. Happy blogging folks!

Best wishes for your blogging journey Guru. Hope you will make it bigger.

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  • Thank you so much for the feature Guru. I really loved answering the questions.
    Best wishes for all your future endeavours 🙂

  • Thanks for some wonderful tips Guru – via Manidipa. I’m heading over to her blog right now.

  • Interesting Interview. Nice to know about woman blogger writing other than Cooking-Fashion-Parenting!! 😀

  • I truly appreciate Manidipa for her consistent efforts to bring out the best for her readers. I admire her for her helping spirit. Keep unfolding such good stuff Manidipa. Thanks to you too Guru Sir by giving lucrative opportunities to fellow Bloggers.

  • Hi Guru,

    Wonderful to see your post featuring Mandipa .
    It always feel great whenever I see a girl climbing success.
    Mandipa with her blog Wpblogging is one of India’s top female blogger.
    As most of the bloggers face challenges during their journey but how they respond to those challenges define their future. Mandipa shared her problems in early blogging career is really what most of newbie in blogging face.
    It was very aspiring success story of her. The strategies and tips shared by her are very useful and profitable to follow.
    Thanks for featuring her on your blog.
    With regards,

    • Hi Saurav,

      Thank you so much for such lovely words. Happy to know that you enjoyed reading through my blogging journey. It inspires me to work a lot. I feel really motivated. Wish you the best for your ventures too 🙂

  • I recently started visiting her blog and she is simply great in sharing valuable posts!

  • Hello,
    This is such an inspiring blog
    about Manidipa-bhaumik .
    She is an inspiration to many people.
    Thank you for sharing this valuable post.


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