Navratri Interview Series Day 3: Radhika Mundra

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Interview with Radhika Mundra – A Young All round Blogger (Founder of Expressing Life)

Day-3 of our ongoing “Navratri Interview Series” introducing Radhika Mundra.

Radhika MundraRadhika is a very young female blogger from India blogging in almost all categories and niches possible and the way she write the articles will be creative at its best. Please go through her blog and you know what I am talking about.

I know Radhika since I started blogging last 3 months ago, and is one of my regular blog buddy whose reviews and articles always so catchy.

So now let us know more about her in her own writings in this interview I had with her.

Hi Radhika thanks a lot for accepting my request and sparing some time to get in touch with our readers of “Best Of Guru”.

Gurunath: Radhika, can you please introduce yourself to our “Best Of Guru” readers?

Radhika Mundra: First of all, thanks Gurunath for giving me this opportunity, I feel honored!

About me, my name is Radhika and I’m based out of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. I’m a Chartered Accountant finalist, but a writer by passion. You can call me an explorer, not of land, but that of human nature. I like to tread on the path of life with a positive attitude and I believe in spreading the same!

Gurunath: What is your educational background and how that is helping you for your blogging?

Radhika Mundra: I’ve graduated from college in this March and will be a Chartered Accountant by this time next year, positive.

My educational background definitely helps me in sharing my opinions in a particular field be it Taxation, Finance, Law or IT but unfortunately, I don’t blog about these insipid topics! Nonetheless, I know enough how to make sense with what I write, all thanks to my Alma mater.

Gurunath: When did you start blogging and what inspired you to do so?

Radhika Mundra: Although my journey of blogging started more than 3 years ago with a blog named Eternity Of Emotions which I abandoned halfway, the actual start was the month of June in the year 2013. I’ve been blogging for more than 2 years on my beloved personal cum lifestyle blog, Expressing Life which is also my prime blog.

What inspired me to start a blog (Expressing Life) was basically just a thought of acknowledging the presence of people in my life who altered it in some way or the other. With time, the scope of my writings progressed as I blogged about the lessons I learned in the process of growing up.

Apart from the above mentioned, I have two more blogs namely, Short Stories 🙂 and Euphoric Revelation.

Gurunath: How much time you are devoting to blogging and how important is time schedule for a blogger?

Radhika Mundra: To be truthful, I’m struggling hard to find time to update my blogs regularly owing to my studies. However, I make sure that I blog at least once a week.

To succeed in blogging, maintaining a time schedule is very important for a blogger.

There should be always something new on your blog for your readers to indulge in and that’s the arduous thing about it.

Gurunath: What’s your opinion of taking blogging as a career either full time or part time and how can a person succeed in it?

Radhika Mundra: Since I myself am not a full-time blogger, I don’t think I qualify to answer your questions, but I do know a lot of people who have taken blogging as a full-time career and are nailing it like anything! I don’t know how can one succeed in the same, but I do know that it requires a lot of investment. Not of money, but that of time, strength and creativity.

Gurunath: What is the biggest moment for you in these blogging days and why so?

Radhika Mundra: I measure success with the small moments rather than a single big moment. Through blogging, I’ve made acquaintances with several interesting people, including you. My website’s Alexa ranking was within 100000 in India, which I consider as one big thing!

Gurunath: Are you a part-time or full-time blogger? If part time are you interested in doing it full time in near future? So what are your plans for that?

Radhika Mundra: I’m a part-time blogger because of my studies. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take up blogging full-time because I haven’t planned on leaving studies behind. After CA, I may go for fashion designing or LLB or even a Ph.D., you never know! I’m greedy for knowledge.

All the same, if I get a chance to be a full-time blogger, I’ll never let it go.

Gurunath: Do you parents support in doing blogging and how important is that to any blogger and is there any effect of it?

Radhika Mundra: Initially, my parents were not so cool about it but as I assured them that my blogging will not affect my studies adversely, they became the coolest parents one could ask for. Not just that, I can see that glimmer of pride in their eyes when they talk about my blog with our friends and family. It just makes me the happiest child! My mother tells me to read more in order to write better and my father tells me to write a book almost every other day.

I hope you already got the idea of how important the support of family is. It’s a turbo boost!

Gurunath: Who is your most inspirational blogger and list out few favorite bloggers’ you follow and their blog names?

Radhika Mundra: I have gained inspiration from the writings of several bloggers so it’s very difficult to point a single one out. Same is the thing with listing out a few favorites.

Archana Kapoor: Drishti.coRadhika Mundra1

Jigish Shah:



Yvonne Spence:

…and many more. The list is very long!

Gurunath: Are you blogging for hobby or for money or both? Is there any earning potential in blogging? Your views on that?

Radhika Mundra: I’m pursuing blogging as a hobby, but I do make a few moolah out of it here and there.

Blogging has an enormous earning potential, given that you have that amount of time and energy to invest in the same.

Gurunath: What Social platforms you think are the best for bloggers to increase their network and increase reader base?

Radhika Mundra: Apart from social platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc, blogging communities like BlogAdda, Indiblogger, etc provide numerous opportunities to bloggers along with allowing them to make new friends and increase their network as well as reader base.

Gurunath: Finally, do you want to share anything with our “Best Of Guru” readers?

Blogging is not confined to a distinct skill set. If you think you have something to share your knowledge about with the world, just get yourself a blog and share your story!

I’m sure you all acknowledge the efforts of Gurunath on providing exclusive content for all of us to savor every other day as much as I do. Happy reading!

Thanks to Radhika Mundra for this cute interview and spending some time for us.

If any of you have any queries, please do ask in the comments below.

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Note: Stay tuned for next 6 interviews on this series which will be published daily until the end of the series.

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