Navratri Interview Series Day 5: Sonam Asrani

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Interview with Sonam Asrani – Young adorable Techie blogger (Founder of  Microzoneplus)

Today is the 5th day of  our “Navratri Interview Series”, introducing Sonam Asrani one of the most aspiring young techie bloggers who has a blazing Alexa Rank day by day.

Sonam Asrani

What I like most out of Sonam Asrani is “Simplicity” in nature and in posting articles also in writing articles. If you can check all her posts, every post is very simple to understand by every person even a Non-techie people like me.

I have subscribed to her newsletter recently which shows how I love to read her posts…:)

Ok without taking much of your time here we go straight into the interview I had with her for this “Navratri Interview Series”.

Gurunath: Please introduce yourself to our “Best Of Guru” readers.

Sonam Asrani : Hello Gurunath, first of all, thanks for featuring me on Durga Pooja interview series. I am feeling so honored and privileged to be a part of such an innovative idea.

Well, Myself Sonam Asrani Founder of Microzone Plus. If you ask my education, I have completed BE and by profession, I am a Tech blogger and a freelance writer. I love watching TV (Though it’s not a good quality which a blogger should possess :P), reading books, and learning new things. Also, sketching is my hobby, though, I don’t get time for it now.

Gurunath: How did yours start your blogging career and what motivated you to do so?

Sonam Asrani : I have done my graduation in technology. So I wanted to pursue a career in a field where I could use my technical skills and enhance my knowledge. I was not allowed for a private job. I was left with only two options, whether to go for govt sector or to do something on my own.

Moreover, I had always dreamed of doing something related to tech. I started looking for a career online which work around tech. So, the only career which was fulfilling my demand was blogging and see here I am.

Gurunath: How important is choosing a Niche for a blog? What positive and negative effect it has on blogging?

Sonam Asrani : One should choose the niche which he/she is good at and which interest them, not the one which is high paying. I have seen people making health blog when they are good at technology.

In the beginning, everything seems felicity, but, at last, they end up getting failed. Because you can’t be into a field for long until it is of your interest.

Gurunath: If a newbie wants to star blogging now, how long will it take for him/her to be successful?

Sonam Asrani : If you ask me, I will say it depends on the passion and how much hard work and efforts you put in. But It takes minimum 6-7 months to get the things completely. Once you make your roots into the field, the success  is not far away.

Gurunath: What makes a blogger successful according to you? What steps to be followed to be successful in blogging?

Sonam Asrani : Though I don’t consider myself successful yet. But, what I have learned so far is work hard in the right direction. This is the only key which can make anyone successful in any field let alone blogging.

Gurunath: What are the important factors that one has to keep in mind while trying to write a successful blog post?

Sonam Asrani : I would say it’s the research which helps you creating successful and eye catchy contents. If you have researched rigorously and have gathered adequate knowledge about the certain topic, penning down things doesn’t take much.

Long and quality contents with good research, and properly used keywords is what makes a post successful(Saying it on my personal experience)

Gurunath:  Self-hosted word press,Blogger.com or WordPress.com which is best for a newbie to start off? if so why?

Sonam Asrani : From the day one, of my blogging career, I’ve been hearing from the top bloggers about the Word Press only. I know many bloggers who initially started blogging in different platforms but sooner or later they switched to WordPress.

In fact, my blog Microzone Plus is also running on Word Press and I’m quite satisfied with its services and no plans to switch it for long.

Gurunath:  Have you invested any money on advertising and marketing of your blog? If so what type of strategies and tools you have used?.

Sonam Asrani :   No, nothing at all!! I have never invested a penny for the advertisement on my blog and have no plans in the near future.

The only thing which can market your blog is the readership and the quality of contents on your blog.

Gurunath:  What are the most common mistakes that a newbie blogger can make?

Sonam Asrani :   Plagiarisms. This is the common mistake which every newbie blogger commit even I am one of them. I would suggest to newbie’s, never ever copy the contents. It can hurt your blog badly.

 Gurunath:  What are the methods you prefer to earn online with blogging like Ads, Affiliates, Content writing/sponsored writing etc.?

Sonam Asrani :   For me, the major source of monetization yet so far is content writing and sponsored posts. But nowadays, affiliate marketing is the major money making the source for every big blogger. Though I have not tried my hands in affiliate, I am enjoying providing freelance services for now. In short, It’s the learning and earning period of my life! 🙂

Gurunath:  What effect Plugins in Word Press blogs have and which are your best list?

Sonam Asrani :   Plugins are the crucial part for every blogging platform say it Word Press, blogger or anything.  My list of plugins implies majorly SEO by Yoast, Jetpack, Akismet and  w3 total cache.

Gurunath:   What are your future plans in blogging and what strategies are you going to implement to make your blog/s successful and keep up the pace?

Sonam Asrani :   Well, I do have some good plans to implement on my blog. I am thinking not to unveil it until I am successfully done implementing them.

But, for now, I only can say within a couple of months I have plans to launch a new blog. Let’s see how the things turn out.

Gurunath:   Do you want to share anything more with our Best Of Guru readers? What’s your opinion and suggestions about bestofguru.net?

Sonam Asrani : At last, my message to newbie’s and Best Of Guru readers is, if you are trying your luck in blogging I would suggest to work very very hard But, in the Right direction. Don’t blindly follow what others are doing. Keep faith in you and try to be yourself.

To you and your blog, I would say you are doing pretty well Gurunath, coming with such an idea of conducting interviews of nine female bloggers on these 9 days of Navaratri shows your creativity. For a blogger being innovative pave ways towards success. I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors.

 Thanks to Sonam Asrani for this beautiful interview and spending some time for us.

If any of you have any queries, please do ask in the comments below.

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Note: Stay tuned for next 4 interviews on this series which will be published daily until the end of the series.

Comments (9)

  • Hello, i really like your this article. I am a Blogger From Pakistan and i know that No one can teach you blogging, until and unless you want to learn it by yourself. So hard work always pays.

  • Hi Gurunath,
    what a great Idea to invite female bloggers during Navratri, which is dedicated to the female nature of the divine 🙂
    I saw Sonams Blog and I like that she has her own style . She is right success is coming if you are passionate what you write about and most important be yourself 🙂
    Great post
    Thank you

    • Hi Erika, Thanks for stopping by and very happy for your kind words and appreciation. I am happy that you know Sonam before and also visiting her blog and reading her blog posts. Yes she writes the posts in the simple to understand language.

  • nice interview 🙂

  • Hi Gurunath,

    That idea must be escaped out of box. Isn’t it? Love the idea of interviewing female bloggers for this auspicious lady-power festival season. I know Sonam before but, you just pulled out more of her in this interview. She writes in a simple tone that one doesn’t need a dictionary to read her posts. Glad I’m one of the loyal readers of her blog.

    I enjoyed reading the interview. I’ll be checking out more interviews in my free times!

    Have a good day 🙂

    – Sasidhar

    • Hi Sasidhar, Yes that was a random idea and a thought came from nowhere. I am so happy that you liked the idea of this Interview series of 9 Female bloggers which I thought is apt for the festive mood… 🙂

      Coming to Sonam, She is amazing and as you told, there will be no need to go for a dictionary as she writes in a very common language so that everyone in the world can understand… 🙂 yes I am one of the loyal readers of Sonam since I met her in this blog world… 🙂 Thanks for the kind words again and hope you don’t miss next interviews of this series…take care and have a nice day… 🙂


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