Navratri Interview Series Day 6: Nirmala Shanthakumar

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Interview with Nirmala Shanthakumar – “Magical & fascinating” Techie blogger (Founder of  mymagicfundas)

Today is the 6th day of  our “Navratri Interview Series”, introducing Nirmala Shanthakumar one of the friendly and helpful female techie blogger. She works Parttime on her blog but you never differentiate on her efforts as she works hard more than a full-time blogger does .Nirmala Shanthakumar

I am fortunate enough to become blog friend with Nirmala immediately when I started my blog journey and she is the one who advised me to start blogging right away with WordPress and self-hosting blog instead of Blogger platform.

Since then I am regular in touch with this friendly, humble, helping natured woman. Ok let’s check out the interview I had with her:

 It’s my esteem to get you over here, Mrs. Nirmala Shanthakumar.

Gurunath: Tell something about yourself to our Best Of Guru (BOG) readers and how and when did you start blogging?

Nirmala Shanthakumar: Thanks for providing a nice opportunity to share my blogging journey as a Navratri special Guru Nath, I’m honored.There is nothing much to tell about me. I’m a part-time blogger who leads a simple life.Writing is my passion and helping is one of my best attitudes.I started to blog in the year 2009 and for the past 3 years it has become the passion.

I blog at MyMagicFundas.com, where I write about technology, social media, online money making and blogging related topics.

Gurunath: Blogging is a time-consuming thing, so how being a Wife and Mother you’re able to spare your time for blogging?

Nirmala Shanthakumar: Yes, it is a hectic job to manage both family and blogging but the priority goes to my family.My blogging passion nudges me to complete the household tasks in a quick & prompt manner and thus I get a quality time for blogging and writing.I spend 6-7 hours online like the day job employees.

Gurunath: What is the effective promotional methods are you using to make your www.magicfundas.com do this magic for you?

Nirmala Shanthakumar: I am targeting visitors from Search Engines. Thus, I do keyword research to get profitable keywords before writing any post.Therefore, such kind of blog post has the self-promoting ability. It means they rank for the targeted keywords and start to drive organic traffic.If I write posts on trendy topics, I use Social Media and social bookmarking sites to promote my content.

Gurunath: Have you ever felt frustrated and depressed while blogging? Can you share us about that moment and how you’ve managed to move on?

Nirmala Shanthakumar: Yeah, like the newbie bloggers, I too struggled to drive visitors at my initial blogging stage. However, I’ve identified my readers and recognized their needs and now I am performing blogging in a better way.

Two years back, my Adsense ads were disabled due to the presence of a copyrighted image.  That happening was a major roadblock and I felt frustrated at that moment. I’ve removed that image and appealed to Google, then the ads were reinstated.Therefore, I’ve started to design my own image for the blog posts.

Gurunath:  What is the most challenging thing in blogging in your opinion and how can we deal with it?

Nirmala Shanthakumar: Creating a loyal community for a blog is the most challenging thing in blogging.

Networking with like-minded people, helping them by spreading their content and mentioning them in our blog posts are the genuine ways to make an inspiring community for a blog.

Gurunath: Can a blogger really make a living out of Blogging? If yes, how?

Nirmala Shanthakumar: Yes, a blogger can make a comfortable living out of blogging. This can be achieved through

  • Targeting the audience.
  • Understanding their requirements.
  • Solving their problems through unique, comprehensive content and
  • Provoking them come back regularly.

These strategies can make a blog popular and can earn a decent income through various monetization methods like Adsense Program, Paid Reviews, Sponsored Posts and Affiliate marketing.

Gurunath: Which is your most successful blog post to date why so?

Nirmala Shanthakumar: I crafted a helpful post on the topic “Online Jobs for Students” which is a successful blog post.I’ve written that post in a natural way (without stuffing the keywords) and offered some helpful links for the students to make money online.

Gurunath:  Which are your favorite list of blogs and why?

I would like to read in-depth blog posts, case studies, and recent tech stuff. So, my preferred blog list is big and endless.

Nirmala Shanthakumar: Few of the active blogs that I really like

Gurunath: Can you share any other important things to our “Best of Guru” readers?

Nirmala Shanthakumar: Yes Sure!

  • Blogging is an art that needs creativity, uniqueness, dedication, and planning.
  • Bloggers should not build the blog just to make money. They should start a blog on their familiar niche to update it in a steady manner.
  • Keeping an eye on selecting the domain name, reliable hosting and responsive theme for a blog would help in SEO.
  • Link building should be focused as it matters a lot.
  • They should stay active in learning the latest search engine algorithms and interact with fellow bloggers & visitors to progress their blog.
  • The more efforts the bloggers invest in initial days, the more wealth they could make later.

Gurunath: What is your advice, tips, opinion and suggestions for the improvement of bestofguru.net?

Nirmala Shanthakumar: I admire your serious efforts in improving your blog, keep it up.

  • Form a supporting community for your blog.
  • Target and understand your audience.
  • Update you blog in a consistent manner.
  • Stay active in social media to grow followers.
  • Write detailed blog posts.
  • Perform blog commenting and guest blogging on active blogs.
  • These activities would perk up your credibility in the blogosphere..:)

Thanks to Nirmala ShanthaKumar  for this motivating interview and spending some time for us.

If any of you have any queries, please do ask in the comments below.

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Note: Stay tuned for next 3 interviews on this series which will be published daily until the end of the series.

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  • Hey Gurunath,

    visiting your blog for the first time, looks great!

    Thank you for the excellent interview Nirmala.

    Good to know that you have already blogged for more than 6+ years!

    Working from home and managing your family isn’t easy. Especially when you have kids at home. I can relate to that myself – family always comes first. I have so far opted not to start an office because I want to give more time to my family.

    Thank you for all the action-able tips, will start implementing them right away!

    Excellent idea about creating the Navratri Special Interview Series Gurunath, will be checking out the rest of the interviews now,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • Thanks for visiting my blog Uttoran Sen. Your comment, appreciation and words are a great boost for me. Hope you enjoy the remaining interviews in the series too. Once again happy for you taking some time on this post.

    • Thanks for reading my answers Uttoran Sen, good to know that you would like to spend more time with your family.

      Yes, it’s a nice move by GuruNath, featuring female bloggers for Navrathri.

  • Hey Friend,
    You had provided a useful information in a short piece of content .
    I am beginner in blogging. Like your Interviewing and Writing Style .

    Thank You

    • Hi Sharat,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind appreciation. I am happy that this interview post has given some information. Thanks once again for the kind and encouraging words.. 🙂

  • First of all i will say thanks for this wonderful article its really very helpful for me.


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