Navratri Interview Series Day 8: Namrata Kumari

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Interview with young aspiring blogger – Namrata Kumari (founder of namratakumari.com)

Today is the 8th day of our “Navratri Interview Series” and we are introducing “Namrata Kumari” one of the most aspiring young female Indian blogger.

Namrata Kumari is one of the youngest blogger in my buddy list who work very hard for improving her blog even though she works in a job from 10 am to 8 pm. She is so passionate and dedicated to blogging and let us know more about this awesome girl in her own words below:

Gurunath: Can you tell our readers of “Best Of Guru” something about yourself and your family?

Namrata Kumari: I would love to begin with thanking Gurunath for bringing me this wonderful opportunity to share more about myself to his audience.

I belong to a simple middle-class family from Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand where I grew up amidst strict parenting, no pocket money and a lot of discipline. Observing the struggles of my parents, I learnt the importance of hard work and dedication in life. I have been a good student, a very bad employee, great motivator to friends, good child, a good sister to my young brother and a nagging one to my elder sister. Basically, I am a middle-class commoner with very high aspirations.

Gurunath: Apart from working and blogging What do you do in your free time?

Namrata Kumari: I am facing the biggest time crunch in my life these days. Struggling with the 10 to 8 job, I find hardly 2 to 3 hours (apart from eating and sleeping) in a day for myself which is totally dedicated to blogging. Whenever I find some extra time, I try connecting with my friends and family. I don’t want to lose contacts with my loved ones in this hassle of life.

Gurunath: When did you start blogging and what made you to do so?

Namrata Kumari: I started blogging for my passion and love for writing. When I look into my first post I see it dated 29th January’ 2012. I was in college at that time. I would totally dedicate my blogging inspiration to a few people who are my college seniors and college mates who were bloggers.  A few of them still blog and a few got busy in their 9 to 5.

Gurunath: What are the subjects or topics do you blog about? How they help the readers of your blog?

Namrata Kumari: My blogging journey has been a struggle amongst experiments and time crunch. Being a technical student and then a software developer I should obviously be blogging about technical stuffs. But that’s not what I am passionate about. I started blogging with poetry, my eternal love and random posts.

But lately, I realized the importance of niche blogging. I had been very depressed and demotivated at my work so instead of getting doomed into depression, I thought of taking control over my mind and I decided to research and write about self-help and motivation. Now I publish content to inspire and motivate people like me so that they can win over their lack of confidence and start loving their lives.

Gurunath: In what ways do you think you are different from other youngsters of your age?

Namrata Kumari: I am an old soul. I connect easily with older people whereas, people of my age find me weird on several occasions. Apart from it I find no difference between me and others. We are all so same with a little goodness and even lesser flaws. Finding similarities makes me happy.

Gurunath: How do you manage all of your personal activities, Blogging and Job at the same time?

Namrata Kumari: I believe in a thing and i.e. “You can find time for what you love, no matter what.” Even if I have to work for ten hours and spend one extra hour for commuting to office, I find time to blog. Earlier I used to wait for weekends but now when my employers have snatched away even my weekends from me I am totally dependent upon sacrificing my sleeping hours (I sleep for six hours every day. Good sleep is necessary. Over sleeping is disastrous.)

It happens automatically if you are motivated and truly passionate about something. Apart from motivation one thing which is very essential for smart time utilization is discipline. If you are committed to do something, be disciplined and do not procrastinate. This is how great success stories have been written in this world. This is what I am following.

Gurunath: Gurunath: What motivates you to keep going On those days where you feel it not your day thing?

Namrata Kumari: There was a time in my life when I was utterly depressed. Bad ratings at work place, tremendous work pressure, sarcastic word bullets and no time and freedom had made me more of a machine than a human. That was the time when I decided to bring a change in my life. No one should control it, no one else other than me. I followed a simple exercise of motivating myself every day and being positive no matter what. It has brought drastic changes in my behavior and also the external environment around me. I am still working for ten hours, I still am under heavy work pressure but something positive within me makes me sail through all this today which was killing me a few months ago. This is the power of being positive. This is the only thing you can control, you cannot control the people around.

Gurunath: What are your favourite posts as of now?

Namrata Kumari: It’s like you are asking a mother to choose a favorite among her children. All my posts are dear to me. Still, from the perspective of self-satisfaction I like these posts of mine the most:

-A message to those who are stepping into college http://namratakumari.com/a-message-to-those-who-are-stepping-into-college

-The Guilt of Procrastination http://namratakumari.com/the-guilt-of-procrastination

Gurunath: What are your future plans regarding your blog and career?

Namrata Kumari: I am 23 and hence, there are lots of dreams and plans regarding my career lingering at my head. I wish to reshape my blog so that it becomes a hub for everyone like me who seek peace and motivational support to fall in love with oneself once again and then again and again. I will look forward to monetize my blog in future. About my current job, it’s with TCSL and I am not very fond of it.

Gurunath: What advice would you give someone who wants to start blogging?

Namrata Kumari: First thing that one should do before starting a blog is to know the purpose of blogging. What’s your reason to blog, what do you have to share should be known. If it’s for your passion of writing and posting on random topics, it’s awesome. If it’s to promote your product online as an entrepreneur you must know that this is your purpose. If it’s to make money through the digital economy and quit your job you must know it. In short, the goal must be clear before your eyes. Only then you could devise ways to achieve it on time.

Gurunath: Do you follow any other blogs? Which list of bloggers have you taken inspiration from?

Namrata Kumari: There are lots of blogs which have inspired me time to time and which I followed at different times. At the very initial phase of blogging I took inspiration from friend’s blog anshulgautam.in, matheikal.blogspot.in, sarusinghal, ek-shaam-mere-naam.blogspot.com, moviesofthesoul.wordpress.com, anirbansaha.in, santuonline.wordpress.com and a many more for these blogs presented a flair and passion for writing. Gradually I also got inclined towards commercial blogs which are strictly niche oriented and target a specific group of audience. I am very much inspired by blogs like michaelhyatt.com, backlinko.comshoutmeloud.com, bestofguru.net, souravghosh.com, sarahprout.com and the list goes on…

Gurunath: Any other information would you like to share with our “Best Of Guru” readers?

Namrata Kumari: For all the lovely and patient readers who made it till the end of this post there’s this very important piece of information for you. No matter who you are, what you do, which time zone you live in, what is your background, in all the cases you have all the rights to make your voice heard, to work for success and a better lifestyle. Loving yourself is the first step towards a better living. And blogging can provide you a platform and power which you could have never imagined to own a decade ago from today. Blogging is for everyone. Yes, of course, by everyone I mean everyone, this includes you as well.

Thanks to Namrata Kumari for this adorable interview and sparing some time to us.

If any of you have any queries, please do ask in the comments below !

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Note: Stay tuned for next 8 interviews on this series which will be published daily until the end of the series.

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  • Thank You so much, Guru for giving me this space. I am utterly delighted and honored to see my words and ideas finding a place in your blog. I find your idea of interviewing one female blogger on each day of navratra a very unique and inspiring one. Would love to see your good work forever. Happy Navratra… and keep entertaining and inspiring people. 🙂

  • Happy to know so much about Namrata. We’ve hardly interacted and I am looking forward to knowing her in person. Great job Guru ?

  • Thanks for the mention, Namrata. You have always been a big inspiration 🙂
    I have loved the journey through your blog and ideas all the time 🙂


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