How Office 365 is Setting New Business Trends to Follow in 2016

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Office 365

Office 365 Overview:

In the beginning of the year, business analysts or pundits contemplate the new advancements or business trends that coming months might bring, based upon predictions and previous years’ trends. But now when we have almost reached the mid-year, there are certain trends that are certainly ahead of others in increasing business productivity, yielding more results and thus helping organizations spend more time on solving problems at hand rather than finding times to connect to people.

The top 6 business trends that you too can follow for maximizing your productivity in 2016 and many more years to come include:-

  1. Creating Connections–Today while everyone wants to be more productive during working, no-one wants to travel long distances and waste time in meetings, when updated technology provides one with Skype for Business for conducting effective web conferences and business meetings. Also, one can easily connect with the team through the instant messaging feature of skype.

Yammer, a confidential, secure social network for an organization allows people to collaborate securely across departments and geographies.  It encourages company-wide knowledge exchange and  increases team proficiency. With Office 365 SharePoint,one can easily create portals and team sites for discovering, sharing, and collaborating on content with colleagues within or outside your office and from any device.

  1. Remote engagement –Working remotely is a fast developing trend in the workplace with 3 out of 5 workers stating that they want to work remotely. Here is a table of common myths and facts regarding remote work culture:

Common Myths

  1. Hard to manage
  2. Employees less engaged
  3. Employees less productive


  1. There are a methodology and a variety of management tools to make work easier.
  2. The concern of remote worker isolation is valid but can be overcome.
  3. With the right employees, organizations often experience an improvement in productivity

As stated in the second point, there are again many tools through which remote working can be made a cakewalk for an organization, like Office 365 that makes available all your data, files and software ‘in the cloud’ via OneDrive for Business and they can be accessed anytime and anywhere through the internet. Also, Office 365’s Skype makes remote communication possible such as online meetings, client/staff training, conferences, etc.

Online meetings not only save time, money and efficiency but now-a –days, there are even carbon calculators to indicate how much carbon your company saved by NOT driving or flying to the next meeting.

  1. Access to office anywhere – Devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones together with broadband infrastructure and new applications, give us the opportunity to work from anytime and anywhere to achieve more and be more productive.
    Office 365 comes with cross-device compatibility, smart mail flow, exchange email technology and anti-spam filtering to keep the clutter out of your inbox and more so to simplify the official tasks further.You can connect and communicate professionally with business class emails on your own domain with 50- GB storage per person. You can sync your calendar and e-mail between all your devices – phone, desktop, and laptop – in real time.

Office 365

You can access your contacts from Outlook, one of the online productivity applications. You just need to right click on the contact’s name with whom you want to connect and start a conversation. You can also share calendars and find an appropriate time for scheduling meetings.

4.    Security and backup of data

 “[Cloud providers] can’t afford for customers to lose confidence in their service, and therefore leverage the latest and greatest security features to maintain the full integrity of information at all times.” —Nat Robinson

With enhancements in technology and your data being accessible from remote locations using any devices, its security is a major concern.OneDrive provides online cloud storage for storing and sharing files online with complete anti-spam filtering and anti-malware security.  It plays a great role in making Microsoft Office 365 a perfect communication tool.

It provides online cloud storage of 1 TB for each employee of your organization.With OneDrive, you can access your files and data stored online from anywhere and on any device including tablets and mobiles with just an internet connection.

  1. Value for money solutions–Businesses today need value for money offerings – especially upcoming startups and SMBs. Keeping the needs of different businesses in mind, ZNetLive has designed perfect packages to provide you with the best services at most economical prices. Click here to see value for money Office 365 plans and their pricing.
  2. Growing revenue and profit margin with cloud–Modern businesses stand to gain a lot with the latest cloud technology. While cloud-based productivity solutions like Office 365 can boost your business productivity, selling cloud solutions can help you increase your profit margins manifolds. ZNetLive’s +1 Partner Program is a great way for you to tap the cloud opportunity, sell products that are in demand, make great recurring revenue – with complete marketing, sales and technical support by ZNetLive!

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  • Hi Gurunath,

    Microsoft office has become essential software in my life to do office works, I can’t imagine the life without it, even there are some free software tools like “operoffice” to access the files.

    But Microsoft 365 is cloud based software which stores our data online to access anywhere in the world, I think this 365 office is useful for corporate users who travel a lot, as of now I am staying at a single place and using traditional Microsoft office for my office works.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Yes, There are huge benefits of office 365. Thanks for sharing this informative post for us.

  • Office 365 is so important to have one, just like you said, it is accessible anywhere around the world, it’s so easy.

  • I have never used office 365 till now but after going through your article about office 365 I am thinking to give it a try and will find out if I can manage it easily. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hey Gurunath!

    This is a nice share.

    Microsoft Office 365 is very beneficial. It is basically designed to meet business security requirements. With Microsoft office 365, your applications can be accessed via any device (including mobile). It also reduces capital expenditure.

    Microsoft Office 365 automatically provides its users with the state-of-the-art features and versions of the cloud software and collaboration tools. It also eradicates the burden of software and hardware management so that IT resources can be utilized on other important areas of a business.

    I suggest everyone to use Microsoft office 365.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    You are doing very good work. keep it up 🙂

    Warm Regards
    Alan Mundae


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