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PC booster tips and steps to improve your PC performance

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It is so frustrating when your work is halted with a sluggish/slow computer. There are many ways to optimize the settings and some basic troubleshooting tips to enhance your computer speed and performance. In this article, we will discuss all the PC Booster tips so as to boost your PC from very slow to better performance.

1) Minimise programs or items that run on Startup:

Check the programs that are running on startup and make sure you remove any unwanted programs that don’t require in while startup. To check which programs are running on startup please do the following:

Click on Windows button, then type “Run” in the search bar (Windows7) and type “msconfig”. Now Click on “Startup” tab in the window popped up and disable the programs that are not required on your PC startup.

Make sure that you don’t touch any OS/System related items. You can disable things like Ccleaner, Skype, Antivirus, Adobe, Google notifications.

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2) Completely Uninstall unused programs:

You should immediately remove all the applications/programs which you find no longer used in future.

To do this, go to windows start button, click on control panel, select programs icon and then press uninstall button after selecting the unwanted program that needs to be uninstalled.

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3) Cleanup your PC Hard disk/drive:

Clean the hard Disk Drive clicking on “My Computer” then select the drive you want to cleanup and then click on “Disk Cleanup”  icon. This process will take some time depending upon the data you have on the drive.

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4) Scan and remove Malware, Spyware & Virus:

If you use Internet Connection, then there is every possibility of getting a virus, Spyware, Malware into your PC if you are not using good Antivirus Software. If you already installed Antivirus, make sure you scan your PC for any viruses and malware regularly. Apart from that install Malwarebytes tool, scan for malware and fix them. It will also help you in removing browser hijack removal.

5) Adjust Visual effects for better PC performance:

Adjust the visual effects settings by clicking Control Panel ->System and Security ->System->Advanced Settings ->Performance ->Settings ->Visual Effects and then select “Adjust for best performance” option and click ok.

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6) Defrag your PC with Disk  Defragmenter:

This step will consolidate all fragmented files in your PC’s Hard Disk, which will help in improving system performance. Here you can see 2 options, one is “Analyze Disk” and other is “Defragment Disk”. It is better you first analyze the disk before clicking defragmenting the disk. This will show you how much percentage your disk is fragmented. It is recommended to defragment your drive if it is more than 10%.

Click on start button -> type Defragment in search and then you get the pop window, then click on “Analyze disk” and then only do defragment if it is over 10% fragmented.

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So these are the major steps or tips to be followed  in PC Speed boost or Pc Speed optimize. You can also consider using some good PC Booster tools  that help you save some time.

These PC Booster tools will  make sure all the above steps are automatically carried out by them alongside many other trouble shootings. You can try Swift PC optimizer, one of the good PC boosters which will help you in removing internet junk files, registry cleaning, Browser optimization and other tasks including  the steps mentioned above.

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