Powered Template: A One-Stop Shop for PowerPoint Design Templates

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PowerPoint Presentations are a must  for any person if he or she is a trainer, Coach, Teacher, Business Person, Marketing Professional, Students, Online Video training, and it is Omnipresent. First impression is the best and last impression a person can get from his audience and so taking utmost care in delivering what he supposed to convey, is very crucial. So PowerPoint slides play a vital role in putting up the thoughts you want to express to your audience in a picture form. Keeping that in mind, we are about to review an website named “Powered Template” which is one of the best templates provider.

What is the need of getting Premium PowerPoint Presentation templates?

The default PowerPoint template from Microsoft PowerPoint may or may not give the impression what you and your audience expected for.

To create a great visual content and effects needs some expertise or design skills. But in a limited time frame, you cannot waste most of your valuable time in creating templates for your speech which is the primary goal for you instead of concentrating on designing templates.

There are websites that provide cool and stunning PowerPoint templates and one amongst them is PoweredTemplate. They provide a whopping 40,000 templates you can choose from every category.

Who is Powered Template? A brief of what they have in their kitty?


Powered Template is one of the worlds’ largest online gallery for Professional PowerPoint templates, Word, Print Designs, Website Templates, Clip Art and many more.

They offer some gorgeous, stunning and effective PowerPoint templates which make your life easy to get your Professional PowerPoint presentations done in a more professional way.

They also offer their deals in bundles too so that you can select and shop whatever templates you want in one place and in one store. It is a OneStop Solution for all your business related design needs.

Here is the Gallery of PowerPoint templates:


Let’s get through some of the topic within the PowerPoint tab now.

Diagrams & Charts:


The PowerPoint not only a mere content but it needs a lot of pictures, Diagrams, Charts, Stats etc. to make it more effective, PoweredTemplate bearing this in mind has produced some add-ons in the form of Diagrams & Charts where you can get many templates to choose for boosting your content. They are available in cubes, blocks, ladders  so that you can try which fit the best for your presentation style.

Here is the Gallery for the Diagrams and Charts:




There are many organisations and even some Government official use maps in their PowerPoint presentations effectively. So how is it if you have got some pre-designed templates to suffice this need of yours? Yes, you got the option for this too and you can find the below sample template which shows



You also got some hundreds of clip art pictures/images to choose for every category of presentation. The below picture is a sample from the most popular list.

 Custom Professional & Effective PowerPoint Template design:


Not satisfied with the above? and want something unique in designing? then go to the tab that containing “Custom Presentation Design option” where you can see the details as specified in the screenshot picture below and for $199 only, you get your design done by the in-house designers of PoweredTemplate.

Thinking to give a try to this store? then you are on a right track in entering into a fascinating world filled with some astonishing PowerPoint design templates.

You may be wondering  how to get them? How much they cost? Are they going to fit into the budget? Are there any freebies? What about discounts or coupons?

Why not, please bear me for next few minutes reading further, where I can walkthrough for the solutions and answers you put to me above.

How and where to select Professional PowerPoint  templates:


Just click on the PowerPoint button/tab beside the home button and you can search for number of beautiful and efficient presentation templates of your liking!

The templates are beautifully classified into different categories so as to make the buyer feel good and select his template without any confusion. There is an option in the search to sort out the templates based on latest, Oldest, Top Rated, Most Popular, New releases and all. Check the picture below for more details.

These templates are budget friendly and it costs very less than hiring a Graphic Designer or some Professional designer costs. Look at the templates and how well they have crafted for any need.

So once you are satisfied  in selecting the best PowerPoint template of your choice, it is time to move on for buying it and we move on to that topic below.

How to buy Professional PowerPoint templates from Powered Template?

The process is quite simple and all you have to do is register for FREE. Create your account with PoweredTemplate and see what you have done?



You are now eligible for the benefits like:

  • Earn Free credits
  • Get Permanent discounts
  • Receive Special promo-Codes and Gifts
  • Save and Share your Product’s List
  • Get access to your downloads at anytime from anywhere

Here is the process of collecting FREE credits from the site with your registration. For each FREE credit, you will be assigned a PoweredTemplate’s own currency. For Example, 1 credit cost is about 1 USD.

So you can get few FREE credits when you first register yourself as a login/registration credits plus you can earn few credits by sharing to social media and friends.

See the below pictures which are self-explanatory.



Now click on the continue Shopping button.

Select the template you like to purchase and add to cart and apply the coupon code you received in the previous step along with the free credits.

See the below pictures which are self-explanatory.

You can go to My Account section to check the Free credits balance.

See the below pictures which are self-explanatory.

Pricing Structure of Powered Template

They are offering two types of options at present. The first one is a normal purchase of whatever you need just like a retail purchase of items, The second option is through subscriptions where you can buy the items in bulk at decent prices. The below picture shows you the list of options you have in this option. So you have the option to avail monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual  modes.

This model is again split into 2 types like Silver and Gold. The Gold plan gives you more options and features with more freedom on download limit per month too. For business firms, it is not a big deal as they need templates in bulk for various presentations that will be carried throughout the year and life long.

C:\Users\VaishuThuju\Desktop\PoweredTemplate review\Pricing Structure.jpg

Do you need more? Yes, They give another benefit to you that they offer you a referral commission/ credits by referring your good friends to register for free, and help them to get those gorgeous templates.

Check out this screenshot for more information and which is self-explanatory.

C:\Users\VaishuThuju\Desktop\PoweredTemplate review\Pricing Structure.jpg

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Conclusion & Final Verdict

It is quite obvious that after visiting all the possible stuff offered by Powered Template, we can’t ask anything more for purchasing, trying, using the best in industry quality Professional PowerPoint Templates.

I have already registered and I got my FREE credits and will be buying few things that may help my blog and online business with great effect. It’s the right time for you to test some of their FREE version products and have some feel about how they are and then buy accordingly. Overall this store looks a “Value for money” online shop for PowerPoint Design and many other Templates.

Feel free to comment on this topic in the below comment form and let me know which part/category of templates are tempting to buy according to you. I would like to read some fascinating replies and comments on this topic.

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  • Hi Gurunath,

    Powerpoint presentations are becoming mandatory for so many meetings, even bloggers are using this for their webinars a lot, if you are keen to present your data in the keynote then buying this poweredtemplate will help a lot, thanks for sharing the review about this product, see you soon with another article.

    • Hi Sid,

      Thanks for coming again on my blog and sharing your wonderful thoughts about PowerPoint Presentations. I hope you have enjoyed this article and I will come back with some good articles, stay tuned..:)

  • Hi Guru,
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome resource for Powerpoint presentations.
    Presentations have their own importance, these are important in meetings, seminars and also in webinars.
    Thanks again!
    ~ Ahmad

  • I am sure this is a great resource for people dealing with presentations…be they students, office executives or the businessman.

    • Happy to hear that this article has given some information and value to you, Bushra ..:) Yes you are right, Presentations are every one’s need as of now..:)

  • Very useful for me as I have regularly make presentations.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey Guru,

    It’s an elaborate review on PoweredTemplate. It seems they have a real huge collection of templates. Hope to explore this soon (And the credits are tempting too 😛 )

    Thanks for sharing. Take care 🙂

  • I must say a good quality PowerPoint template is the basis for every presentation, so it’s essential to get it right.

    It would be possible with only such resources that you have shared.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care 🙂

  • Hi Gurunath. 🙂

    Thanks for the post. I never heard about Powered Template before this post. I really gonna try it.

    Thanks once again!


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