PPTStar Review – Awesome Destination For PowerPoint Elements

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PPTStar is an awesome collection of PowerPoint presentation templates, charts, and diagrams. In this article, I am not just going to review this; I will specifically tell you why you actually need PPTStar.


Why Design Matters

The reason why PPTStar matters lies in the fact that design matters. Everyone affirms the importance of good design, but most of them tend to underestimate it. Believe it or not, design is a lot more important than what you think. Design contributes immensely in shaping opinion about something in a person’s mind.
Take it this way – imagine that you’re in a grocery store. You are here to purchase a mere packet of chips. You go to the tray where the chips of various companies are kept. You know which flavor you like, but you’re still in a dilemma when it comes to selecting a brand.


There are two brands of chips – both of them being completely new. One is a decent looking packet which describes the quality of chips and how it is a nice option while the other is a packet with a heap of chips printed – something which waters your mouth immediately.

Which packet would you take? If I were you, I would have opted for the second option blindly, even if it would have lesser quantity at a higher price. The worst part of the entire situation is that you don’t even know what’s inside either of the packets – you haven’t ever seen them before, but you will be so quick to choose. What if I told you that the mouth watering packet contains nothing but shit? Design matters, dude.

Take the case of presentations now. People who see you for the first time don’t know who you are, how knowledgeable you are, how can you educate or entertain them. Yet they will start forming an opinion or an image of yourself in their minds. People judge a lot, sure, and the judgment is highly influenced by the design.
It might seem boring to you at first, so I will strongly recommend you to watch this video:-

Features of PPTStar



I took a quick tour of the features at PPTStar, and here’s my walkthrough on the same:-
Powerful Presentations
The sole purpose of designing a presentation is to lay an impact on the audience. Needless to say then, you need a rock solid design to overpower people’s expectations.


PPTStar has a collection of 17,431 templates as of writing this article, and this collection is growing rapidly. Such a huge collection is capable enough of suiting all your presentation needs.
The basic features of the presentations are:-
Eye Catching Colors: The number #1 mistake people make while designing presentations is neglecting the color combinations. The concept of complementary and contrasting colors was to create with a purpose – and the theory can be well applied to PowerPoint presentations too. All of the professional PowerPoint templates at PPTStar are designed keeping a decent color combination in mind. The designers know very well what works and what doesn’t.
Intuitive Images: Hardly does anyone bother to add those images! PPTStar has a lot of images such as clip-arts, cartoons, emojis, etc. to contribute to the design of the presentation. People love to see those elements being used in PowerPoint presentation templates, don’t they?
Fine Fonts: Using the same old Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Georgia and Verdana fonts is quite ancient now. You need to go beyond that in your PowerPoint presentation templates if you want to make an impact. Each template at PPTStar is built upon a good looking font combination to give a stunning look.
Perfect Blend: Using these elements alone does not mean the game is over – their placement matters too! PPTStar’s designers have carefully arranged the elements so as to deliver the best-looking design possible.
Easy is effective: If you’re familiar with the basic features of PowerPoint, you won’t find difficulty in editing the templates. Everything is drag and drop and 100% customizable. Pretty easy, isn’t it?
Thus, PPTStar is the one stop destination for professional PowerPoint templates.

Diagrams & Charts
The no.1 truth about presentations: Nobody is interested in reading your content out. You need to push the information into their brains.
The first sentence is pretty simple to understand, but talking about the second one – How do you actually get the information into their brains? Simple, by presenting it in a form that their brains can easily absorb – just like a piece of sponge absorbing all the water nearby.


Long story short, this can be done by using diagrams and charts effectively.
People get enchanted when they see those beautiful diagrams and charts used artistically in the presentation. They grasp the information easily, they make a good impression of the speaker and most importantly, they’re influenced.
Diagrams and Charts at PPTStar are 100% customizable – Change the color, change the size, duplicate it or if you don’t like it, simply delete it. Creating such designs is tough – let PPTStar ease your schedule a bit!

Awesome Support

Whenever you’re stuck, you can feel free to contact the support team using PPTStar’s contact page.They know the ins and outs of the system, and they are well versed with the PowerPoint presentation templates. They are the ones who can help you out in need!


Whatever issue it may be, just fill up the contact form and let the support team handle everything.

Pricing Model

You don’t have to pay per template to PPTStar. Buy the complete package – which includes all the professional PowerPoint templates and elements for $99 for 3 months. Or, even better, get full access for $199 for 1 year. Lastly, grab the lifetime package for just $499. This one-time fee assures you of all the upcoming features as well.



I hope you enjoyed our PPTStar review. I am a true fan of their PowerPoint presentation templates now! Their huge collection of templates literally kills their competition out.
What do you think of PPTStar? Isn’t it a hub of professional PowerPoint templates? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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