Railway PNR Check APP (Android Version) – An Overview

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The Demonetization effect in India is getting at its peak today and people looking to adopt for cash fewer transactions. In this context, there are many digital marketing companies and App developers coming up with some innovative ideas. Today I had found one such App when I was looking for some useful Railway PNR Check Apps from my Android Mobile. The Railway PNR check app offered by AndroidNinja is one such App that I have decided to check and try it out.

The App has got around 10, 00,000 installs and a decent 4.2 rating (2120 users) from the Play store and I found it has a recent update on October 2016.

Let’s dig more into the features and benefits that this Railway PNR Check App offers.

Railway PNR Check APP

Here is the list of six major features that the app has in offer.

  1. Get Live Train Status:  It is quite common that we Indians get late in catching trains within the Scheduled departure times frequently.  In olden days it’s almost impossible to know the status of the train, its arrival and departure thing. But with the innovation in technology, now we can track the status of LIVE train and reach the station well before the train arrival. Few apps have this option as a separate app, but in this app, it is one of the features which are inbuilt.
  2. Find Train between Stations:  You want to book a train ticket online but what if the app you are using doesn’t support this option without knowing Train No/name? This Railway PNR Check App has got the option where you can check the stations of your choice with the simple search option.
  3. Get Train Schedule: Before booking an online rail ticket, it is obvious to know the timing of the train and other details before hand. This app provides the information in a nutshell.
  4. Check Seat Availability: This is one of the most important features and option every online ticket booking app needs to incorporate. The Railway PNR Check app has got it inbuilt and with cool feature like getting the availability of next seven days in single screen instead of checking it day wise.
  5. Fare Enquiry: Once you have all the information ready to book an online train ticket, it is time to know the fare details before initiating the booking. This app provides such information with necessary ticket details for all the classes in a single screen.

Railway PNR Check APP

Other Benefits and Services of Railway PNR check app

  • User-Friendly interface and can be operated by anyone without any confusion.
  • Light weight app which makes less lagging and less stress on your Android Phone.
  • Automatic PNR update option makes you relaxed by getting the current status of PNR as and when it gets updated.
  • IRCTC integrated and other verified applications to provide accurate information
  • One single app with many solutions in a single point of space.

Some of the Cons of Railway PNR Status App

  • The Pop-up ads are a little annoying & distracting, and it is expected from many free apps.
  • The font used (light Green) for the week/day heading in Schedules looks very light, and hope developers will find another color in next update.
  • The home Screen Icons and the color are not so attractive and need a little tweaking.

Final Verdict

The Railway PNR Check app is mainly used for information purpose, the cons specified above are not so critical, though. The overall features and information it gives is quite helpful and can be a need for an hour and handy when you are the move. Please share your views if you ever tried this app and gave it a try if you are yet to install it.

Comments (5)

  • This is amazing innovation that developer are still developing apps in the demonetization situations. I like the free enquiry feature !

  • Hey Gurunath,

    Now-a-days, we can easily find several effective android apps regarding Railway PNR check in google play store but some of them are not configured properly for smooth working. This app I have downloaded from google play store and it really works properly with its all features. It is easy to use for every age group to understand to whole scenario of railways. This kind of apps make convenient for us to know about train and its details in deep. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  • Hey,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    I really loved your blog and the content you’re publishing.


  • RailYatri app is amazing for booking tickets on the go and also for tracking status. I am using this app from last one year and I am very impressed with this. This is one of the must-have apps which I recommend and using.

  • I always use an app while travelling to lookup on live train status .


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