Skin4Gadgets Review – A must visit Online Gadgets Shopping Store

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We all know how important it is to guard our beloved Gadgets especially the Smartphone, the Laptop and the Tablet. Many people don’t even care to buy a Case Cover, a Screen Protector or even some essential accessories alongside the main gadget. What is if your mobile company doesn’t offer you free accessories like Case Cover and Screen Protectors? But in my opinion and experience, I never miss adding such essential add-ons whatever the gadget I purchase online.

Today I will share with you about Skin4Gadgets, an online store for Personalised Skins for Laptops, Mobiles, Mobile/Laptop Accessories, Wall Art and Lifestyle Products.


A Brief Overview of Skin4Gadgets and what they offer

The team of Skin4Gadgets comprises of some excellent graphic designers, and they use a personalised tool to design the products.  As of now this is an upcoming website with some cool gadgets and accessories on sale.

Categories of Products offered by Skin4Gadgets

The site is neat and clean with straightforward and user-friendly navigation. They have limited and specific products focused, so here is the list of categories and their brief details.

Personalised Skins

If you are creative and wants to have your mobile or Laptop to have a beautiful looking case cover/skin with you own brand/logo/images embossed on the cover, then this category is where you need to focus. There is an option to add your font, image, and edit as per your liking and then add to the cart before buying.


In this category, you can access the accessories related to Mobile and Laptop and here is the list of accessories you can shop.

  • Micro USB Cable
  • Lighting Cable
  • VR Headset
  • Earphones
  • Laptop Cleaning Kit
  • Laptop Sleeves
  • Laptop Hardshell
  • Laptop Power Cable

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UMG Store

This category is entirely dedicated to Universal Music /Bravado Officially Licensed Merchandise products. You can access the list of products you would like to shop as shown in the picture below.



You can buy different types of case covers apart from regular ones in this category. The brief lists of cases that Skin4Gadgets offer are:

  • Mobile Covers
  • Shockproof Case
  • Tablet case
  • Transparent Cover
  • Macbook Covers
  • Macbook Sleeve


Although they have skins for every modern mobile and Laptop, here is an interesting list of Laptop skins you can check out for.

  • Laptop Skins for a 15/15.6 Inch size
  • Laptop Skins for a 14 Inch size
  • Laptop Skins for a 13/13.3 Inch size
  • Laptop Skins for a 12 Inch size
  • Laptop Skins for an 11/11.6 Inch size

Wall Art

Apart from the gadget accessories and skins they also offer Wall Paintings, Motivational Canvas, Custom Collage and Split Panel Canvas.

Tempered Glass

To protect your mobile phone screen is by having the toughest material that it is made of. Many mobile users use Gorilla glass, but when compared to tempered glass, Gorilla Glass looks vulnerable. The glass protectors that are used by Skin4Gadgets team are made with 0.3mm which looks good compared to regular 0.5mm tempered glass used by other vendors.

Lifestyle Products

The list of the other products that you can find and buy from Skin4Gadgets website is:

  • Exam Pad
  • Luggage Tag
  • Compass Box
  • Sippers 500 ml
  • Tiffin Lunch Boxes
  • Universal Music Mugs

Case Study (My Practical Experience with Skin4Gadgets):

As many of you know that I have purchased Moto G Plus a month back and I have not received any case cover along with the product as the order was put by wife who forgot to add the additional requirements by oversight. I have searched a few covers locally in my area and found the case covers that look not best-fit types. Meanwhile, I was contacted by the owner of Skin4Gadgets and asked me to have a look at their new project and offers. He asked for my mobile model and then sent me a case cover through FEDEX courier which I have received a bit late.

The first impression after seeing the case cover is a WOW. It looks simple, elegant, decorative (not awkward for sure) and most importantly a perfect fit.

If you can see the pictures below, the design of the case is perfectly suited for my Moto G plus phone and without any loose or tight condition. I have purchased many of the cases covered at the offline stores for my previous mobiles like Nokia, RedMi, Micromax, and Sony Xperia but didn’t find an ideally suited covers. There is a bit of disappointment of something or other from my previous purchases offline.

The case cover looks solid with quality graphics on it, and the weight of the phone is not that much affected as seen in other case covers. The one important feature is that of the charging port where many case covers disappointed me with the problem of charging my phone/s with case cover. In this case cover, I find the finishing has been great to charge your mobile without even removing the case.

Final Verdict

I am happy with the quality, service, price and look and feel of this mobile case cover which I have received for this review. You have the option for customised design and so it is an additional feature that you can use for sure. As this is an upcoming business, I hope the team in Skin4Gadgets can bring many more new and innovative products and they have an inbuilt tracking system within their site.

If there are any cons that I can quote in this review can be to provide the mobile or Toll-free number on the home page. Although they have support team helping through email and contact us page, providing online help through mobile/chat can be a great added feature.

We would like to see your experiences shared in the comment sections below with regards to the topic and the website quoted above.

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