Smartphones Technology: What effect it has on youth and nation?

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4G-Android-Smartphones-Technology is increasing at such a rapid pace and making the life of the people easy.

smartphones technology

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My 2-year-old kid is learning her nursery rhymes in my Android Mobile with the help of eye-catching graphics and seamless videos. Thanks to 4G technology to make sure videos are downloaded and stream with lightning speed. My 4-Year-old Son plays 3D graphics games and learns his nursery 3D rhymes and other 3D teachings for kids which not only improve his skills in both gaming and education.

This is only possible with a Smartphones Technology that has a high-end Processor like Octocore which makes lag free gaming and streaming of some High Definition videos comfortably.

How do latest Smartphones Technology affect the youth of a nation?smartphones technology

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There are several good Android mobile apps that come with excellent features to a great effect for the development, innovation, and service for people.

1) Online Cab bookings & GPS live to track: Before the introduction of the online cab booking, it is very tough for young women to find a secure vehicle to travel especially when they land in an airport or railway station at odd timings of 11 pm to 5 am. Reputed cab owners like Ola Cabs, Taxi for Sure, Meru Cabs, Uber Cabs etc.. have come with latest Smartphone/android mobile technology apps with live GPS tracking system where you can track your daughter, sister or wife traveling in a cab without much fear.

2) JustDial App: What if you are new to a location on transfer and needs to find rent house, college, school, hospital and any services located near to you or in the city you newly arrived?

Just dial app gives you every such information just in a click away and it is the power of latest Smartphones Technology does to you. Just dial is an online telephone directory.

3) Indian Rail app & IRCTC: How good is this new technology from Indian railways makes the hell of your life so easy in just a few clicks to know the entire details of Indian rail?

You can search for trains, book, cancel, seat availability and even live train running status ..wow isn’t it? … 🙂 Imagine the days without Smartphones Technology and Android days where you have to go to railway station to find the seat availability and even the PNR status?

4) Gaming Apps-Google Play store:

smartphones technology

Image Source:www.speedofcreativity.org

Google Play store is the store where you can download tons of apps of all categories. When we talk about the latest 4G and Octa-core processor, gaming and movies are the ones that can benefit a lot with this. Think of a situation where you download a movie or game with a 2G or 3G speed and how tough for you to maintain your patience to not throw your mobile phone or even want to put it under a train …:P …thanks to 4G and blazing fast Octa-core processor which gives you no stress/frustration moments.

5) Online tutorials/Education-YouTube:

I am one of the persons who like learning through videos rather than reading books or physical classrooms. I have learned a lot of things like web designing, Photoshop, WordPress, Social networking etc only through YouTube.

So there are lots of uses that have been come into good effect due to new technology in Android- smartphone along with the new 4G innovation.

Another good revolution is, most of the companies started giving the best possible features with affordable budgets.

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