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SQLBak Recovery – Best SQL Database Backup and Recovery Solution?

In this date and age, everything is going online, and data is secured in cloud servers. The database is the most important factor when it comes to the website and its data. We update our online databases according to their use. For example, several activities are done on an e-commerce site. Customers visit, sign up, purchase items, and add items to cart. Such things are saved in the database in the background of the website.

But Things are not Always in Our Control

As you know, you will lose all your data if the database is hacked or corrupt. Everything may be lost in minutes. This is why you should backup your important data to online databases. You may play safe by backing up your valuable data. Even in the case of hardships, you can restore all the data with the backup.

When it comes to SQL Server Backup, you may want to have a tool to look after your database with performance monitoring, regular backup, email notifications, and even restoration. SQLBak is the first name which strikes in mind when looking for database monitoring, backup, and restoring it.

You can schedule your backup and reach back to your own PC. All you have to register your account at, set up your account, schedule backup, and that’s it. Your database is now in safe hands. It will backup your database automatically and even keep track on server performance. You will also get email alerts for the same. If in case you lose your database, you can restore the same in minutes.

Now I am going to explain what SQLBak is and how it works. Read on to explore more.

About SQL Server

The relational DBMS (Database Management System) of SQL Server is programmed to store and recover data. BAK file is a SQL database backup file created by the user. You can retrieve the whole SQL database with this file in the event of any damage.

About SQLBak

SQLBak is a recovery tool that is designed to keep things easier, especially when it comes to export BAK file to SQL server and repair it. The best part of SQLBak is that it keeps the hierarchy, integrity, formatting, structure, and everything intact after recovery. It can recover an unlimited amount of data without any interruption. It supports all Windows operating systems. It can recover both NDF and MDF files in SQL backup and save it as is.

A Quick Insight to This Tool

  • Purpose – To repair corrupt SQL backup
  • Latest Version – 5.2
  • Size – Only 6.3 MB
  • Supports Windows 10 or earlier
  • Price – $149

Key Features of SqlBak Recovery Rool

Recovers Complete Backup

With SQLBak, you can get back the whole data stored in SQL Backup file like rules, triggers, stored procedures, etc. It allows users to open and view the data before you export.

Data Transfer using Two Options

The utility includes two options to transfer data that you can repair from SQL BAK files. You can either save both Data and Schema or Schema only. Both are used to keep the original structure as is.


Selective Data Export

Users can repair corrupt BAK file and export selective data from the database file. You can easily export the items from backup file only.


Dual Export

Users can now export the repaired data in the SQL server database directly or store the same in the scripts that support SQL server. Later on, all the script files can be recovered in the server.


Shows Preview of Contents

After recovery of the corrupt SQL backup, SQLBAK Recovery tool can preview the database contents in its interface. It previews the whole data, including tables, triggers, indexes, rules, columns, functions, views, etc.

SqlBak Review

Extended Support

The tool supports both primary and foreign keys to provide added support for all the elements of the database. The software supports both keys to help repair the database.

Our Verdict

We would like to rate SQLBAK Recovery tool as 9/10 based on its performance as well as functionality. We have cut -1 because it doesn’t work in Mac OS and doesn’t have a feature to recover deleted files. Overall, it is very effective and the most recommended tool for SQL database recovery. It is both effective and easy to use.

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