ACT Fibernet becomes the 1st ever Internet Service Provider to introduce 1 Gbps speed Wired Internet Connection in India with 1TB FUP limit
ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd) Fibernet the 3rd largest Internet Service Provider in the Wired Broadband (Wired Internet Connection) category has launched 1 Gbps Speed plan on 30-04-2017 in Hyderabad. ACT Fibernet is the largest ISP among the Non-Telco ISP’s which has its presence in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, New Delhi Tamil Nadu… (4 comments)

Top 10 Retina-Ready WordPress Themes for your awesome projects
Retina-ready templates are necessary for those companies who try to keep up-to-date and think about continuous development and future technologies. It is evident that customers who browse websites will be more attracted to those ones that have sharper images with brighter, more vivid colours. So, retina-ready templates embed images with higher resolutions and make your… (2 comments)