Temok Hosting Review: Affordable Premium Web Hosting and Domains

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How Temok helps you to choose a domain name of your choice?

When you need to have an online business, you need to have a domain name and a web hosting as a minimum requirement to start with. Setting up an online website in the current scenario is not a great deal but choosing a cheap and affordable domain name and web hosting is. Temok is one of the cheap and affordable web hosting we have come across which provides both domain name registration and web hosting at unbelievable prices.

For starting a new business online first, you need to select a catchy, striking and most importantly easy to remember domain name. Temok has got a very good list of choices to make your life easy in choosing the best domain name from its unique& vast list of domain extensions.  Temok.com provides you a list of variety domain extensions which offers people to choose almost any type of domain they want.

Here is how the client area looks like, where you can access your “my account” for different services under single roof.


In the picture above, you can see the number of options displayed under “Services“, “Categories/Addons” option.

For example, I have selected “Weebly” one of the website builders that Temok offers and there you can see many options to build your website through the Free Weebly website builder.

Weebly’s drag& drop website builder helps to create a professional website without much technical skills. About 30 plus million entrepreneurs and small businesses have already used Weebly to build their website, blog or store.

Building your website is done in real-time, right from your web browser. There’s absolutely nothing to install and no upgrades to worry about.

Please look at the types of domain extensions you can choose from:

  • Generic Domain Name(Ex:.com, .net, .org)
  • European Domains (Ex : .at, .be, .ba, .bg)
  • Asia-Pacific Domains (Ex: .ae, .in, .asia, .cn, .nz, .sa, .sg, .net.au, .jp)
  • American Domains (Ex : .us, .ca, .as, .bs, .bz,.gs, .cu)
  • African Domains (.africa.com, .cd, .cg, .na, .ly, .ng, .mu, .na, .ug, .za.com)
  • Geographic Domains (.africa, .capetown, .moscow, .paris, .sydney, .tokyo,
  • Community Domains (.community, .club, .bzh, .kiwi)


Temok  offers you domain registration at 6.99 USD per year (1 FREE Domain for LIFE is FREE for 1st Year when you purchase Web hosting too) and the price will remain same for renewals as well that means 6.99 USD any year.

Now let us move onto the next step in availing cheap and affordable web hosting plans.

Why I fell in love with Temok Web hosting, and now it’s my 1st choice recommended Web Hosting?

We all are seeing few most popular web hosting providers and their reviews all over the Social Media and almost all front pages of Google Search. This is only because that many of the veteran bloggers and the new bloggers who follow them blindly without knowing that there are good enough other web hosting players than can beat in quality, features and support of an so called “Popular” web hosting provider/s.

If you can go through each and every feature and technical specifications of Temok who get your mind blown away. So now let us start discussing each and every important thing you need to know before buying a “Premium quality Web hosting” at most affordable pricing.

What type of Servers and Web Hosting Plans does Temok Provide?

Servers are one of the major things you should look out for when choosing you first and last web hosting provider. “First impression is the best impression” so too for a web hosting plan. If you don’t choose robust servers, you can’t expect to see your website not getting crashed/down quite often.

Here is the list of servers Temok offers and the details of them:

Temok offers its web hosting in 6 different Server locations, and you have complete freedom to choose your own location of your choice, though.

Virtual  Private Server (VPS)

It is quite obvious to many small business owners or even fast-growing bloggers at some point of time to shift their website from “Shared” hosting to a “VPS” plan. This occurs when you were consistently getting server downtime due to high traffic and beating the size of bandwidth/Disk Space provided by the Shared Hosting plan. Although VPS of Temok looks a bit costly in higher end packages, their Started Pack itself is enough to serve your needs and beat the competition around.


 Top notch Dedicated Servers:


Temok offers its dedicated server plans starting with just 65 USD appx. Per month and these servers are extremely easy to control compared to other providers. Dedicated servers are the only solution for HUGE traffic websites, and they help your website load at “Rocket Speed”.

Special Dedicated Deals


How to start my brand new Online Business/Blog with “Shared Web Hosting Plans”  from Temok?

So this is next time after you choose a domain name for your brand new online small business or a blog to start with. Shared web hosting plans are designed by all web hosting companies to suit the needs of a small business owner /blogger. It is suitable for low-medium traffic websites/blogs. Now let’s see what types of plans Temok is offering in the image below and the detailed features each plan offer.


You can start your new website/blog for as low as 2.99 USD per month, and it is the perfect way to start your online business.

If you can see the image above, it provides you everything a premium web hosting competitor offers for around 4.99 to 7.99 USD but at 2.99 USD only!! The only difference may be with the disk space but with 50 GB disk space.

The game is not over yet, see the technical specification and some cool free stuff you will get  what you get for a hosting plan:



Offers cheap SSL

Getting an SSL is easy, by investing few bucks, but  Temok offers their own RapidTemok SSL which starts from athe lowest price of 11$. This price is way less than 1/4th of what the competitors are offering.


However, if you don’t prefer SSL from Temok, you have the option to buy other brands directly through Temok.

What else Temok offer apart from Domain name and Web Hosting?

Here is the list of services that Temok offers apart from domain name registration and web hosting services.

  • Logo design


  • Web design


  • Internet Marketing & SEO


  • App development & Marketing



So finally, Why Choose Temok.com?



Temok is one of fastest growing Web Hosting which started its operations in 2014 and has grown as one of the best web hosting companies. Temok provides high quality managed web hosting at the least possible prices, Fabulous customer support and the great customer satisfaction.

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