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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get Incredible Prizes with TemplateMonster’s Social Stock!

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Social Stock

As the name of the post says, today we are going to discuss one useful and truly interesting project that was made by TemplateMonster. It is called Social Stock and goes as a competition, which has pretty simple rules.

I hope you like competitions… And even if you don’t, just take a closer look at this one, as it definitely gives people the endless possibilities to win some money or awesome prizes with no effort! So, would you like to know more about Social Stock? Thus, let’s start!

Why the Project May Be Interesting for Me?

Let’s be honest, today social networks make a huge part of our lives because they make the easiest way to share some news and thoughts with your friends, relatives, and followers. So, are you the person, which enjoys spending their time in chatting with friends, writing cool posts or simply posting pictures, commenting articles and checking out the news feed on the popular social networks?

Social Stock

Hey, I know that your answer is positive! Thus, you indisputably need to learn more about Social Stock. Unquestionably, the project brings you all the opportunities and may be interesting not only for you but for your friends/followers as well!

How can the project help other people? Well, keep in mind that after a quick registration you will be given with an inimitable promo-code, (the system will automatically send you the code) which provides one with 10 % discount on all the ready-made and multifunctional website templates created by well-known shack of site creation, called TemplateMonster.

Yes, that’s right! You can easily get any of TM’s themes with a nice discount that may be used even with such gorgeous best-sellers as Wegy Joomla Theme, Styler Prestashop Template, Monstroid WordPress Theme and other incredible products.

What is more, now you let your friends launch their long-awaited eCommerce websites without spending a mint of money! Are you interested in the project now?

Needless to say, you are! To make a long story short, all you need to do in order to take a part in the competition is to share your promo code with friends/followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin or other social networks that you prefer to use! Don’t hesitate, as this action seems to be the easiest thing to do!

Social Stock

About the Prizes You May Get

First of all, there are 8 cool prizes that one is able to get with Social Stock. Naturally, they depend on a number of times that your promo code was used. As a result, you may have one or even several things from the list below.

1 To begin with, 10 usages of your unique promo code let you earn 100$ on your PayPal account;

2 Then, with 20 sales you get an amazing Smartwatch Pebble;

3 Next, 50 points will provide you with a new iPad Mini;

4 With it, 100 points means iPhone 6;

5 By the way, don’t miss your chance to get Canon EOS 6D for 250 sales!

6 What else can you get with the help of Social Stock? Well, it can be incredible Macbook Pro for 500 sales made with your promo code;

7 Finally, 1,000 sales allow one to get unbelievable Harley Davidson Street, which will certainly impress anyone!

8 To finish with, you have a chance to become a glad owner of Tesla Model S for 10,000 usages of your inimitable promo-code!

Social Stock Prizes

Your Points

Needless to say, after all these actions you will certainly ask: how many points have I collected with the help of my friends and followers? Naturally, today you are able to do it with no effort. That is why look at the steps below in order to know the number of the desired points for getting a certain prize. By the way, maybe you already have enough sells for some gift?

All in all, the service will automatically count your points and show everything in your Social Stock profile. Actually, now all you have to do is:

1 First of all, login into your page on Social Stock;

2 Next, copy your own promo code and then enter it in the corresponding field;

3 Just push ‘Check’ button;

4 And now you are a cool dude, as the system will show the results in a quite fast way!

Social Stock

Tell Your Friends About Social Stock!

Unquestionably, now you would like to tell everyone about the project to get as many sales as you can… Don’t you think that it may be a great idea to share such news in a creative way?

That is why I suggest you use various bright things that will quickly notify your friends and followers. Believe me, it is really comfortable to use these notifications, so don’t hesitate to view all of them!

Social Stock

1 To start with, I propose one to use a set of bright banners that will definitely catch an eye of your page guests.

2 In addition, you will get a nice package full of the various funny memes for social networks to express your emotions and impress your followers!

3 Next, you are able to use demotivators and even different samples of ready-made text messages, as they may be a quick solution for sending your promo-code to all the people that are in your contact list.

4 Moreover, these guys have also prepared some ready-made texts for your emails!

Without a doubt, all the needed things were already created and packed for you! By the way, all of the items are available for free, so there is nothing easier than being a part of the project.

Look at the next questions! Would you like to earn money with no effort? Would you like to help people with the creation of their perfect online projects? Would you like to win a fantastic prize while spending time in social networks?

In this case, Social Stock is the project, which was made exactly for you! Don’t hesitate to be the best! Just go and use all the possibilities to make your dream come true!

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  • Hey Gurunath,

    Always excited to hear about the competition and I would love to win. Spending time social networking sites is my hobby and never hesitate to participate such competition where the chances of earning money is very high.

    I am interested to be a part of this project. Telling friends about the social stock to increase the sales is the part of this project, got it. I will try my best. Thanks for interesting share, Gurunath.
    Have a good day.
    – Ravi.