Top 10 Habits of Successful Bloggers that you should Adopt Today

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Top 10 Habits of Successful Bloggers

Working from home is a luxury in itself. No one to report, no fixed time or place of work – no dress code! Can’t Life be any better?

This is too good and yet it is true, however on the downside, such a life can easily take you away from your goals – can make you lazy! Before you even know it your sleep/wake cycle will be affected, you will start to spend more time doing things that aren’t constructive like watching TV. or wasting time on the social media!

If blogging is your only profession then it is time to adopt some habits which will not only make you a better blogger but a better person too.

Self Discipline – Letting yourself getting carried away is easy, the article that could be completed today can be left for tomorrow – blog comments can wait because there is no hurry! This is exactly where everything starts to go wrong! I remember writing this Guest Post for Donna in under a day’s time – it is easy to write a few paragraphs and then leave the rest for tomorrow, but that is where you have to push yourself to sit for hours and finish up the article.

Beat yourself into discipline – Go to sleep early, don’t let the last minute mobile check or social timeline scrolling affect your sleep times. Get up early, don’t shut down the alarm and give yourself an excuse to sleep for another 5 minutes. Self Discipline can be tough but this is how it will always be – so it is best you start practising it now.

Consistency –  Motivation can help you keep going for a day but once that dose of motivation fades away it will again become difficult to reach your targets. Take some daily targets that you can control like writing 1k+ words every day, doing 20+ blog comments a day. Once you start to follow a routine like that, don’t let it drop – keep it going.

Blogging isn’t an activity, it is a process – if you do all the right things every day, your blog’s growth curve will be positive – else you will see it falling. One of the best examples of consistency is Ryan Biddulph who completed 8k+ comments recently. How did Ryan receive that many comments on his blog? The answer is consistency, he is consistently active everywhere – he does Guest Posting, he has written over 126+ books on Amazon, he actively comments on every blog, he is very busy on the social media – and he has been doing all of it, every single day – for years now!

Hard Work – If you have been blogging for any length of time, you must have figured it out by now that blogging isn’t easy. Sure you can outsource a few things, like your blog’s design and logos or even content marketing, take in some Guest Posts to keep things going at pace – but all that can’t save yourself from putting in the hard work. You still have to comment on blogs actively, reply to comments that you get on your own posts and on several Guest Posts that you keep doing elsewhere.

There is no substitute for hard work – but there also lies the secret to success. It is difficult, but it can be done – all you need to do is spend some hours every day for each of these tasks. At the end of the month when you look back – you will be happy with yourself.

Stay Updated – It can happen to anyone, you have been blogging for some time and you know what you are doing – and it is working out well – soon you will stop updating yourself.

You already know everything, why keep yourself updated with the latest trends and tips?

In blogging and on the Internet – things change fast. Someday, you can be on Canva or Youtube and you are working like usual and suddenly you will come to know that some of your favourite tools aren’t around anymore, perhaps it has been shut down or turned to paid – or made some changes which makes it less valuable to you. You have to find alternative tools to keep things going.

Beat Procrastination – Doing easy things are always fun, you want to check your emails first, scroll the social media timelines next, chat-connect and interact – all in the name of SMM! Very quickly one or two hours will pass and suddenly you will see that your most productive time of the day – Early Morning – is lost!

It is easy to lose time on your laptop – you can counter it by making schedules etc. But if you truly want to beat this habit then take up your most difficult and boring work first and finish it. Not only you will beat Procrastination – you will also feel a lot lighter knowing that some of the hard and difficult work is already complete.

Make Changes – Easier decisions are always made quickly, like changes to content or your social media approach. But when it comes to making changes to site themes or niche or the direction of your site, then it seems that delaying is a common approach. Especially if the step requires a lot of funds.

You have to always keep looking not just for cheap deals or discounts but for things that do truly need a change. It can be your webhosting – for example moving from shared hosting to a VPS or to a dedicated server. Or perhaps to get an address in a country where your business is best targeted at.

Gratitude – Generally saying, gratitude has several benefits – and most of them help you internally. This is about working on your mind and your internal self – Soul. But let’s not get so deep in here. Let’s focus on the blogging aspects of it.

When you get a link, a mention on the social media, a comment or a share – what do you do? If you are feeling thankful and you are ready to return this favour in several folds then that quality is called Gratitude!

However, why wait for someone taking an initiative and doing it first? Simply start helping other bloggers with content, shares, and links – that is all you need to do and the Gratitude will find its way back to you.

Develop an attitude of gratitude – sounds good, right?

Respect your Time – Talking about good habits – you do need to sleep early and wake up early. This is something that most bloggers and internet marketers try to do and fail – I have been there and I thought it is more productive to work during the night – fewer sounds, less disturbance – very little chance of someone coming to see you and wasting some of your precious productive work time.

But I was wrong because the night time, no matter how quiet it seems – it still isn’t as high in quality as the early morning times. Besides that is only half the picture – if you let this routine persist then very soon your health will suffer and you won’t be as productive as you are otherwise.

I have tested this myself and I have seen far more work done if I work during the day than during the night.

Keep Learning – This point is also about investing in yourself because once you achieve a certain bit of success, the money and the satiability it brings with it – can distract you from your habit of learning new things.

Keep a few hours a day for yourself, you can spend it reading some articles, not for the sake of making a comment – but to actually read and learn some actionable skills, or perhaps develop a habit of reading books – join up some communities on Facebook or sites like good reads etc. That way you will get more suggestions about what you should be reading, based on what you have read so far and what your reading preference is.

Additionally, join up some courses, there’s plenty of useless courses out there – you have to navigate your way to a course that might actually help. Your best bet will be to do a course that comes from a marketer whose work you like an appreciate. Think more about what you can achieve than just the course materials – because most courses give you an access to the mentor himself which is always priceless!

Give Back – As a blogger, there will always be opportunities where you will be able to give back.

As a blogger you get access to an audience, whether it is social media or your blog – people follow you, read your stuff and give value to what you have to say. This audience is also your responsibility and so are the actions that you take – which your audience will back.

Looking for petitions across several of these sites – Change.orgGuestCrewThunderclapthepetitionsite.com and see if you can contribute something to them. Make good use of the audience that you are building and do remember that if you are doing good, it will someday come back to you!

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  • Hello Gurunath,

    In my opinion, the three last points are the most important and the most difficult to do as a blogger. There are so many things to do to stay the best in a niche. That makes it really difficult to always stay on time, and it makes it mandatory to continuously learn new techniques.

    Thank you for this great article.

  • These are some really great tips for bloggers.

  • Being a blogger now I may need to adopt these habit and practice, especially on beating procrastination. Thanks for posting.


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